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Well, I say...if God really wanted the Jews to re-enter and dwell in the "HOLY LAND", He would have sold them TITLE INSURANCE. Rimshot please!

However, He did not and the Jews lost their land through adverse possession. Now the world is weary from the Jewish cry babies and the havoic that may ensue. It never ends. The wheels in the sky keep turning and flinging mud in all directions, except toward Asia.

This is a perfect treatise on how religions divide humanity, never unite. Not even Christianity, with it's message of universal love and acceptance is blameless. Lord knows you have pointed this out repeatedly.

So pray yea to the goddess Sophia, where the tennets of empiricism and rationalism are the only true lanes on the road to the light.

This idiotic, subversive, destructive, irreconciable human obcession with the microcosm/macrocosm and God loves us best kick is taking our country away from us.

Religion must be removed from our politics.


Silly me, I thought the toilet was invented by an Englishman named John Crapper and therefore it is not obscene language to declare, "I got to go to the john" or "I just took a crap".

The language becomes a tribute to the inventor.


Unfortunately, my personal distress matrix made it almost impossible to read about the myriad, neverending torments narrated in holy books and history books. I would read here and there, but I never mustered the sense of detachment necessary to go into them deeply.

Early on, I decided that if there were gods of some sort, they sure wouldn't want to be anything like us humans. Congratulations for completing a great bloody voyage, Elaine! You inform me so very well. Thanks so much!


Is it any coincidence that I'm an Aries named Joshua?

Elaine Supkis

Aries Joshua? This is very funny! Astrology as a tool to tell us about our love lives is pure silliness. But astrology as a tool to understand human belief systems is GREAT.

The first astronomers became the first priests. The greatest geniuses of previous human civilizations spent many night hours observing the stars. My parents loved doing this and I grew up in or around huge observatories. But back in the fifties, the astronomers didn't like talking about astrology.

Then one of them gave me 'Hamlet's Mill' which attempts to put astronomy back on its religious throne. I memorized that great book and it expanded my horizons. It is very hard to read but well worth it.


Interesting article, Elaine - religio-magical thinking has very deep roots in the early history of human societies. I'm reading an interesting book on Neolithic religious symbolism in, for example, Catal Huyuk and the henge monuments of far-western Europe. Something interesting was going on around 10,000-12,000 years ago. I read another one a few years back that dealt with Stonehenge in terms of archaeo-astronomy: just what did the night sky look like when these places were built?

Something that annoys me to no end is light pollution. So few people ever get to see a dark-sky night any more. I was in Toronto on business during the Great Power Outage of 2003 - it was worth it to see that sky at night!

But I think it's time we set aside the things of the youth of humanity like religio-magical thinking. No we have more effective stories: math, chemistry, physics, and biology.

"... the only way for me to escape this terrible place was to grab at the flaming mane of Pegasus as he flashed past me ..."

How different do you think things would be for you if the image in your consciousness was Pisces intead of Pegasus?

Elaine Supkis

Being only 5 years old, I saw what was there.

Actually, I used to crawl around the Constellations mosaic on the floor of Yerkeys Observatory. I must have played on the Pegasus mosaic a lot. It was very vivid.

And this all illustrates the 'group mind' of our culture! I could have seen Chutulu if he was on that floor but mercifully, he wasn't.


You might have grabbed Pisces' dorsal fin as he swam you off through the blue waters... but you preferred Pegasus at that early age. Our mind/brains do many interesting things under extreme duress.

Elaine Supkis

Pegasus was cuter, I admit. But I also like snakes and did play on Serpens, too.

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