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Liberal AND Proud

"If we blockade the place, they simply will set off the inevitable fireworks."


Imposing sanctions, which leads to money strains on a country that is KNOWN to sell weapons will elicit exactly the opposite result what what you want.


"Since Bush declared war on NK in 2002, this means shooting can commence at any time."

He didn't need to - the 1950-53 Korean War has never officially ended. There's a cease-fire but no peace treaty, so shooting could have started any time in the last 53 years (and has actually occurred a number of times.)

On sanctions: it's not a blockade that has the NKs annoyed. It's the banking regulations: banks that process transactions with NK get shut out of world funds transfers. Since you can't run a bank that way, Kim Jong-Il is having trouble finding a place that will cash his checks. That started a year or so ago.

Here's a link:


Liberal AND Proud

Maybe he should use American Express!

No offense, JSmith...but PULEEEZE.

Arms trafficers don't write checks to one another.

I was born at night, but it wasn't LAST NIGHT. Do you REALLY think that ALL the global banking system regulation and scrutiny has done ANYTHING except hinder the ability of HONEST people to conduct business?


Last night I was watching a rerun of "Family Guy" and Peter Griffin says "Put an Israeli guy next to an Arab guy and I can't tell the difference".

Beats by Dre

Reason rules all things.

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