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Are there no seamstresses/designers/materials scientists out there who can come up with a tazer resistant shirt? Or some form of leading to ground so the damn things just burble and snort instead of killing folks.
That thousand points of light was really tazers wasn't it? The glow from the shining city on the hill, soon to be candles if you can find candle molds and a source of tallow.

CEO Nutcracker

It's funny, I was just on Antiwar.com reading the article posted to that site about Sibel Edmonds. I read the comments and wondered if maybe she was not telling the truth. I thought maybe she needed vindication afterall. It is not easy trying to distinquish reality from all the misinformation ops being hurled from our Jewish Media. I'm about ready to pull the plug on Time Warner Cable. It is the same old shit day in and out. Britney, Idol and the same old Adam Sandler movies over and over and over. It is like fucking Ground Hog Day! I think this is the 'homegrown terrorism' Bush refers to all the time. And, don't get me going on the 'election' BS that started a year too soon! We'll get who they pick. So, why all the bother?

Bush should reign in on Israeli threats on Iran. Oh yah, Bush takes orders from Ehud. Putin, and I sense Hu have interests in Iran and probably wouldn't hesitate to turn Israel into a smoking glass punch bowl. I wonder if Hu has some of those radar-proof nuke subs off their coast? Maybe that is how it is supposed to end.

Elaine Supkis

Well, we won't see the news from England in the headlines here in the US. Whenever anything to do with the Israeli spies/manipulators make news, it vanishes here.


The sod turning ceremony at the Pentagon was on the 11th of Sept. 1941 and the first tenants moved in on May 2 1943. Mission accomplished.

Allende was killed on the 11th of Sept.

CEO Nutcracker

Here is more on the Chinese position on Iran:


We will know more after the summit next week, but it doesn't appear to bode well the future 'American Century'.


There's also an activist blog devoted to the Sibel Edmonds issue:



Elaine, your courage and integrity show through again. You are one of the few, evenhanded folks to take on the Jewish controlled media, and state department. It is shameful that something as important as our very survival is hidden away, or I should say, relegated to obscurity by the people who claim to inform us and seek justice in this world. What a sorry state of affairs that we have to vote for these 'weasels' that have to be 'approved by AIPAC and a dozen other Jewish watchdog groups. Where the hell is the outrage from our citizens?....never mind, I know....it's at Walmart, the NFL playoffs, video games or 'smut-TV'. My god, we are going to get our asses handed to us if we don't wake up pretty soon and start offending people....who need 'offending'! Let's get this damn fight out in the open...until we do....we are 'dog-meat'.

Suusi M-B

Firstly to CK

Are there no seamstresses/designers/materials scientists out there who can come up with a tazer resistant shirt? Or some form of leading to ground so the damn things just burble and snort instead of killing folks.

That is easy make a shirt out of carbon fiber that should do the trick. It would work like a Faraday cage.

Hiya Elaine

Your suspicions of Sibel Edmonds, made me think.

Why is The Times running this story? for the benefit of US readers, the Times is owned by Rupert Murdock, who I believe also owns the Fox News Pox Propaganda network

Hiya eobarlow

Where the hell is the outrage from our citizens?....

See if the US people become outraged when poverty is he norm and mass unemployment starts to take effect.

Elaine Supkis

Correct, it is owned by Murdoch but he doesn't control all editorial content yet. Will the paper retract the story? We will see! Look at all the retractions over the years: there are many which is why an army of people online instantly grab these stories and spread them!


"203A-WF-210023. These are the Skull and Bones magic formula. 322 repeated over and over WIDDERSHINS. ... If we take away the zeros here we get 232123."

But not 322?

Guess what? If you take the digits 0-9, and leave out the digits 0, 1, and 4-9, you get 2 and 3. If you read those backward, and double the 2, you get... 322!

Our very counting system is all Skulls and Boneses magical numberology!

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