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Elaine...your positions on unpopular beliefs is one of the main reasons I keep returning to your blog. Truth is often ugly and unpopular. This country (and the world) finds itself in such a mess because of their failure to deal with the truth. Zionism is most certainly the main problem in the middle east. Most do not want to deal with this fact. And siding with underdog religions such as the Dalai Lama espouses will do nothing to aid with the factual problems in U.S./China relations. Just keep on plodding with the truth. Those who can not handle the truth will have to deal with their ignorance when it slaps them in the face. The old adage of "ignorance is bliss" is simply not true. The world is rampant with ignorance and it doesn't seem too blissful. Thank you and keep of the good work.


You haven't lost me either. Great article. I too have observed that most all organized religions tend to become too much like hives. (Perhaps I would exempt the Quakers, since we have good friends who are such.) The psychological reason is very trying to be "good", their "evil" (human) impulses are shunted into the unconscious, and these emerge in a very perverted way. That is why you find the most sanctimonious folks being caught in sex scandals, etc.


Bravo Elaine! Fine article. Far too few have had the courage to look at the past and present political machinations of the Hollywood Lama and his monkish Mafia.

This recent interview with Parenti has some interesting photographs: Tibet, Friendly Fuedalism?


I did a little study on the Tibetan thing when the "save Tibet, stop the (Chinese Olympic) games" movement started. I also knew a little about it in advance. I instantly knew this was a total psyop because of its nature. That was just totally obvious to me, as I've seen exactly how these things are done before (during the Vietnam war period). Your description of the situation is completely consistent with my impression

It is rather absurd to think that the Tibetan Buddhists can rule Tibet now. They are surrounded by billions of Chinese! They would have a better chance of colonizing the moon! The only real effect of the Western "save Tibet" movement will be to make absolute fools of westerners who really should look into things before falling for fake propaganda and running amok. One major organization devoted to the "save Tibet" circus calls itself "ruckus." They instantly had very plush, elaborate websites, very colorful, with all sorts of elaborate goofy gimmicks. Everyone in China seem to know about this, and it is making them dislike westerners, especially Americans. Which is counterproductive in every sense. The foolishness of this is unbelievable.

I think there is hardly any land suitable for forestry, because the huge Tibetan plateau is, on the average, about four miles above sea level, and is rather dessert-like. Interestingly, I read it has more uranium than the rest of China. Which is probably not too healthy. I read it has many other minerals, and even oil. So we know how this will end.

The "save Tibet" foolishness has lead nowhere, of course. It was a joke played on the foolish. But now attention is turning to the Falon Gong.

Cult followings
Leonard Stern, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Saturday, May 17, 2008

«Yet for all the overlap between established religions and alleged cults, there is one trait that appears to be more common among the latter than the former: the use of deception. I don't believe Falun Gong is either dangerous or a cult, but its members do have a history of misrepresenting themselves. A few months ago I was approached in Westboro by a man giving away tickets to a Chinese cultural performance. Bring the kids, he insisted. «After chatting for five minutes something clicked and I asked if the show was Falun Gong; it was, and his friendly manner vanished.»

«The Seattle journalist Dan Savage has noted that the Church of Scientology is increasingly using the cross as a symbol, even though the group is in no way Christian. Appropriating symbols is a form of deception.»

Interestingly, I found this piece by going to the bottom of a Google page which had many many entries devoted to repudiating and denouncing... wait for it... its author, Leonard Stern! Here's snip from the ever lovin' Wikipedia entry for "Li Hongzhi":

«Li Hongzhi introduced Falun Dafa on May 13, 1992 at the fifth middle school in Changchun, Jilin. From 1992 to 1994 he traveled throughout China, giving lectures and teaching Falun Gong exercises. In 1999 the Chinese government estimated the number of Falun Gong practitioners to be approximately 70 million.[1] Since July 1999, the Chinese government has conducted a widespread persecution of Falun Gong. Today, he lives in New York City, United States.»

Yup, it was founded in 1992, by a guy who now lives in New York City. Maybe another psyop, huh? It is being played from every single angle by every side. For example:


Aftershocks: Chinese Mobs Incited to Attack Falun Gong in New York, Elsewhere

Human Rights Torch Relay
May 23, 2008

«NEW YORK - The Falun Dafa Information Center reported Wednesday that mobs of hundreds have been assembled in Flushing, New York, daily since Saturday, May 17,to assail Falun Gong practitioners even as millions throughout China mourn.»

«This and similar incidents occurring on the same days elsewhere, coupled with aggressive coverage from state-run media in China, suggest that Beijing authorities are orchestrating these events, post-earthquake, as a means of channeling emotions against political targets.»

I doubt the premise of this story. I think a lot of Chinese immigrants simply dislike the Falon Gong. Many of them have endured great hardship, and they see China making life easier for its people (in some aspects). A lot of people here are rather skeptical of the Scientology whateveritis, which is probably being banned in Germany, and partially in Britain.

Scientologists, for their part, have a computer program for members called "ScenioSitter" which blocks out banned words:

Operation Clambake presents:


«Words in [ ] brackets are in tests been censored by ScenioSitter (blanked out in the text). If a Scientologist get a mail with the two following lines:»

«"Take a look at the page

It has a good page on breast cancer. Why not send them a mail?"»

«this is all the Scientologist will see in his/her mail program:»

«"Take a look at the page ***. . /~cancer/
It has a good page on breast cancer. Why end them a mail?"»

«The domain name in this example is censored and so are the combination of the four letters "NOTS". "NOTS" is in the ban list since that is a secret and expensive Scientology level. One can only imagine all the weird web pages and mails this will result in. This does not only work on incoming communication, it also filters an censors everything going out!»

I honestly cannot believe how people can be so smart and stupid all at once. Always freaks me right out.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I have Buddhist friends. So long as the religion has no state support, it does well. It is when ANY and I do mean ANY religion gets control of any government, it instantly becomes pure evil.


Stick to your guns. I got your back.
El Viejo Indio,


Finally, someone who isn't afraid to tell the truth. This current course of action by our government is alienating the very people we are trying (or at least claiming) to help in China. As history has shown us, we need the support of the majority if we want things to change. The majority of people in China has in the past 2 decades become quite open to western culture an ideas, and this took years and years of hard work to cultivate but in just a few months this has turned completely upside down.

With the biased coverages of the Tibetan racist riots (yes they were racist in every manner no matter how the media tries to spin it with all their Hypocrisy, Hyperbole and Hidden Agenda HHH) and the insulting figure of .5 million worth of aid to the Sichuan quake victims, anti-western sentiments have shot up to an all time high never before seems since the Cultural Revolution. And the most liberal foreign born and expatriate Chinese I know here in Canada and the US who fled China because of the communist are now siding with the communist. This is contrary to their attitudes last December when I asked them if they were going to China this year for the Olympics to root for their motherland, most of them just gave a "meh" response and didn't seem to care about the event and some said the mascots were butt ugly compared Japanese styled anime mascots. After the riots almost all of them went out and bought those Olympics plushies and key chains to show support for the Olympics.

And I wanted to get your input on this Elaine. Remember how BBC was suddenly unblocked in China after the riots (which is so anathema to the way the CCP usually operates), I have to question their timing on this. Was this a political ploy by Hu (whom I consider as one of the most dangerous, in a love hate sort of way, person today probably second only to Putin) to finally curb western influence on the population and restore unity among the citizens. As history has showed us, hated can be a very powerful unifier. With the flood of anti-Chinese new going around this must have been the perfect catalyst to unite his people. Doesn't this remind anybody of the Boston Massacre?


I usually come to this website for its cutting edge insight and biting satire. But this article touches upon a somewhat tragic chapter in my life. I used to be a dyed-in-the wool fundy baptist. We "knew" we were the only people on earth going to heaven (everybody else would be eternally tortured), not because we believed, but because we were "exempted" from Hell before the beginning of time by God.

After a prolonged power struggle within the church, I was ousted. Forced from my comfort zone, I began to see the other side of the story. Before I could care less that people thought my beliefs were disgusting (after all, as long as *I* don't go to hell it's all good, right?).

So what becomes of me now? Depends on your point of view. Is one still a Christian if one chooses only to believe the nice parts of the Bible? If so, heck yeah I'm still a Christian. 99% of christendom is like this. But I believe that if you're a Christian, you should believe the whole book; that is, that God created 99% of mankind simply for the purpose of destroying them to glorify the 1%, that there's nothing we can do to change our "role" - life is just a movie script in which we eventually find out what our "role" is - and for the 99% of us that is to be the meat in God's barbeque.

That's why I can no longer call myself a Christian.

Christianity still haunts me. I have to admit I am startled by the aggressiveness of evangelism everytime I return to the USA. What if they're right? What if God really assigned me to be roasted? Why are these Baptists so determined to "win my soul" back? Did I miss vital information when I was a missionary-in-training that would reveal that this type of God actually existed?

As a result of the church struggle I wasn't by my fiance's side when she passed away. Because of this I also wonder (sometimes) what would have happened if I sided with the victors in the Church struggle... even if it was for an extra month.

Despite all this, I do see some good in religion, just not enough for me to be "saved". I'm still amazed at the things we'd put our hearts into during my times with my fiance. We were going to be missionaries to Africa, South America... now that is all gone. We would have never achieved such things if we were "perfectly rational. I guess my experience with religion taught me what people will do for a cause.


I have been having similar doubt about my Christian faith these past several years. When one begins to question a particular segment of ones beliefs, questioning the entire structure can follow. For what it's worth, my faith in God has never wavered but my faith in the Church certainly has.



you're not some kind of trojan horse evangelist, are you???

Oops, you hang out at elainemeinelsupkis. I take that back.

Let's move on to better things.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Al, thanks for sharing with us. I appreciate this. There are many ways of looking at 'gods' and this includes mirrors.

Mirror is a very, very old word, by the way. It means 'shining light'. Miracle comes from the word 'mirror'. So does the ancient word for ocean.

La Mer. From sea to shining sea...


I might be considered a Trojan Horse Ron Paul supporter, hoping he could sneak into the White House - not that it was ever very likely !


Interesting. I used to think Bhuddism was suc a peaceful, nonviolent set of beliefs.

"Note that China supports Palestine. This is logical..."

China supports Palestine for the same reason the West supports Tibet: it helps to generate discord and chaos on the other side.

Gary W

Fascinating. I had no idea, especially about the Nazis, who obviously wanted an overseas empire like all the other imperialists.

"National" borders have been pretty fluid in the past, but that seemed to suit; surveying has been around a long time. "Natural" borders have been pretty well respected for long periods: for a few examples, Media in the mountains next to Assyria in the river valley, and both Alexander and the Romans made the Danube the edge of their empires.

Elaine, you look like the Grim Reaper in that tree :-)


China is HELL!
I dont think the Chinese have a 'right' to China.
If free elections were held there I think the Indigenous would elect their 'Buddha King'!!

A Buddhist friend visited Tibet a few years ago and she said the Red Chinese had really run the place down.

What about the 70 million Mao killed?
Wonder what theyd say about the Chinese government.

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