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M. E. Brown

Armor isn't effective against snipers, they'll just shoot for the groin. I was a sniper in the Army before 9/11 and a groin shot is an easy and highly effective target. Check the stats, you'll see that this the reality.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I'm not a sniper but a hunter. My husband is a top skeet shooter. We know that waiting patiently for the right moment to squeeze the trigger is the key to killing. You can't shoot when you first see the target.

The sniping in that horrifying video shows all the earmarks of a professional. He obviously waits until his 'target' is alone. He doesn't want to be noticed by any survivors. A cold blooded killer, indeed.

Also, the video shows head shots, not groin shots. With groin shots, the victim can be very noisy. Instead, you see them simply silently collapsing and laying still. I know from hunting, we go to great lengths to avoid groin shots (makes for messy work cleaning the carcass!) and if we want a trophey, no head shots so it is either the heart or the jungular.

But with humans, the head is large and easier to target than the neck, of course. So the sniper waits until the victim's eyes move right to where he is hiding, then he pulls the trigger.


That is one really chilling video. I don't know how he was able to make it while also shooting at the soldiers. I also do not know how far away he was. Was he actually up close acting like a bystander? It is hard to say, but the bad video looks like he was using the zoom to the max.

A silencer! I had no idea snipers could use a silencer. I wondered why the other soldiers just stood around after one of their comrades had fallen. It was eerie.

And all the people walking past and driving around. Why are our troops just standing around directing traffic? This is madness.

This video explains the new "head trauma" injury that is supposed to be new to army doctors and rehab people here in America.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I used guns a lot in the past. If one is setting up a shooting gallery, one can hyper-insulate the gun to muffle noise. A small silencer isn't very big in diameter and if one uses that and then has a 'box' type larger structure that also has a video camera attached, first focusing the sights on a specific spot and then waiting for the passing 'game' to wander past.

This is how we hunt deer! We lurk in the woods, gun resting in the ready position because if you stir and move it, the deer take off. When one wanders into the clearing, you count to ten and then pull.

So it is here. Yes, he is definitely using a zoom lens. At the max. I would suggest our military take this tape and play it in Congress and in the Oval Office.

Robert toumareck

No stone-age Muslim IDIOT will ever win the west .
We will kill you all, by nuke attack and fuck your woman in Europe who hate Islam.


Well, that was pleasant.

Frederick N. Chase

"....spending half a trillion a year on the Pentagon....."

Actually, it's a lot more than that. The D0D half trillion only covers salaries & weapons. There's another 16.6 trillion for DoE (nuclear warheads and environmental cleanup) and on and on. Though not everyone would put it so high, I'd personally say a trillion a year.

Frederick N. Chase

Er, the US defense budget outside of the DoD has 16.6 billion (not trillion) within the DoE budget. Also there's about 69.8 billion for the VA's tricare, and stuff. And, though you might not want to count it, we spend about 200 billion a year on interest attributable to past debt-financed defense outlays. And those annual supplements are running 120 billion/yr or so these days. And so on.


We are still paying interest on the money Reagon borrowed for the MX missile program. The borrowed money just keeps getting rolled over. It is never paid off.


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