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Great article, Elaine!

I once lost a girlfriend because I warned her to be careful and not give any money to whoever L.Ron Hubbard was. She just blew me off after that.


I had something sort of like that happen. The lady just disappeared after I declined to get involved with her relatives, who were deep inside the whatever it is. I had no idea what this Scientology was, but I just went by feeling. Then I read Hubbard's book. I was shocked by the oddity of it. Talk about drinking the cool-aid!



Slightly off topic, but because of the Barry Goldwater/Science fiction writer/Arizona intersection, did you ever get meet Robert Anson Heinlein?


Old fairy tales of the fox or fish or bird warning the young prince or lover or bride to NOT pick up the golden harness, the golden cage, the golden ring but to pick the old, beaten, cheap item out of some fabulous storehouse is an accurate way to view magic. The magic that lies in the heart of all religions. The very thing that is lost the fastest as all religions, when they get strong, lose. — Elaine

This advice is NOT merely applicable to the everyday world. In fact, it is the only key to the larger world. The common wisdom is that by letting go of love and hate, fear and joy, and all such wonderful things, we would become like zombie or robots; something like that. It just turns out that this is not the case. The world is under no obligation to make sense to us, so what is the most obvious is usually the most inaccurate. I tell people many things that make sense, and they won't have any of it. So why would they listen if I tell them things that are true, but make no sense? People want to learn only what they already know.

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