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Neuro Artist

"Maybe we should all wear bags over our heads. Call this 'Gitmo Chic'."

-Good idea, thanks, you gave me a laugh, LOL! Why not a brand new christmas shopping bag to get the holiday spirit. Then we can cover ourselves from neck to ankles with christmas gift wrap, to protest how the terrorists took our christmas spirit away from us.

Actually the times I have been in Iran I was shocked by how many women actually flirted with me on the street, and you see women everywhere, anytime, working etc, which you don't see in Pakistan, for instance. We are fed many mis-conceptions.

Not Student

I am sure Paris Hilton will have a fit if she read how you described her.

Kate Namous

Spot on, Elaine. Here in Marrakech, there's marvelous variety in how women dress: a few in full black hijab (locally regarded as imported designer fundamentalist,full hijab here was never all black); many in scarf and djellaba; the young ones in western style dress, great manes of hair blowing in the wind as they speed by on motorbikes. However tight the outfit, though, everything is well covered.
I used to wonder why women always got stomped on whenever there was a religious revolution. I don't wonder any more, it is all about controlling women's sexuality. In Islamic countries, it's difficult to say whether the women are covering up to help control male sexuality, or vice versa!
Oh yes, and check out that book by Craig Barnes, In Search of the Lost Feminine.

Blunt Force Trauma

I do not practice the Muslim faith and do not fully understand it. But, I do live in Canada and just cannot understand the North American or U.K. fear of Burqas/Burkas or head scarves. This whole ignorance factor is predicated on so much propaganda in the media, usually based on 'terror'; to the point of whipping up non-Muslims into a frenzy every time they see women wearing these garments in public on this continent.

Sometimes, I feel that it may be necessary in this society for some women, whom are not Muslims, to be wearing a Burka. It is shocking to see young girls and women "dressing" with very little left to the imagination. The term "prostitot" comes to mind as well as those perverse beauty pageants for little girls with full make-up. Ick!

There is so much contradiction contained within the ignorance, hate and propaganda against the Burka and/or head scarf in this society, it makes one just want to scream. Especially with the all the (sexual) images one is subjected to on a daily basis portrayed in everything from advertising to television and movies in our society.

I think that ignorance of Burkas or head scarves has very little to do with 'imprisoning' women or making them into slaves. It allows them to maintain their self worth and identities. I may be wrong. You may disagree. But, I think it's their choice. And so it should be. After all, it could be argued that a lot of women in our society are "imprisoned" by media images and forever seeking surgery and suffering from psychological disorders from that "imprisonment" by way way of anorexia or bulimia nervosa. Even suicide. But, those are whole other horrible and unfortunate subjects.

I don't know. Maybe it's me. But I've seen women in Burkas and have noticed some very beautiful eyes. Perhaps they saw me "noticing" that trait and smiled back at me....with those eyes.

Don't know what all the fuss is about. Is the media, in general, just upset that these women are not showing more skin?


I like that word, prostitot, Blunt Force Trauma. I have 2 daughters now age 10 and 11. Even when they were much younger, I found the girl's clothes looked like mini prostitute outfits. A friend commented, who wants to see little girls dressed like that? Good question.
Then I noticed much the same applied to women's clothing, try find an article of clothing that does not suggest how sexy you will look in it. As if all women want to dress like they're constantly on the make.

Elaine Supkis

Back when I also did demonstrations in medieval fighting while wearing full steel armor, I would joke that this is the ideal gab for a young lady. No fear of assaults! Indeed, I was raped as a child and developed this enduring need to fight back which directly led me to learning sword fighting skills and then hammering out my own steel armor.

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