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D. F. Facti

Remember - they covered Guernica when Conman Powell made his WMD speech - some say the US demanded it - others that the UN did it to defy BushCo.

The frigging politicians knew that W would veto the Democrats' war spending bill - what a dull show they put on -

That odious Dick Morris - the former Clinton guru - was blathering away the other night about how Edwards will end up the candidate - and how the smart set would speak of the "greater war on terror" instead of that icky mess in Iraq which - um is so-o-o-o unpopular on Main Street.

When you know what's really going on behind the iron curtain in Washington, D. C., listening to that bull could really drive you right over the edge. It is so trashy - like a really bad knock-off Vuitton bag - pretty ugly in the original - grotesque in the pretend version.

I like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich - anti-imperialists who'd get assassinated if they ever got cloe enough to be nominated, much less elected.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Both Ron and Dennis want to fix the mess with Japan, too.

They will be assassinated if they became popular.

Ted Nugent

You're such a fucking liberal. War is war. Fuck off and go rant some more.

28 year vet

I am a proud citizen of the United States. I am also very proud of my uncles and cousins that have served our military. I, too, have and currently serve. To know first hand of my sacrifices and the sacrifices of my family, for my service. To those of you, that seem critical for a memorial to those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for you to openly show your ungrateful stupidity in hopes that someone will agree and console you in your beliefs. Find something else to cheapen, to insult, or to disgrace. You want to make a difference with your unlabored, effortless blog. Then I challenge you to go to Iraq. Help them to stable their economy, and become self sufficient so that they no longer depend on US funds. Teach them to be tolerant of those different from them, that believe differently. Teach them about peace and love. Do this while wearing/carrying another 100 pounds of weight, (just to make sure that you sweat at least a drop of sweat) in the 100+ degree temps. Then you will have EARNED your right to be critical. Comeback and I will console you. If you do not want to stand behind our troops, then feel free to stand in front of them.

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Pleasure has a sting in its tail.

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