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The Ghandi name still carries a lot of weight, as long as he chose not to use that weight. He used it. He is now a non-person. Damn quickly too. Carter took a little longer because he was a President. But notice how much mention he gets in the primaries. None. Saint Ronnie yes, LBJ/JFK much, even Ike ( if you listen to Ron Paul ), but Carter nada. He is just another old goy who builds houses for unfortunates.
I think that this is the one aspect of the USA that must cause Hu and Wen the most perplexity, not that they won't help us down our path but they must surely wonder what foolishness motivates us to chop off our own heads for such little gain.



Thanks for this excellent post on this issue at the core of the trouble in the world. I don't have much more to say, and I don't see much hope that the outcome of the 2008 presidential election will do much to change the US' course.


I definitely agree that Hu and Wen are so pragmatic that they are likely to be completely baffled by the actions of our leadership. However, I think they are both too intelligent for that to prove much of an advantage versus China.

Elaine Supkis

Hu and Wen are NOT baffled. When Reagan ran off to Japan to collect his $2.5 million in bribes, the Chinese asked about this.

They know our Presidents are in the pay of foreign powers. They know that our government is corrupt and in the pay of foreign powers. They know that they merely needed to offer business opportunities and the Bush clan would snap it up.

This is NEVER in the news, of course. The Bush clan is owned by the Chinese. They have us PWND. They did this eyes open, very cynically. They shoot their own traitors in the back of the head. Since we praise Reagan and attack Elaine, they know that they will win while the US will lose. Pretty simple.


If one thinks about it a second, the philosophy of Zionism is really cut from the same cloth as the idea of Manifest Destiny. One idea meant almost complete genocide for Native Americans. The other appears to intend genocide for the Palestinians.

Zionism started as a populist movement that was reacting to European anti-semitism in the 19th Century. Basically the common European Jew just wanted to be free from harassment. Capitalizing on this, the Zionist leaders collaborated with the racist European rulers to create the modern Israel. This gave the Europeans the chance to export their "Jewish Problem". And it also gave the Zionist leaders the chance to start a new Empire on the backs of poor European Jews who were duped into believing they were working for themselves and not just for the Zionist rulers. Nevermind the Palestinians who had the bad luck to be living (and had been for thousands of years) on the land the Zionists decided suddenly belonged to them.


Oh I don't think Hu and Wen are baffled by how to buy traitors. I think the puzzlement would be more along the lines of "why sell out so cheaply and for so little." But then again I have little faith in the ability of American's ruling elites in the art of the handlen. But then most americans are toyb to the nuances.


"When a tree falls in a lonely forest, and no animal is near by to hear it, does it make a sound? Why?" Reality is 100% perception.

Zionists have been using this to their advantage through Hollywood, Big Media and the U.S. taxpayer. But for those who are willing to learn there is:

To use dead people for propaganda is despicable. To fabricate dead people for propaganda and purposefully rob U.S. and German taxpayers is evil...

Elaine Supkis

The Nazis killed MANY MILLIONS. Not just Jews, they started on the disabled. Communists were next. Then socialists. The Brownshirts who were Nazis were executed! They killed Jews, Russians, dissidents, minority religions of all sorts, priests, nuns, total strangers, writers, gypsies, artists, poets, you name it, they murdered.

There is nothing more despicable than the Nazis. Anyone who pretends there wasn't a GROSS HOLOCAUST is nuts!

The problem here is two fold: the Jews were not the only victims. Nor does this give them an excuse to repeat the Holocaust.

But the Nazis were criminal lunatics. I hate them all.

Elaine Supkis

My father was one of the first Americans to drive into Dachau to liberate it. He interrogated the commandant. Er spricht deutsch.

He was the first into Buchenwald. The Russians were firing rockets just over the hills to the east. It was a terrible nightmare for him. He testified at the Nuremberg trials. He saw the dead. He saw the horror.

It haunts him today. It also pisses me off tremendously that people deny this reality. Gads. What does it take? Why do people have to pretend things do or do not happen?

If the Nazis killed only a million, it is evil. They killed many millions maliciously.

Which is why I am angry with my own nation which has murdered many people during my own life in Vietnam, in Central America, in the Middle East, all over the place, out of control.

Arrest the war mongers! Arrest them all! This is why I call for it.


No doubt the Nazi's did all of that, and such behavior cannot be condoned or tolerated. However, a lot of the numbers proponed by the Zionists are questionable by fact. These have been used for their own agenda.

Further, they behave as if they are the only one's who have ever been massacred, and are intently ignoring the other "Halocausts" that came before, and continue to this day, in their own backyard.

It is said that plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery, which makes their behavior in Gaza, what?

Figuratively, who is more to blame the junkie or the pusher? Similarly, who financed WWII, on both sides of the fence and made billions of dollars? If humanity learned to get to the root cause and cut it out like the cancer that it is then the world as a whole would most definitely have better effects. Just my two cents.


why was a top Mossad agent sitting next to Atta on 9/11, anyway?

how do we know this???????

Elaine Supkis

Greg, on 9/11 a stewardess in the back saw some commotion in the front. A stewardess in the front was attacked but Atta slit the throat of the passenger next to him.

She called headquarters to report a hijacking [yes, this is true] and gave the seat number of the guy who was the first person to be killed on 9/11.

It was in the news and it was later shown that this man was a top Mossad agent. The 9/11 sites that yap about bombs don't talk about this or a host of other things because it shows that Atta, an Egyptian angry about Palestine, was an attacker, it had nothing to do with bombs, etc.

It annoys me no end how selective all this 'memory' stuff is. I wrote about these things as they happened so I can remember them well.

Alas, the places where I wrote are all gone. Including my excellent 'Anthrax Killer' threads.


Suddenly this discussion has degenerated into people equating anti-zionism with holocaust denial. Fact: the Nazis murdered millions of Jews. Fact: the Jews are now murdering millions of Palestinians. Don't try to deflect the current reality by dwelling on past atrocities. The Jews don't get my permission to murder people just because ancestors of theirs were murdered. Israel is essentially a European colony in Asia. It is the latest attempt in a series of European crusades to conquer the "holy land". After WWII, the Jews should have been given Germany, not Palestine. Saying they have a right to own Palestine is like saying the I have a right to own Scotland because my ancestors got kicked out of there centuries ago, and now I want it back. Please. There's no excuse for Zionism. It is imperialism pure and simple.

Elaine Supkis

True. But then, many are guilty of imperialism. It is human nature. Clothing it in permission from gods or divine right is an old con game.

Yes, the poor people of Palestine were horrified to learn they would pay 100% of the cost of the Holocaust which was caused by this Catholic German, Hitler.


"He wrote that Jewish identity is 'locked into the holocaust experience," which Jews 'overplay . . . to the point that it begins to repulse friends.'"

In reading a review of a new book about Churchill and the Zionists (he saw them as more reliable Middle Eastern allies than the Arabs, and who can blame him?), I came across a quote from Ernest Bevin, the postwar Foreign Secretary who buried the Mandate: "The Jews have gone through, it is true, the most terrible massacre and pesecution. On the other hand, they have got through it and a number have survived."

Such was official British thinking at the end of WWII.

"The article won't tell readers this guy is a Jewish man."

God, Elaine - his name is Joel Seligman! You want 'em to belabor the obvious? "Joel Seligman, the Jewish Presidengt of the University of Rochester..." Yeah - that reads well.

"There is no real 'democracy' in Israel! There are no equal rights at all! Far from it!"

Making them no worse, certainly, than any other country in the region.

"And the UN's top human rights body, the Human Rights Council, passed a resolution condemning Israeli military action and demanding an end to the Israeli military blockade of Gaza."

THAT'll show 'em!

"why was a top Mossad agent sitting next to Atta on 9/11, anyway? how do we know this???????"

1) To drive the plane, probably. 2) Have you ever seen how Egyptians drive?

Elaine Supkis

I suppose you don't care if someone claiming they are a superior race and thus, get to steal your home, right?

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