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I just heared in TV, John Bolton saying in France that Israel will very soon attack Iran with nuclear bombs. I am from eastern europe.

John Nicholson

Dear Elaine,

This is an excellent and most brave article for which I thank you.

Isreal just made a trade deal with Mercosul on top of its weapons deals with Brazil and with many others I am sure it has. These deals are based on updating obsolete systems such as Mirage jets and F-5s and A4s. But Isreal's trade world-wide cannot be very large and I sense that they as a nation are quite dependent on the USA's military gifts and loans.

So I will ask you what you see that's likely coming for and from them once the US economy truly collapses and all of the official moneys and arms subsidies to Isreal ends.

John Nicholson

Elaine Supkis

Bin Laden himself said, his plan is to bankrupt the US. He is succeeding thanks to our rulers who are helping him.

Aprilzi, thanks for taking the time to post. I have run all over Europe in the past. Can you tell us which country you live in? It would be most interesting.

Thanks in advance.



I having way too much fun and getting way too smart reading your blog. Quick questions: Is there a link on the blog pages that returns you to the main home page? No images in the comments?

Henry Hub


Telling the truth about Israel can be very dangerous, if not to yourself, then certainly to your blog. I expect to come here sometime and find your blog down the memory hole.

Elaine Supkis

Pluto, at the bottom of each posting is a link to my home page that has all the latest stories. At my home page, on the left under the donations box is the list of all my blog pages. Click on them and they take you to a variety of stories.

Henry, I have been banned from virtually all 'liberal mainstream media' sites because I mention the word 'Zionist'. I have lost many good readers and some dear friends who want to believe in the basic goodness of Israel and the Jews creating this stew which I call 'the Apocalypse.'

Tonight, we are moving relentlessly towards that horror. The monstrosity of the Warsaw ghetto II with the Jews playing the Nazis, is unfolding right under our noses as the world's financial systems are collapsing. This is not just irony but hell's gates opening. I am horrified that the Jews founding Israel have created National Socialism complete with a dual system whereby the Master Race gets everything and the subhumans get crumbs and a kick in the face. Gads. This is beyond irony.

It is a tragedy which we finance.


When any underdog becomes the topdog, it is not surprising that it acts as the previous topdog acted. Payback is a bitch, and if it is impossible to payback the original topdogs, one just transfers the bitchiness to a new set of underdogs. I am no more surprised that Israel is using the Warsaw Ghetto model on the Palestinians than I am to learn that the US army used the Sand Creek model on the filipinos, or the English giving smallpox laden blankets to the native americans or the crusaders tossing diseased animals over the walls of various cities or the saracens launching bottles laded with posionous scorpions over the wall of cities before that.

Elaine Supkis

Ever put a scorpion in a bottle? I have played with those critters as a child in Tucson. They are rather....JUMPY. Um. And very painful. Black widows are easier. Toss a few thousand into a hallway and they take over. Skittle skittle.

Also, if you put on boots, you can stomp on scorpions. But they like to hide under covers and pillows. As a child, I used to beat my bed hard before lying down. This was to make certain the scorpions were gone.

The black widows lived in the outhouse at Kitt Peak in the fifties. Those scared me. They would make webs in the corner and much worse, IN THE TOILET. We had a can of Black Flag on a shelf. I still have nightmares of battling black widows in that outhouse, usually the dream has me falling...uck.

Gary W

Elaine, your truth-telling deserves to be painted across the moon, until people can recite it in their sleep. Of all the smart people publishing on the Internet, you have the broadest coverage and the most accurate analysis. I hope you haven't bitten off too much here :-)

Like John says, it's very interesting to consider what happens when the US can't even import food, let alone prop up tyrranies all around the world. Musharaff is teetering on a knife edge, Nigeria is coming unstuck, nearly the whole of South America is in revolt against the empire. Taking the long view, things don't look too promising for Israel, and it seems likely they will be squashed by demographics if not literally pushed into the sea without US weapons and diplomatic meddling. Another top dog's turn coming up?


I have never lived in scoprion country. Black Widows and Brown recluse I have encountered. Black widows have the rep, brown recluse are deadly.
The USA has long been a food exporter. That is changing. Farmers ( as would be expected ) are moving from export crops to bioethanol corn production. Land currently in soy, wheat, cereal grains is being moved to corn production ( why not the returns are higher and the subsidy is much higher ), marginal lands are being planted in corn. One of the unexpected offshoots of this change in ag production is that the NAFTA superhighway looks less profitable. The Nafta superhighway was supposed to allow imports to come ashore in non union Mexican ports and be trucked directly to the Kansas city free port by non-union mexican drivers. Something had to be planned to be cargo for the backhaul and that was foodstuffs.
The roman century was 8 centuries long, the english century was 3 the american century was 62 years. Maybe the Chinese century will be able to toggle the trend.

Elaine Supkis

Long ago when CNN had a forum, I virtually ran the Palestinian/Jewish news forum. Namely, I would go there every day to post stories from the BBC, etc. And then discuss what it meant while looking at history.

I was Mrs. Levy in NYC politics for years and years. I was the first Jewish person allowed to speak to the men as a speech maker in a mosque there, for example. I tried to pull the two communities together.

The Muslims were very interested. The Jews repudiated me totally.

And I was Mrs. Levy! Well, at the CNN forums, I patiently answered the attacks from right wing Jews. They were increasingly foul mouthed and vicious and often attacked me for being Mrs. Levy. They used every nasty, personal tool. CNN, due to highly placed Jewish people, banned me.

The NYT banned me because Bush sent Haley Barbour to threaten them if they didn't shut me up, talking about Bush.

The American Prospect didn't want to be seen as a censor so they dumped their comment section entirely. The Zionists used to call me on the phone to make death threats only I stuck the FBI on them.

One by one, they eliminated my presence on all forums, etc. So I began to talk at people's blogs and settled in at Setser and Roubini's blogs. They basically told me to go away so I started this news service. It has been a lot of fun.

I said at the very start of my service, I would talk about the danger of Zionism for the Jewish community. MY SON IS A LEVY! I hate and fear Nazis. I want to protect my son from danger. And the Zionist project is endangering the Jewish world community, not saving it!

No one involved in building this golem want to hear that it will turn on them and destroy them. All golems do this. The US has its own golems. Which I also talk about. I lost lots and lots of readers, talking about the danger of Zionism.

I can read and write Hebrew but am very rusty with this, but years and years ago, I was very involved in dealing with the effects of the Return. Very involved.

Elaine Supkis

By the way, I have been warned over the years by an army of screaming people to NEVER EVER use the words 'Jew' or 'Zionist' when talking about politics, history or the Middle East. Readers of my news service have emailed me begging me to never write these magic words.

I cannot be part of the conspiracy to let Jews be invisible while they do things. This is the fearful magic ring of power: it makes one invisible. Like Gollum.

In Norse mythology, the magic helm made heros invisible. They always end up doing bad things while invisible like force maidens to have sex. Invisibility is what all spies want. It is what people seeking to manipulate the masses want.

The puppeteer hides behind a curtain. The magician hides his assistants. Etc. It is the Ninja.

I am always very sorry to lose Jewish readers. Why they cannot accept the name 'Jew' when we talk about 'blacks', 'whites', Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc is pathetic and reveals their fears of discovery. Yet the whole world can see them quite clearly, far from invisible, they are hyper-visual and this is the Emperor's New Clothes: they think their cloak of invisibility is working and no one can see them but the whole world sees them quite clearly.

So it is time to stop pretending they are invisible and start dealing with reality. I just learned, by the way, that the Jews [NOT the Israelis, a significant number of whom are not Jews and don't support this garbage] are now letting food and fuel into Gaza due to global rage over this and the US skittling over to beg them to stop the Warsaw Ghetto garbage.


Hi, Elaine, I am from Aprilzi, Bulgaria. It is in a mountain landscape, his top is 2400 meters high. It is rough climate here, cold in winter and very hot in summer. This news was broadcasted by our pro-bulgarian TV, SKAT. We have also a Rupert Murdoch TV here, like everywhere. Speaking against the Jews is also forbidden here, but the people don`t like them. I also lived long time in Germany but because of my mother`s illness we returned.


About the Zionist and Jews there is the theory, that Rothschild feared the Jews from the east, which were in his eyes undervalued people which will cost him a lot of money. So the Zionist made a plan to finance Hitler to get rid of them, so the state of Israel could be formed whithout the danger of starvation. And Hitler was a pro Israel-country man, there were negotiations to transport the Jews to Palestina. England was not amused about that idea. England agreed to the state of Israel when the Jews promised to engage the USA in the World War to help England.

Elaine Supkis

Your mountain sounds like my mountain. It was below zero yesterday. Last week, it was downright hot.

About the history of the Jewish attempts at gaining Israel: it is a total mess with many players, many promises, breaking promises, fears that Saudi Arabia would go to Hitler if the Jews took Jerusalem, and Hitler wanted to ship the Jews to Madegassar. Which was totally insane.

Jews have a right to live anywhere just as any other religious group or ethnic group. I am totally against ethnic domination of any sort and I wish we all had equal rights and countries are political entities and NOT ethnic enclaves! I am, deep down, an imperialist who believes in NOT breaking down nations into tiny cells of sub groups that hate each other.

The Jews have suffered hideous persecution for 2,000 years. That was 100% wrong and totally evil.

But also no excuse for the deeds in the Holy Land.

David (a Kiwi)

"the Bush Administration quietly announced on January 22 that the president would like Congress to approve the sale of nuclear secrets to Turkey. As with most stories of this magnitude, the U.S. media has put on blinders, opting to not report either Edmonds' story or Bush's recent announcement."
Why am I still annoyed? - ... it's par for the course really.

Elaine Supkis

I agree. We live in the Twilight Zone [a very good TV show from the Kennedy era].


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Excuse me. In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.
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Thanks :P. Nevada.

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