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Don't blame me. I voted for Lao Tzu. Still have my I still have my yi jing, too!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

One would imagine a religion that is all about orgies, parties, drinking fine wines and bull dancing would be wildly popular. It baffles me why people end up in horrible situations like the poor women in the land of Sparta: Helen lived there once! They were reduced to terrible circumstances.

And the Hellene women of Athens? Even worse. They were locked up in the home as if they were in Saudi Arabia!

Still startles me.


Wow. you certainly know your stuff!
I'm here due to reading your comment from
- I was going to email you just to say congrats on having lived in the wild, as it brought back fond memories of a time when I too lived a similar lifestyle as a child...and also the fact that I am intending soon on taking my wife and son out of society to again live the feral life to escape the corruption, dumbing down, Orwellian ideals, etc, etc, but then I decided to check out your website and this blog happened to spark an interest.
I too have looked into the reasons why all of a sudden, in the 3rd millennium BCE, apparent observatories (Stonehenge being a classic example) sprung up world-wide. The conclusion I came to was that they all appeared soon after a cataclysmic event that changed life on Earth and almost wiped it out completely. That event, possibly a celestial collision IMO, also gave rise to the belief in Gods. Zacharia Sitchin (I think I spelled that right!)came to a similar conclusion too, after 30 years of research. Although I don't necessarily accept all he has to say, I have to confess at being amazed (and a little afraid)that my feeble 6-months of research brought me to similar conclusions before I had been told about him and his work.
If you ever have the time to chat to a guy from britain who thinks he'll see the world change beyond recognition (for the worse) in his lifetime, then I would most appreciate your wisdom! If only to remind me of what parts of a deer can't be eaten!!

Peace to you too, although it seems you have it already.



This site is a nexus of folks who are at work on various projects. I, too, have an agenda. Don't ask, for the moment...!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Interesting post, Googlywotsit.

Many people want to believe some amazing celestial event like a comet or asteroid or some such caused religious revolutions.

I believe this is false. It can cause additions to existing religions, for example, when Haley's comet made two near passes to the earth 150 years ago and 100 years ago, all the religions upped their activities and claimed it was the End of Times.

They didn't wholesale launch new religions. But every time the constellation rising in the dawn of the Vernal and Autumn equinoxes shifts to a new one, across the earth, old religions fall and new ones appear, EN MASS. All revolutions take time and observation that the stars have shifted shows a slow degrading of the old zodiac so the time of uncertainty is about 500 years long!

If climate change happens at the same time, one gets not only religious change but major social upheavals.

Add to that, technological changes such as stone age to copper/gold age then to bronze age and then iron, it is amplified even more. Inventions such as farming, domestication of animals, the wheel, fire, stirrups, etc. usually has an accelerated effect when these 'world age' changes occur.

We are in that sort of time-frame due to the sprawled out size of Pisces. The Age of Pisces is longer than Aries or Gemini, for example but it isn't brilliant like the very recognizable constellations of Orion fighting Taurus! That pair is one of the very first constellations to be named, 35,000 years ago!

It is no surprise to me to see that the very first great structures built by humans were erected during that time frame.

The deterioration of Pisces is slow and noxious on several levels. One is, it won't be clearly the Age of Aquarius until after 2500 AD! That is a looooong time from now and fits the '500 years of chaos' time frame...yuck.

Instinctively, I set upon the Pegasus Square as the icon of this Age. It is much easier to spot than Pisces, it rides just above Pisces and the stars line up with the eclipitc and Pisces' main stars very nicely.

Ancient people considered not just individual constellations as important to the Zodiac but also certain nearby ones.


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