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>Capt. Nowak looks like a speed freak or heroin addict.

No one looks good in a mug shot. Apparently she threw together some half-assed 'disguise' before going after her rival.

I think it's possible to overanalyze these things. People who haven't gone into space engage in strange behavior over members of the opposite sex every day. And of the dozens and dozens of people who have flown space missions... this one turned out to be a (garden-variety) nut. And I do agree with you that jail isn't appropriate until psychiatric evaluation is complete.

(If you could show a pattern of bizarre behavior among a significant subset of the entire astronaut corps... you actually be on to something.)


"you actually be on to something"

should have read

you might actually be on to something.


>I would suggest, she may have had some vital brain or nerve damage in space. ...

astronauts can suffer brain damage also from cosmic rays or coming back after long periods in zero-g. ...

The other thing that could have happened since this woman also walked in space, is brain damage from cosmic rays."

If true, that would be additional suport for the case that space is no place for humans, and any exploration is best accomplished by robotic missions. As for "colonization", perhaps that's best left to the realm of speculative fiction.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, astronomers have problems that come from being on low-oxygen mountains too much, trust me on this, I have seen it up close and way to personal.

Women in space: damn few. We know virtually nothing about the effects of this on women.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The whole fantasy of long-term space use has ignored the issue of cosmic rays. The Russians simply don't care. And frankly, neither does NASA.

Fixing up a space ship that can endure long times in space: we often have mused about using asteroids and hollowing them out. After all, comets travel all over the effing place, don't they?


Reminds me of Heaven's Gate, and the spaceship parked on Comet Hale-Bopp...


"Um, astronomers have problems that come from being on low-oxygen mountains too much, trust me on this, I have seen it up close and way to personal."

Wait a minute... oxygen deprivation?? Weren't we just talking about cosmic rays?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thinner atmosphere + cosmic rays=brain damage. Thank you for playing my game here.


"Thinner atmosphere + cosmic rays=brain damage."

You can get the brain damage from oxygen deprivation without the cosmic rays, duh.

If cosmic rays were really that much of a problem you'd see a lot more people who fly in pressurized (but non-shielded) airliners experiencing dain-bramage.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, the ones flying over the ozone holes of the North Pole are suing airlines and demanding studies thanks to exactly that.


The question under study is the extent to which ionizing radiation experienced at altitude increases one's cancer risk, not whether it makes you go nuts.

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