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"My dogs will fight fiercely for me and even better, will come and stand next to me when called. They can talk to me, for example."

You can be in my super secret club, Elaine! Only the coolest humans can be in it!

"Ditto the cats."

These things happen. I wouldn't put this on a resume or anything.


We had one chance, back in the 1780's, to reject the legitimacy of slavery and our founding "fathers" totally blew it. Every struggle against slavery since (at least in the US) has had only partial and very temporary success.

Now it looks like 35% of the population yearns to be enslaved (the percentage that supports our top slave master, Bush, no matter who gets killed). That's too high of a ratio for the 65% to overcome, especially since 80% of the 65% are politically inert and ignorant.

Oh well, it was a nice country while it had some potential. They might as well just start paying poor women to have their kids implanted and get it over with. They will never be free people anyway, and will be much cheaper for our rulers. Why build huge concrete prisons for the masses, when you can get them to contain the prisons inside of themselves?

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It happens every time, we just can't see coz it occurs in a different forms.

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