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D. F. Facti


That video was amazing. Total, 100% propaganda.

"Blames US for 9/11"

Fortunately, lots more people get it than Wolfie would like. Bad news is, any candidate - like debate winner Paul - on goddamned FOX, no less - who tells the truth so that it resonates with people - would be assassinated - just as they are assassinating Paul now.


An odd article for you to write, as you noted in the "West attacks China" thread that

"Ron Paul is not liberal at all. He is a classic conservative and would have happily kept Jim Crow going and no civil rights for women, etc. Don't be fooled by his opposition to imperialism which is, by the way, admirable. And very old-fashioned. At least he votes against funding these wars.

Posted by: Elaine Meinel Supkis | May 18, 2007 at 08:30 AM "

OK... so he opposes imperialism. That's just grand. But he still has a Kucinich's chance of attaining the Presidency.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

His conservativism is very brutal. If you are sick or weak, you basically die. If you need money for better healthcare or schools, forget about it. And he is a racist.


No, Paul is not a liberal. But there is no such thing as a "conservative" anymore. We have paleo-conservatives and we have neocons . Here is just what I said at a name-brand liberal blog on May 18:

««Ron Paul is no libertarian, really. He is a paleo-conservative. This group is quite large. I visit a lot of paleo sites. They come from backgrounds that tend to give them a slight connection to racism, but they are generally not like that. The former weapons inspector, Scott Ritter is one of them. He still gets along with liberals, and so on. Paul is about 95% in touch with what the most liberal people want. And remember I am a Kucinich supporter.

««These paleos are quite numerous, and they tend to be decent and respectable. Here is a paleo site that I visit frequently for economic information:»»



They make brutal and frightening noises, and may have vague connections to racists, but their bite is often much less than their bark. I think it's largely do the the nature of the vocabulary of their special language. Which is exactly why the neocons succeeded in fooling so many, pretending to be paleo-conservatives, and their bite being far worse than their goofy bark.


Of course, you never know how one of these fish are going to flop until they get in and make their moves. I would rather have, say, Kucinich.

D. F. Facti

God, yes, to Kucinich.

He pissed off the Cleveland establishment when he was just a pup - someone who understands that serving the public interest does not entail handing over the keys to the vault to the thugs in Brooks Brothers attire.

In a way it's amazing that someone like Kucinich can have a career in politics - or ANYTHING - considering how rightwing the media establishment is - and how much power the corporatocracy wields. He's like a Gene McCarthy lost in 2007 - except they keep sending him back to Congress.

Ron Paul is from Texas, which is, after all, a different country. And Elaine is probably right about his being s social Darwinist. I can only get so far with the Libertarian viewpoint. I like their fiscal restraint and fear of Big Brother, be he a leftist or his current incarnation. But no man is an island - and they generally don't get that.


Yeah, Elaine is right. There has to be some kind of really nasty side to Ron Paul for him to be re-elected year after year from a district in TEXAS. Remember: Texas brought is the Bush clan and all kinds of other vile men.

I do not envision a district in Texas, isolated from every other one around it, where the citizens read the Constitution everyday and understand what a Republic is. There has to be some other kind of appeal that Ron Paul uses to fight off the imperialists who would dearly love to take his job, and I am betting it is not a very pretty picture.

I looked up his voting record and noticed he spends a lot of time voting on anti-abortion bills and legislation. That is not really encouraging. That is an invasion of privacy, although I am sure he does not think so.

Still, he does at least understand the basics of our Constitution and what the intent of the Founding Fathers was regarding foreign policy and separation of powers, and that is quantum leap from the gang of criminals who currently infest our capital.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

An honest debate with an honest conservative: it is refreshing in the extreme!

Now, try debating the issue of Israel's fascist religious dictatorship with Hillary Zionist Clinton.

This is the problem: even when Ron talked without mentioning Palestine, how our actions in the Middle East might cause wars to come here, he didn't have the guts to talk about our insane support of the Jewish fascist state that is ethnically cleansing Muslims AND Christian natives out of the Holy Land which is holy to THREE religions, not one.

Gads. Why can't any American politician talk about this? Heh. The media has destroyed Jimmy Carter over this.


This is from Yahoo News:

"PHOENIX - A military contractor is recruiting current and former agents with the U.S. Border Patrol to teach Iraqis how to secure their national borders."

Can you believe this? Will our Coast Guard be transferred to Iraq also to teach them how to protect their shores?

I'm beginning to think that the fortress we are building in Baghdad will become our new capitol. That would at least place it at the center of our foreign and domestic affairs.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I wish we could ship all our politicians to Iraq.

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