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Liberal AND Proud

I don't have any more words to express my unmitigated disgust with this Administration. Elaine, you know as well as I do that it will take DECADES to unwind the monstrous worldwide debacle is this has created for America.

The actions of this Administration are criminal in their scope and quite frankly, they are a bunch of RANK AMATEURS. I know that is putting it mildly, but the facts are that cursing and screaming and threatening will not help...as this Administration and America has learned.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup. Even Daffy duck would have done better. Gads, isn't this stupid.


"Meanwhile, the Taliban threaten all of Europe with long-range terror attacks in a counterstroke against NATO."

And maybe all of Europe will finally get serious about the threat posed by militant Islam.

Or not...

Liberal AND Proud

So...what's the answer, JSMITH? Stay the course? Shock and Awe? Nuke 'em?

Want to know why we never fought the RED Chinese? COUNT EM!

Want to know why a WAR against Islam is folly? COUNT'EM!

DIPLOMACY, my friend. The CARROT instead of the stick. Everyone wants SOMETHING. The key is figuring out what it is. That takes time. That takes HARD WORK. Something this Administration and this President abhor.


"Everyone wants SOMETHING."

What if they want something we're unprepared to give 'em? I'd rather not convert to Islam.

Europe has a much worse Muslim problem than we do. Since European countries don't even make the half-assed effort we do to assimilate immigrants, they have a lot more seething Muslim rage to deal with. Remember when those mobs were busily setting Paris on fire? What would you offer them - French citizenship? Not likely!

Liberal AND Proud

What are we not prepared to offer them? Peace? What do we want? Peace? What are we not prepared to offer them? Land? A share of the oil on THEIR land? Money? A guarantee to not interfere in their affairs if they behave themselves?

You're attitude is just like the Administration's. Make a one sided offer, and then attack them when they don't accept...and then WONDER why everyone is pissed off at YOU?!?!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The dynamics of this struggle for power started a long time ago. The Ottoman empire kept everything quiet because the rulers became either insane, corrupt or totally bonkers so they didn't want any jihads or invasions like the earliest Ottoman (who were horsemen from the borders of CHINA).

The ruler protected himself from his own sons by locking them in a tower until he died. Then the successor got to see the outer world for the very first time. The eunachs running the palace in Istanbul ran everything since the rulers were all hopelessly helpless.

Sounds like Bush, doesn't it?


"What are we not prepared to offer them? ..."

What are you prepared to offer them? Anything they want? (That's basically what "liberal" means, right?)

Fortunately, these things aren't up to you.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, we can't just offer them death or we might get it too, Smith.

This is the rub! We have the ability to kill every human. This doesn't make us all-powerful, it has utterly disabled our ability to negotiate with anyone.

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