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This is all so very strange. I lived on this sort-of commune that had it's own stupid 'ruling class'! I did not fit into any category, was neither ruled, nor did rule. Fast-forward 20 years, one of these ruling class heroes turns up at my cousin's forth of July party. He works in Framingham Massachusetts as a 'star wars' programmer!

Oh for the living, toking God! Nothing was more obvious than the fact that there is no such thing as a 'Star Wars' program! One does not use abstract, untestable, fickle technology to 'knock out' nuclear-tipped rockets. Of course, this did in no way deter this hippie-class hero associate of mine from taking money for writing 'Star Wars' programs! He probably works for Microsoft® these days!


Did/do you know Jay Keyworth who was Reagan's Science Adviser? He had a lot to do with "selling" the star wars program, too. He graduated from Yale, but is not listed in the Skull and Bones roster that I found. He would have fit right in.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is with no small satisfaction for me that yet again, I was right.

One Chinese rocket scientist lived with me for two years. I know A LOT about their programs. Further: Bush Sr knows I know this stuff and so do others. They can't admit this in public: BUSH SENIOR SET THIS WHOLE THING UP WHEN HE WAS OUR AMBASSADOR TO CHINA!

And so history moves on: our attempt at ruling space is collapsing just like our rule in the Middle East is collapsing. Hubis.


It is with no small satisfaction for me that yet again, I was right.

Just so you'll know: #1 rule of shamenism: take no satisfaction in anything. Ever. Satisfaction is the opiate of the mislead.


I just read the article on Yahoo. It is hilarious from a hypocritical, double standard point of view. I had no idea we had claimed all of space for ourselves.

Here is one hilarious line: " is a mystery as to why the Chinese did this at this time...."

Yes, showing that you can destroy the entire "front line" of America's worldwide military power structure is definitely a "mystery", if you happen to be mentally retarded.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Heh, Yup.

Just like us complaining about Iran having NUKES for crying out loud! Or interfering with Iraq!

Naked we are (channelling Yoda here).


I just saw the announcement of this on the evening news: replete with the most lies crammed into five minutes in the history of mankind -- all said with straight faces -- by several people -- to millions of viewers.

I am happy to hear that you cannot do this, Smith, although I have heard that those who can make money hand-over-fist. I can only guess at the salaries of the reporters who brought us this twisted story.

Apparently it is the Chinese who are militarizing space, and we must now embark on a new arms race to stop them. Great.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup. Ass backwards as always.

Putting the horse before the cart is endemic. When China celebrated their African diplomacy, the entire west screamed themselves hoarse, accusing China of destroying Africa. My article was virtually the only one to tell the truth and it was reprinted in China. They were grateful for one person seeing what was going on.

It never ceases to amaze me how Americans beat the war drums and then scream at people to stop fighting or menacing others. It is our personal insanity.

Rodney Reid

Hey Elaine,

Ugh... China/Russia vs. US/Europe/Israel is the new 'cold war'.

With this capability, I'm sure the Chinese could bring the world to it's knees in a couple easy steps -- a fraction of the 24 GPS satellites going poof could really throw a damper on our 21st century first world.

Hope it doesn't happen personally, I really wish the world would get more sane instead of less, but that isn't happening.

And people take out 30 year mortgages in the environment that's being set up right now.

Crazy stupid.

PS: I read the recent numerology article and wanted to comment on -- No, I don't think you're insane in the lease, but I don't post when you put up those articles because I confess I don't understand the magic-number paradigm yet - sevens and elevens, I got that though.


"my mind is all sixes and sevens!" - Chuang Tzu

Rodney Reid

er, lease == least

(post-post spelling correction as always)

Rodney Reid

Hi devaul,

My wife when we first met had delusions of living in a commune.

It's just a microcosm of the world, except you get to know the people extracting your hard work for their gain more personally.

Would rather have those people longer than an arm distance away.

Rodney Reid


never fails, every message --- replace devaul with blues in my last post.

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