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Both rovers are still working; apparently, they figured out a way for Spirit to drive on five wheels a long time ago when that wheel first started having trouble. By any measure, the rovers have been an incredible success. You have to remember that these rovers were designed to last for 90 martian days. They're now on day 779. It must be a bit nerve racking for the guys driving Spirit; the next martian winter is coming and Spirit has to get to a north facing slope, dragging a wheel on 350 watt-hours of electricity a day.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Actually, the rovers are a huge success. I agree with that assessment.

But what is troubling is the shoe-string nature of NASA now as our government loads on missions without increasing funding at the rate they have increased funding for war.

I am all for space exploration. 100%! I think the war money is a total waste.

D.F. Facti

Space exploration is for a society that is hopeful about the future. We have three huge problems in that regard. 1.) We don't care about the future, it's pretty clear, or we'd be exercising restraint in the use of fossil fuels; 2.) A nauseating percentage of the populace believes itself to be the end-all and be-all, entitled beyond anyone imaginable, now or later; 3.) the fundies.

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