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"Only seven news stories in Google concerning this breaking news: the Christians in Burma/Muyanmar are to be eradicated totally. The military juanta that just moved the capital inland to a new jungle site are repeating the horrors of the Cambodian Khmer Rouge."

The Burmese military regime has been wierd from the get-go. "Aung San Suu Kyi" is really all most people have heard about the place. "Bhuddism" may be the "state religion", but there's no good evidence that the regime, from Senior General Than Shwe on down, actually believes any of it. They do all sorts of wierd things, for example suddenly moving the capital to some dump of a town up-country, apparently for astrological reasons. So the Burmese Chriatians are just the latest in a long line of victims.

"This article will be the 8th one on the web to be talking about this matter."

Not surprising. It's difficult to keep an eye on every atrocity-du-jour in every third-world hellhole around the globe.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Everyone knows about Darfur. Think about that.

And I can guess why: getting people riled up about Islamic rebels killing people is very much on the Zionist agenda. There is nothing to be gained (we already own the oil there) by getting people mad at the crazy regime in Burma. This is why the yap about bringing democracy and freedom is so ridiculous.


"Everyone knows about Darfur."

Now, yeah. Six months ago... no one gave a flip about Darfur. It was just another one of those African massacres they go in for there.

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