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Talking about moons...


"We want to live it up here at home, not spend energy and time jostling with Japan, China and Russia in conquering space. Unbeknownst to us, there is actually a hot space race and what is at stake is the moon, the satellite we conquered and then abandoned during the Vietnam War."

Conquering stuff is awfully... imperialistic, isn't it? I thought you were against conquering stuff.


Just tell the American people the man in the moon is an Indian. They'll bust their butts getting up there to take that away too.


Elaine is very concerned about human survival, which is why she advocates colonizing other planets.

I understand her position, but my own personal stance is that the universe would be better off without us spreading across it like a plague. If humans acted differently, I would agree with Elaine, but history shows that we destroy everything we colonize.


Have the other planets indicated a desire to be colonized?

"my own personal stance is that the universe would be better off without us spreading across it like a plague."

That is my personal stance as well. Not to mention that the only planet to be colonized by humans to date would be better off as well. There's an interesting new book out that shows how that planet would recover if humans suddenly disappeared. I commend it to your attention.


Wow! We actually agree on something!

Thanks for the link. I plan to watch the movies when I get home. My work computer will not allow me to view them here.


JSmith/Depaul, please consider the following thought experiment.

If you take the Gaia hypothesis, the biosphere can be considered to be a superorganism, then surely this organism has some reproductive organs. Now the only way we can survive in space is to take a minature version of Gaia with us. If we wish to live on another planet we have to replicate Gaia. It could be possible that Homo sapiens is merely part of the reproductive organs of Gaia.

It is a bit depressing to think that all we think that makes humans noble (almost all of which is derived from our imagination) is simply an artifact of the drive that Gaia has placed in us to force us to act as a seed dispersal mechanism.

Our only hope for survival as a species is to leave the gravity well and to do Gaia's bidding.

Gaia does not need our permission to try again in her next flowering. Already Gaia may be turning us off as a species, birth rates are in decline in most parts of the world.

I re-iterate, the above is a thought experiment not a call to start a new religion.

Sean OLeary

They're not "fighting over" the moon at all. They are merely fulfilling the destiny of the human race, to expand beyond this tiny planet onto the moon, thence to Mars and thence out into the galaxy. As a civilisation, we have been tardy in undertaking a program of exploration of the solar system and galaxy. It is about time! Humanity's unique role is to colonise the galaxy.

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I dont find any big deal about this argument.

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