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Holy Shit!!! I once convinced the cops to let this wacko graffiti artist go if he would just scrub away his "work". But this. This combination of symbols is clear evidence of a psychotic mental state. Not encouraging.


Holy Friggin Shit, time to freak out. Been to a museum lately? It’s pretty clear that these symbols are lackluster shorthand and uninspired. No poetry here. Hey, we need a patch already! Uh… Flaming, lightning, seeing eye, add talon… get the Latin on the radius. That’s the ticket. SOLD! Just finished listening to The The, Mind Bomb at least they can sync it with percussion and get your hair to stand a mite at volume.

These shitwads will take anything you throw at them as long as it has a semblance of cool factor. I’ve done a couple. As with Elaines dream state comments, the person(s) who decide on the final art eat the same blood in their dreams so there won’t be any pansies on the patch. Peagaus maybe but Elaine will claim misappropriation.


Were these kinds of military symbols a recent development? When I think of WWII iconography, for instance, I recall "pin-up girls" like Betty Grable painted on airplane noses and the shark's teeth painted on bombs or torpedoes--nothing like the OPSEC symbols shown here.

I've noticed too that military tattoos have taken a darker turn of late. Just yesterday, I saw one that looked disturbingly similar to the symbol used by Hitler's SS.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, Daliwood. I have known real German Nazis. Lived with them. Heh. They know the iconography. It is ALL MAGICAL. Namely, it is designed to tap into the power of lightning and the Outer Darkness.

I would say, it reflects the 'Id'. Namely, the innermost parts of our evolutionary souls: the cannibal/ killers who took lighning and turned it into fire.


I had some old army patches when I was a kid and one showed a single lightening bolt, another had a bald eagle, one had a blue shield -- all really simple stuff.

These new icons go perfect with the names of the troops (Demon Company) and their satanic tatoos and skull and bones headgear.

These are mercenaries, not draftees.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The ultimate Skull and Bones is at Yale, of course.

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