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Hello Elaine,

Many Happy Returns of the year, 2002!

What you may say 2002? Well it seems that Pope Gregory the Great who willed us his Gregorian Calendar was a great theologian, but an average mathematician.

He calculated the Winter Solstice from the shadows of the Sun in an ancient Church in central Rome, but the floor tiles read the shadow several degrees off.

Hence, the Gregorian Calendar was 1 or 2 degrees in error; which translated into approximately 6 years since the Birth of Christ. Thus, we have the modern anomaly of Herod The Great, who ordered the slaughter of the innocents, dying 4 years before Christ was born!

Well, none-the-less may 2002-2008 however you see it be a year of mirth, love and great writing for you and greater reading and contemplation for we your public.

Kindest regards,


If PFO is correct, then we are all 6 years younger and if I drank I would drink to that.
Whether I'm younger or not, Elaine thank you for all you do. Happy New Year.


Happy New Year to All!!!

While we wish for the best in the coming year let's take caution and prepare for the worst.

One of the queerest things I have learned in my short life is that, intelligence can coexist harmoniously with stupidity in the same space! But take heart, all the pain and suffering has a purpose, it makes us look at what is truly of value in our lives. Wishing the blessing of Light to all.



Happy new year Elaine and to all her readers, may 2008 bring you peace love and joy in your lives.



Happy, happy 2008. When I pop out of bed in the morning and turn on my computer to find out what has been happening in our World, I go to your site Elaine first thing. Your writing, presentation, art work, analysis has truly grabbed me. You, IMHO, are an exceptional woman and I admire you. Peace and love to all,


Err Al even if PFO is correct it only means that you were born 6 years earlier than you think you were. You are still the same age. Which does not mean that you cannot drink to Gregory's error anyhow.

Elaine Supkis

Worse than that, the Roman Empire FROZE THE ZODIAC! All modern astrologers are off by about 2,500 years! We are all one month off in the Zodiac which means no one gets a proper 'reading' hahaha.

Incidentally, due to the massive changes of which stars rise in the East on Easter, we are moving out of Pisces and are not yet into Aquarius and of course, the original Pegasus, when he had his bottom half of his body, is the constellation between and flying slightly above the Zodiac, which is why I love to say, we are in the Age of Pegasus.

And Pegasus, being a horse, loves to eat, drink and have golden apples and of course, no one gets to ride him for long, no, not at all. So everyone, take heart and remember, so long as we live, we can love.


Speaking of love...thanks for giving us an off-beat, quirky, and fascinating blog, Elaine. Truly one of my favorite places on the net.

Happy New Year to you and your menagerie...human and otherwise. :)


Happy New Year, Elaine from Flanders (Belgium), where we have plenty of beers AND a 3 month emergency-government since a few days.

Elaine Supkis

I read about Belgium all the time. It is most amazing. Do NOT ask the Germans to help you out, obviously. Nor Spain. Or France. Maybe the Duke of Orange? My family fled to your lands back in the 1600s. Both the French and English sides. This is because Belgium and Holland were not ruled by despots eager to chop our heads off.

Today, I had a very interesting Belgium chocolate made by my neighbor who is from this part of the world. Her daughter in law mistook the name labels on the spices and put HOT PEPPER instead of nutmeg in the chocolates.

I bit into it and choked! YEOW. My tongue was on fire. We figured out what was wrong and everyone laughed. So as each visitor rang the doorbell, the grandkids would offer these chocolate treats and then laugh.


Happy New Year all. The snow in Western Mass. has been phenomenal. Nobody went out to dig on New Year's, so it was crazy. We have just now finished the "moving of cars" ceremony in honor of the storm.


So, those were Aztec Belgian chocolates, eh?

Happy New Year, Elaine, and to everyone!

Elaine Supkis

The little ones loved to watch us foolish adults bite into them and then start crying. Ah, to be a child again....


What great stuff.

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Funny photo! Probably it was discovered at that moment accidentally.

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