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On a trans-galactic scale you seem to be saying that instead of abhoring a vacuum, nature desires it.

Big Al

I think I posted before, that you are right about the distant galaxies, the "red shift", might be due to the light losing energy, as it travells thru' space, as it cannot slow down, the energy loss has to show up by increasing the wave length. E=nl. As for ether, Einstein didn't get rid of it , he merely defined it's properties, and gave it a new name, "The Space/Time Continuum" (n =the greek nu, and l = lamda, but my keyboard, don't speak greek.)


"I know I sound stupid"
I've been a reader of your blog since it began and I don't think you have ever sounded stupid. Not once.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Very interesting, Big Al.

Thank you, Sin.

As for vacuums: maybe Nature IS a vacuum!


But, but, but... Case Western was where the Michelson-Morley experiment was done!

Interferometers unite against this Ether blasphemy!!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Wasn't Ether the dutiful daughter-in-law in the Bible? :)


It's called the 'Aether' because it's what violates local Lorentz invariance. The one referred to in the National Geographic article is a field with no coupling to matter. It is also generally covariant (co-ordinate independent). Hence, in so much as it exists as a field alongside those of general relativity, it predicts no deviation from special relativity. Its effect will be to alter the gravitational field that matter contributes to and exists in and that's why it may be best just thought of as another form of dark matter.

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