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David Isenberg agrees that bin Laden has the upper hand now because of Bush's failed strategy (if you can call it that). He writes,

"The Bush administration's insistence on fighting a war of choice in Iraq has given Osama bin Laden exactly what he dreamed of, an enormous overreaction that has vastly increased anti-American sentiment around the world, divided America from allies and sympathetic countries, and served as a recruiting tool for thousands of Muslims who might otherwise have turned a deaf ear to bin Laden and al-Qaida."

From http://www.spacewar.com/reports/How_Bush_Strategy_Failed_Part_Two_999.html

Jesus Reyes

The neoconservatives said in the run up to March 2003;

1) the oil will pay for it, 2) they will greet us like Parisians on the Champs-Elysees, 3) and in a matter of a few weeks we would need no more than 30,000 occupation troops (building libraries and teaching children).

October, 2006;

1) not only have we not pumped any oil, we have spent 400 billion+ at the rate of 9 billion a month - and that is no where near enough, 2) If the Parisians had greeted Hitler like the Iraqi insurgency greeted us, there would have never been a D-Day, 3) Instead of 30,000 troops there are 140,000 troops + 35,000 "private security contractors" (what they admit), unknown numbers of KBR handling supply and logistics, unknown numbers of south asians handling logistics and driving

Sitting ducks all, just waiting for Iran to cut al-Sadr loose and turn the MSR Tampa to turn into a shooting gallery.


You need to proofread your headlines more carefully. But reading that the war was costing us over $8/month was good for a laugh :)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I had to run off to work very early and didn't proofread.

Always, when I don't have time to check, the gremlins go to work. They know what they are doing...heh. Got to find my roachmotel and catch the buggers.

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