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The easiest way to reduce the demand for energy is to reduce the number of energy demanders. Demographcs is not on the side of the developed nations.


"I wasn't even going to touch anything, I was just going to stare at everything with a penetrating gaze of a sphinx."

Wow. That would REALLY show 'em!


"Tonight is exactly 40 years a terrifying journey I made during this very night in a very violent thunderstorm at the University of Kansas."

Really? In July 67 I thought you were out in Hashbury doing the peace-love-groovy thing...

"I know these articles might shake my readers and make them wonder about my sanity."

I don't wonder about your sanity, Elaine. But you could try to relax a little...


Your sanity is ok IMO, because only sane people can look at the insanity in this world and keep on looking without flinching. Most people can't stand it and start self-calming, by distracting or relaxing themselves. During "good times" people don't want to look at the possibility of bad things.

Many think all humans are equal. But in the animal world not all animals are equal. There are predators and prey. Why should it be different in the world of humans?

There are people without conscience. They can do whatever they like without guilt. These are the predators of the "human" kind.

Their weaknesses are their incapability to put themselves in someone else's shoes and their wishful thinking.

Their strengths are their over-abundant self-confidence and that they aren't disturbed by emotions. They can fake them easy because they are born into the world of normal people. During the time till adulthood, they have learned the behavior of normal people with their emotions and also know our weaknesses.

And because most normal people aren't aware of the predator, he/she can manipulate them as he/she pleases, because a normal person will always search the fault first in himself. Something a predator human will never do.

Thanks for you blog.


"Their weaknesses are their incapability to put themselves in someone else's shoes and their wishful thinking."

How are these weaknesses? It seems to me that it only makes them better predators.

When you want to destroy someone else's life, empathy only gets in the way, and we all engage in wishful thinking.

I agree with the rest of what you said. It was most informing.


Closing the 'Collapse Gap': the USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I read the energy bulletin, Paul. A very good site for oil information. Thanks for sharing it here.

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