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Never fear, blues is most definitely on the case here. Turns out that my bulletin board (Technorati refuses to humble itself by track 'mere' BBs.) site is so fancily hosted (static domain, raid backup, etc.) that I qualify for a (nearly) FREE Wordpress site! I hope to use this to propose all necessary solutions to the world's many problems.

Like burying water mains 40' deep to send cool water into buildings in summer and warm water in winter. (Duh, to save energy.)

Or how about windmill powered spacecraft? Really. You just get 10,000 windmills to pump ordinary air into aluminum spheres at ultra-high pressure. Pop 5,000 of the spheres into staging cylinders, and let the high pressure air out of the tanks, just like letting air out of balloons. If it's on a big enough scale, it will propel a space craft into orbit or beyond. Two versions would be needed. A small, 3 g-force model to send up tiny manned vehicles that would meet up with more roomy, better equipped mini-stations. A large, 1000 g-force model for sending up durable equipment.

I also have plans for re-purposing supreme court justices as judicial managers and having all judicial decisions crafted by randomly chosen juries. They would decide all facts and issues of law. Currently, the judges decide issues of law based on party affiliation, money interests, and power hunger.

So this new site should be interesting, maybe. Stay tuned for further developments.

By the way, you should all install the KompoZer or Nvu Html editor!

* Linux 2.6.15 tarball
* win32 tarball
* win32 installer
* MacOSX image
* OS/2 tarball
* source code

All at:

You can use any font, and keyboard response is great. Use it in "preview" mode as a text processor. Try "Tools" > "Preferences" > "New Page Settings" > "Default Page Appearance" > "Use custom colors" > "Click on Background" > choose the light gray background. It's very easy on the eyes!!!

I'm just chock-full of nifty suggestions, Elaine!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, you forgot about wind sheer. A severe problem. And the higher you go, the harder it is to rise.

Thanks for the other suggestions. I won't use airbags to loft my computer, though, Heh. The oxygen here is thin enough already.


Well, a compressed air rocket would fly in exactly the same manner as a combustion engine rocket. In fact, you can buy one right now. Just go to a sporting goods store and pick up a compressed CO² cartridge. When I was a little kid, I yanked the end-cap seal thingie off of one, and it flew around crazily in the bathroom for about half a minute! (Could have hit me in the head and killed me!) (Also, caution: the nozzle gets wickedly freezing cold!!!) So, you can definitely store energy as compressed air!

As many now know, it's very difficult to store energy as hydrogen, because it is the world's smallest atom: one proton, one electron (yeah, there are isotopes...). It can leak out of most any container like water out of a cotton bag. Also, there are probably not 1% of the vast quantities of catalysts like platinum available that would be needed to create an effective set of energy conversion systems.

Don't hold your breath (you know how long I always take all the time), but my ISP has the new site, '' mostly set up. It shows up on 'whois' now, but the 'under construction page isn't up yet. They have all the needed WordPress software, but I have no idea how to set the damn thing up.


The American Association for the Advancement of Science does a fairly detailed analysis each year of the Federal budget for scientific endeavors and R&D. Their analysis of the 2008 budget for Earth Sciences concludes:

"While Multi-Mission Operations will receive a 7 percent increase, all other programs will see large cuts. Budgetary constraints mean that new missions are unlikely to launch on time and announcements of new mission opportunities are likely to be deferred. In addition to the bleak outlook for future Earth-observing missions, external grants for basic Earth science research in support of NASA objectives would be cut by 20 percent in fiscal 2008."

The Earth Sciences analysis is available here:

The full analysis of the budget is here:

NASA has gone from walking on the moon to crawling in seedy alleyways. Sad.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like in Vietnam, all our money and energy will focus on killing barely armed peasants who hate us.

Liberal AND Proud

"Design of the horse was referred to committee, where a compromise was found."

Elaine, you do know what a jackass is, correct?

It's a horse designed by a committee.


In a totally real sense, the Space Shuttle system is just the perfect metaphor for the current mode of operation of the USA these days. Elaine is right about the design. Every single subsystem of the design has been pushed to an incredible extreme outer limit of performance merely in order to preserve those precious "main engines". NASA must have been in one of its recurrent clueless states when it bought that piece of garbage. The truth is, however, that NASA is nothing more than a thin veneer for the pentagon. That they let this happen is rather frightening.

Frederick N. Chase

A couple comments on NASA:

  1. People going to Mars (much less another star system) is likely pretty much impossible. Reference:Are We Trapped on Earth – Impossible Journey.

  2. About half of NASA's budget is for satellite launches and should be counted as part of defense spending. Reference: Trillion-Dollar Defense Budget


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