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"Years ago, back in the late 1970's, rocket developers cautioned Congress to begin work on new space mission systems because the Shuttles would not last beyond 2000."

But no...

"the liberal community always wanted to spend money on things at home."

I always supported space exploration, and my more-liberal friends always said that every space launch meant more starving people in ghettos.

I'm still in favor of space exploration, but you get MUCH more return on investment with unmanned (robotic) missions. People need baggage: air, food, water, and shielding from hard radiation. Manned missions make no sense.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, Smith. My support of space programs is at odds with liberal sentiments. They ignore my warnings that a culture that doesn't explore or conquer, dies.

My warnings to right wingers that conquering mindlessly leads to fatal destruction is also unheeded. They mouth off the 'winning minds and hearts' stuff while relying entirely on brute force and sneering hubris.

With the usual results.

And we MUST go, ourselves, into space. If we only rely on robots, we lose in the end. The robots win. Looks like they will win, anyway. Gads.


Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Liberal AND Proud

Buying Russian Rockets. Great, and we can watch the launch on our Asian TVs mounted in our cars built in Latin America.

200+ years to build this country. 20+ to take it apart.

Would the last one to leave America, please remember to turn off the light.

D.F. Facti

Just today an article in a local newspaper recounts the budget shortfalls of both the Fermilab and the Argonne National Laboratory. The Fermilab may have to close temporarily. Two of my nieces went to high school in Fermilab's home town. Their neighbors were physicists and other assorted geeks - or are they considered nerds? (Another niece gave me a tutorial last week on emo, gothic, etc.) Swell, huh? Maybe BushBoy can send the unemployed scientists to Iraq.

For all the conservatives who love privatization and also the space program, ask them if any US entity - gov't. or private industry - could pull off Apollo 11 today.

Liberal AND Proud

D.F. Facti...they'd get to the moon...and pay for the whole program by having Neil Armstrong step on the moon and shout..."COCA COLA"!!


I see the endgame now. Over at dKoss, this poor nerd posted this "diary" about how General Wesley Clark is, like Jimmy Carter, moaning about how Israel controls the US. He's been tagged with the indelible "troll diary" stigmata! he's scheduled for a speedy "rapture" out of there!

But I see that is not the story at all. Wesley and Jimmy can't see it. Nobody gives a damn about "Israel," which is scheduled to be raptured out with us. If Olmert gave a damn about "Israel," he would try to keep the US afloat, obviously. This rocket deal show clearly who cares about the US! So during the rapture, Olmert and Lieberman and Bush and Cheney stay behind, in Paraguay.

The "Israel gimmick" was not different than the "Anglican gimmick," merely another distraction. Boy this really is lousy. I get to be slaughtered like the fattened American hogs with their Hummers and giant ranches in the suburbs. Olmert cares about "Israel" the same way Bush cares about stem cells.

D.F. Facti

Of course! How thick I am!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Next: Pigs in space.


Like I always tell 'em, they don't call me blues for nothing. I may be nearly ready to apply for a job with Darth Putin of Hu the Merciless. I would go right to Rove, but I have no cred as a gay porn star.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Blues, just pretend to be a reporter like Gannon.

mulberry factory

Very, very nicely done!

Taylor Hill

hey i like that rocket design, believe it or not that could be their new rocket design, thanks

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