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Suusi M-B

Sorry Love, but there were 5 authors of that ghastly work.

1. John Shalikashvili
2. Klaus Naumann
3. Lord Inge
4. Henk van den Breemen
5. Jacques Lanxade

Apart from that keep up the good work

You don't fancy writing the odd article for the The Bastard do you?

I am thinking of adding a financial section called, "Thieving Bastards". Your insite would make an excellent addition.


In regards to the Mafia, you are indeed hallucinating ;-) The Italian Mafia is increasingly being pushed out by the Chinese Triads and the Japanese Yakuza. Yes, there is the Columbian (i.e. Catholic) mafia, but they are also losing their world dominance. In that context also consider that none of the Western crime syndicates are active in Asian countries. Just my 2 cents - you are mostly brilliant but I needed to correct you on this one.

liberal white boy

Gosh I feel like I've met a new friend.

Elaine Supkis

Suzi, I see no email address. Go to [email protected] and we can talk.


So they have updated Dr Strangelove's Plan Romeo.


"The US has never done any sneak attacks on Russia."


In 1918-1919, allied forces (including the US) invaded northern Russia, seized the ports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk and penetrated into the Russian interior. In 1919, allied forces, including 5,000 Americans, occupied the area around Vladivostok. Here is a web site dedicated to the 8th Army Division -- http://www.militaria.com/8th/WW1/siberia.html -- describing the 8th division's incursion into Russia. Included is an interesting photo titled "American Troops on the March in Siberia".

I'm not sure if those qualified as sneak attacks or not. But I'm sure every Russian and Soviet child learned about them in school. The same is not true of American children.

Elaine Supkis

Yes, I knew about that. But it wasn't a full invasion like the famous ones from both France and Germany. There is way too much wild talk about WWIII from our rulers.


Elaine, you may enjoy this. A description of Hamas' weapons posted at Wake Up From Your Slumber:



"...am I hallucinating here?"

I can't say for sure, but one must always be prepared for that eventuality.

I think the NATO generals are talking about Iran, not Russia. You're stuck in a 60s time-warp.

"Also, the JewsMuslims of the WarsawGaza ghetto stage a break out. The Jews who have set this up are furious, of course."

Not half as furious as they'd be if the Pallies came flooding into Israel.

"Tens of thousands of Palestinians have surged into Egypt from the Gaza Strip after masked militants destroyed parts of the border wall."

Interesting that they surged into Egypt, not into Israel. I note from other reports that when Israel gave the Sinai back to Egypt, Gaza was a piece that Egypt specifically DID NOT want. The Pallies have been treated as badly by the surrounding Arab states as they have been by the Jews (there's that hyper-secret code word, by the way.) The Arabs don't like them any more than the Israelis do. From today's Guardian:

"Armoured vehicles flying the Egyptian national flag began patrolling the border and police used batons to beat the hoods of private cars, pickup trucks and even the donkey carts of Palestinians visiting from Gaza."

Back! Back, I say!

So they've gotten some much-needed fuel, cigarettes, and rocket parts.

"A description of Hamas' weapons posted at Wake Up From Your Slumber"

PhotoShop, and plenty of spare time. Whatever keeps you off the streets, I suppose.


Bytheway... while I was running the other night I was musing on one of your earlier articles (hey - I have to do something as the miles roll by!)

You were on about the ID number of some memo, and how it (sort of) encapsulated the Skulls-n-Boneses magical number "322". So, where's the magical part, exactly? In the quantity 322? In the string of Arabic numerals "3", "2", and "2"? Or what?

Do "101000010" (322 binary) or "142" (322 hexadecimal), or the English words "three hundred twenty two" have the same magical force? Why, or why not?


Elaine Supkis

Smith, the day democracy died in ancient Greece didn't matter to you because you didn't care when the Supreme Court killed it again on 12/12/00 at midnight.


"the Supreme Court killed it again on 12/12/00"

I guess 1100/1100/11111010010 (12/12/2000 binary) just doesn't have quite the same "ring" to it, does it?

Back on topic... y'know what? If the Gaza/Egypt barrier came down, the "Jews" may not be all the "furious". Then the Gaza Pals would be Egypt's problem - Israel and the US would lean on Hosni to stomp on Hamas, which he'd do without hesitation because he doesn't like Hamas any more than the "Jews" do, and people would stop blaming the "Jews" for keeping the Pals locked down in Gaza - which, we can't help but note, Egypt has also done. From yesterday's Zionist Daily (aka New York Times):

"A senior Israeli official, refusing to give his name because the minister who heads his department is away, said the [barrier breach] might solve a problem.

"This may be a blessing in disguise," he said. "On the level of smuggling, weapons and so on, it makes no difference. But if it continues like this, it will ease tremendously the pressure on Israel on the humanitarian level. The humanitarian organizations will get off our backs. There won't be any shortages. So that is a good thing. We don't care if people buy food in Egypt. And terrorists come in anyway."

But what do the Egyptians think of all this? Not much, apparently:

"'This is a wrong assumption,' Hossam Zaki, the official spokesman for Egypt's foreign ministry, said of Israeli hints that it was thinking of giving up all responsibility for Gaza, including supplying electricity, now that the territory's southern border with Egypt is open."


Dear JSmith,

Allowing Egypt to annex the Gaza Strip will open a huge can of worms. Israel since 1967 has been trying to nail down its post '67 borders in Law. It would mean everything from Camp David onwards is back up for re-negotiation.

The border fence that HAMAS destroyed, just in time for the Arab Foreign ministers meeting in Cairo on Sunday 27/01/2008, was built by the Israelis and funded by the taxpayers of the USA. What is in it for Egypt to re-build the fence? (Any offers less than $1 Billion would be a waste of time).


>Allowing Egypt to annex the Gaza Strip will open a huge can of worms.


Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in 1979, following their 1978 treaty.

Gaza was supposed to be part of the deal... but Egypt didn't want it.

And who can blame them?


Prior to 1967, Egypt administered the Gaza strip. It was never claimed to be Egyptian territory.

The Camp David accords fixed the Israel-Egypt border. The Sinai peninsula was stolen land, it had to be returned.

I would suspect that the Israeli Generals argued that the strip stayed under Israeli control. When you see how close the northern border of the Gaza strip is to Tel Aviv, does it make sense to have the Egyptians so close?

On the other hand the Israelis even had settlements in the Gaza strip.


"When you see how close the northern border of the Gaza strip is to Tel Aviv, does it make sense to have the Egyptians so close?"

Israel would much rather have Egypt there than the Palestinians they have there now.

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