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The whole world is caving in totally! There is a stock panic, and they're down over 500 points. I just had to see what Pox Nuws had to say. They had this ranting maniac flailing his arms about proclaiming WHEN THE MARKET PANICS, DON'T GET AFRAID, GET GREEDY!!! (when the panic is done and your stocks are worthless, it's okay to go back to being all mushy, I guess.) Nice to see how Pox Nuws takes care if its viewers!



In another matter, my favorite bullhorner, Alex Jones reports that someone found something incredible in the Google Video cache. The footage was removed by Google hours after the story of it broke, but I got all 84 MBs of it in .m4v format from Infowars, which is just spitting it out. Copy/paste:


Apparently everybody has a copy now. Unbelievable!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I was out shopping for old steel mills (heh, really) today, tooling systems built 60 years ago...great stuff, still works like a charm!

Yes, when I read Xinhua news, my first read every day, I saw the writing on the Great Wall. And I predicted this: years ago, I said, 'when the Chinese have a TRILLION FOREX funds they will sink our economic ship.'

BINGO! Right, as always!


If you have any of that metalworking gear, be extra careful. I've worked with similar stuff, and it comes with all kinds of gotchas that can be very dangerous. I'm sure no one knows the hard old lessons. Milling steel is very complicated. The amount of heat applied, the speed of quenching, and the amount of working creates tricky trade-offs for brittleness, strength, corrosion resistance, etc. Usually processes like pickling, which is scary chemical manipulation, are used to make the interior of parts stronger, and the surfaces harder, etc. Be careful.

I know the market is turning into a vast pumpkin, but I just cannot get Alex Jones' video out of my head. What do you think of it?

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