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"I think [Sibel Edmonds] is a tool set into motion to make the 'conspiracy' community look stupid."

No one needs a "tool" for that - the 'conspiracy'-based community is doing fine all on its own!

"The Bush administration is planning to use nuclear weapons against Iran,..."

Call it "Operation Kiss My Ass": Bush nukes Tehran, leaves office, and leaves the mess behind for whoever comes next.

"I used to take my father's typewriter ribbons and unscroll it to decipher what was written..."

Your dad didn't clean up after himself very well, did he? Even Junior G-Men know to burn the typewriter ribbon! And we were trusting HIM with state secrets? Jesus - all the KGB needed to do was follow Dad around town!

"There were NO PLANS to evacuate ANY CITIES."

No shit. Think about it: how DO you "evacuate" LA, anyway? Short answer: you can't. You can't "evacuate" NYC, either.

"Sharif Accuses Musharraf of Being American Stooge"

Well... Pervez IS an American stooge - but not as much of an American stooge as we'd like him to be.

"The CIA doesn't worry if millions of Americans believe in goofy, improbable things."

And they shouldn't - after all, there's not much they can do about it, is there?

"The #1 card of the Tarot deck is the Magician."

Speaking of your goofy, improbable things...


The Belgian state news channel is saying that France has made an agreement with the UAE to set up a permanent military base over there. Things are heating up...


The one that always kills me is "the US of Israel wants to stop Iran from developing nuclear warheads" (which would take them ten years or so).

People! Iran has plenty already. Does anyone really think they are going to spend a decade to develop them, when they can get as many as they want from the nations they have exclusive intra-Iran oil development projects with? India, China, Russia?

Even the CIA is not so clueless that they don't know that. The reason we ignore the NIE report is because we are not worried about "development" in Iran, which is a joke. We are angry and scared because we know that Iran already has them. We probably even have the serial numbers.

What's freaking us out is their missle testing. Our warships in the area for that reason.


"CHENEY ran to his own bomb shelter" (command center) not out of fear, but to ensure the operation was completed.


"We are angry and scared because we know that Iran already has them. We probably even have the serial numbers."

C'mon, Pluto. WE are angry and scared? We know they have them, but we just don't say so? Iran might nuke us thereby ensuring their complete obliteration? Please.


Bruce, you make my point:

We know they have them, but we just don't say so? Iran might nuke us thereby ensuring their complete obliteration? Please.

Of course they are not "going to nuke us." Neither is China, India, Pakaistan, Russia, North Korea, France, Israel, or anybody else.

Like all other nations arming themselves -- they are for defensive purposes. No leader of a nation is so criminally insane that he would even breath the idea of using a nuclear weapon against a free and sovereign nation in an "offensive" way.

(Oh, oops, except for Bush, the first criminally insane leader to actually do such a thing. Unthinkable but stunning and true.)

You know, if I were a leader of a free nation (that happened to possess nuclear weapons), and some lunatic president started threating my country with unprovoked nuclear strikes -- all I could say is:

thank God that our enemies are idiots. -- Ahmadinejad


Hey Bruce -- I just reread my comment and it sounded arrogant -- and I certainly did not mean to be. I very much respect your opinions.

Elaine Supkis

Bush has talked nuclear war more than once. He should be ARRESTED. And Congress can do this but who is ahead in the GOP primaries?

"Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!" McCain! And AIPAC Clinton in the DNC! So far from arresting Bush, they are ASSISTING him and this alarms me no end.

As I keep pointing out, when Russia and the US could have annihilated each other several times, they didn't. Thank god. But also note that our rulers take great care to not be around possible nuke sites where there is real danger.

This is why I know they didn't run 9/11, they only let it happen. Cheney would NOT have been in DC if he thought an attack might take him out.

And I still contend that the Pentagon that sat on its ass did NOT expect the plane that hit them, would slam into them and not the other targets.


Pluto, not offense taken. I misread your first comment, so it's my attitude that needs adjustment. (hence the cold pale ale at my side)


Hello Elaine,

In the half decade I lived in Europe, I met many interesting people from all over the world.

Jean [nickname] was from a French-Canadian family in Quebec. We played music for money with Giovanni in the subway in Rome. We also played in St. James Church in Medjugorje for grace.

Jean drank an awful lot and got me loaded on several occasions, once on the banks of the Neretva River in Muslim Mostar and another time on the streets of Rome near the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Naturally, on these occasions his tongue was loosened as well; and he revealed to me that he had worked many years for the Canadian telecom giant everyone knows.

His last job in the early 90's took him to Saudi Arabia to oversee the installation of an advanced intranet throughout the Kingdom with satellite uplinks to the LEO system.

He told me his company's partners were "bin Laden Electronics", and although he never admitted it I highly suspect he met Osama and his brothers.

Jean's life now as a pilgrim living on the streets of Europe, playing flute and guitar in Churches and praying and fasting is my evidence of the fruits of the activities of the groups and individuals mentioned in today’s column.

Kindest regards,


Here we go round the mulberry bush...

No, they did not blow up the two WTC buildings.

Very correct, they didnt blow up the two WTC buildings, they blew up THREE WTC buildings, and no freakin plane crashed into that 47 story building WTC 7.

BTW with the hundreds of security cameras filming every square inch of the pentagon, why hasnt any footage ever been released that proves that a 757 or any other large commercial passenger aircraft, hit the pentagon???????

Cause its all a fantasy story from start to finish and all you do is perpetuate the myth, and the ruling elite love you for it, they really do, they couldnt do a better job at it if they tried!!!!!

WTC 7 "just pull it!!"


"No leader of a nation is so criminally insane that he would even breath the idea of using a nuclear weapon against a free and sovereign nation in an "offensive" way."

Not counting Truman?


JSmith -- I thought about Truman. I will say this. The world knows the earth-destroying affect, now, of a very tiny atomic weapon. Such weapons are neither tactical nor strategic. They are a doomsday device for mutual assured destruction.

Elaine Supkis

Worse, one nuke can trigger ALL other nukes SIMULTANEOUSLY. This is why it is so horrible.

Greg, it is now utterly hopeless to explain simple physics and how cement buildings of vast size [no building one earth has come close to the WTC when it comes to amounts of cement weight, nothing].

People need to believe strange fantasies because reality is too creepy. NO demolition IN HISTORY EVER started at the TOP and then run downwards like we saw that day. NEVER.

Bombs at the base can't do that. And there were no 'squibs' blowing up, demolition charges are very, very loud. There was no such noise. Just for starters. And I have seen more than one skyscraper blown up in NYC and NJ when older buildings were pulled to make way for newer, taller buildings.

On top of this: there was NO REASON for Bush to 'blow them up.' All he needed was a stupid 'terrorist attack' and all he had to do was make certain no one stopped it. This is why he should have been investigated and arrested.


Cheney would NOT have been in DC if he thought an attack might take him out.

Remember all the noise real soon after 9/11 about how the 4th plane/Flt. 93 or whatever, was likely headed to the White House? And how that seemed less and less likely as time passed and more details emerged. It was much more spin than fact after awhile.

But it was a terrific way for the administration to deflect attention from the very point you (Elaine) made -- at rock bottom, this whole crowd all share the same key flaw: raw cowardice. It's why they turned to the dark arts. They fear at some level that the evil they dish out so gleefully will someday circle back on them. And then they'll realize they're really not the Masters of the Universe after all ... and are just like the rest of us, nothin' special.

They're trying to cheat death, which is just not given to mortals. (And just how much of 5-infarction Dick is replacement parts these days?!)

[reconstructed from something I tried to "preview" but it vanished]


Nah no demolition explosions at all, these people who were at ground zero were all mistaken in fact they have had to resort to strange fantasies.....


and WTC 7????


and for those that need a lesson in simple physics


Strange fantasies thats absolutely laughable coming from a person that believes in black magic, you and the bushes may believe in black magic, that DOESNT make it real!!!! I can show you a billion people that believe in a blue/white jesus, a virgin birth and a second coming, but that doesnt make it any more real just cause they all believe it.

Feel free at any time to ignore the facts about wtc 1&2 and just concentrate on wtc 7 for a while then we can work back from there.

i wont hold my breath.....


As for the pentagram and shanksville those two stories are soooo full of holes that its laughable, you yanks are so full of denial that your own illuminati run government could do these things, you need to resort to strange fantasies of an international terrorist organisation such as Al Qaeda KAOS .....but us foreigners dont have any such reservations, weve seen and experienced your governments cruelty and deceit many times in the past, millions of dead and maimed can testify to that.

have a lovely day :)


I always thought that fourth plane was headed for 3 mile island and just had navigationally challenged pilots.

Elaine Supkis

Greg, please.

The need to misunderstand ALL the wizards here is a propaganda point put out by the left to deflect attention from the vast web of tricky things going on!

The Bushes and the bin Ladens are VERY CLOSE. And play off of each other and run scams which involve some nasty stuff. As we can see.

About blowing up the WTC: virtually no one thought this the first second or third days. This story grew insidiously and slowly. I watched it appear on forums, bit by tiny bit. It annoyed me back then for there were NO EXPLOSIONS.

At least, nothing at all resembling normal demolition sounds. I have been to demolitons while 99.9% of the people who were at the WTC neighborhood that day probably never saw one in their lives except in movies.

Oh well. People are not interested in the anthrax killer yet he walks the halls of power to this day. Why is that?f Eh? Want to see how black ops works? This is how.


Yup it always struck me as odd the way the Anthrax attacks targeted the OPPOSITION to the Bush regime. Why on earth would a terrorist attack the political opposition instead of the political power directly? The anthrax attacks (with US military grade anthrax), and the strikingly untimely death of Wellstone, eliminated all effective political opposition to Bush's policies just when such opposition was needed the most. Instead the Democratic leadership lined up like sheep behind Bush. I suggest they got the point loud and clear. The overall pattern from the election 'debacles' (with CIA style destabilizing operations in the background) through 9/11, the anthrax attacks, and onwards is quite clear. Cui Bono - who benefits?

CEO Nutcracker

Here Elaine,

Here is that number again '322'. Now do you believe it?

"This is 'Government Exhibit no. P200032' from the Moussaoui trial. It shows the exit hole made in ring C of the Pentagon. It is very difficult to explain how a passenger aircraft could penetrate 95 metres into the Pentagon and make such a compact, round exit hole. There were also columns in the 'firing line' that were virtually undamaged.
Read more... "

I have done plenty of research on this subject and find it would take a conspiracy to not see it for what it was, an inside job.

There was evidence a secret operation was being carried the very day of 911 and all scramblers were ordered to stand down by Cheney. The terrorist were dupes in this US counter-terrorism exercise. The planes, flown by remote control and entire operation was orchestrated out of WTC 7. The NYPD were told to stay out of the building while it burned for hours. Everyone was shocked as it fell in 11 seconds in its own footprint.


You can refer to this website to watch its collapse live and view pictures of the Pentagon exit hole that a mechanical engineer claims could only been caused by a shaped charge warhead.

Have a look if you wish. The grass where the plane supposedly touched down has no tire marks. Neither were there any plane parts to be found.

Also, why was ALL the evidence of the worst criminal act on US soil all removed and never investigated. One must ask, at the very least, this question to be honest and fair.

The CIA was going to use this remote commuter plane crash as far back as during the Cuban Missile crisis. I forget the name of the OP, but the was by using planes painted to resemble flights leaving airports and downing fakes in the sea off the Cuban coast they could blame Cuba. The hangars where these simulations were taking place from were in ..........Florida. What a co-inky dinky. The name of the Operation going on in NY on 911 can be found quite easily on the net. There was another MI-6 operation in progress the day of 7/11 bombings in London. Supposedly the guys with backpacks in the videos were dupes in this OP as well. Israel had warned Netanyahu of the attack before they happened that day. He postponed his plans in London that day, accordingly.


Right on the money CEO!!!!!

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