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What "survivalist" paraphenalia have we bought recently, with our miniscule budget? A plastic sextant and a handy-dandy nav-by-the-stars book, a 110V welder to weld up a simplistic yet robust seagoing dory hull, a solar panel, and a music synthesizer keyboard (go figure), and a Chile guidebook. Douglas Casey, author of the early 80s visionary tome "The International Man", now says to survive the coming "troubles" one must act as the multinational corps.... no nationalistic idealism bud! Multiple passports, multiple bank accounts, multiple identities. The keys to the candy store have been looted and perhpas pragmatism dictates a free ranging multinational existence after all. Legacys and magic in general aside it's a nice planet-side experiential thang we got going on here and best to cherish it in loving solidarity as long as we can. That and 50 cents (Canadian) buys me yet another round. Keep the faith. Watch your top knot.

Elaine Supkis

Roberto, it is best to unite, not simply try to avoid. Difficult as it sounds, drawing us all, world wide, into a union against the terrorism of nuclear warriors is key to survival of all humans. I want the nuclear powers to disarm.


Not a real simplistic thing to do.... being a multinational. I suspect the nuclear warriors regard the rest of humanity (the ones who they feel are obviously not up at the top of the food chain.... as they know it anyway) are akin to a virus befouling the world and in need of radioactive culling....and a handy dandy way to burn the rest of the fossil juice and throw a temp brake on global warming to boot. Who knows the cold, chilling thoughts of the supranationals?


Elaine, there are jews in Israel that are critical of the status quo. The most famous critic is Uri Avnery,(he mostly gets published by Counterpunch), the rest are not allowed their say. They just get labelled self-hating jews. Then they become part of Israels greatest secret, the number of jews who leave Israel. There are supposed to over 500 000 living in the Los Angeles area (former Israelis). Israelis are even moving back to Berlin and Warsaw.

This is the biggest problem with Qassam rockets, they also scare a lot of jewish mums into sendiing their sons overseas after their bar-mitzvahs.

Suppose they formed a state and nobody came.


"And we have NO IDEA where this horrible thing will crash.... This Death Star died and now is going to fall on us?"

More idle terrormongering. Satellite orbits decay all the time; they burn up on re-entry and very little debris actually reaches the planet's surface. (I'm surprised I have to tell you that.)


Something smells about this whole episode. Statistically, there are several likely probabilities as to how and when this thing will plunge back to earth and where it is likely to crash. Feigning detail ignorance in light of such an announcement suggests that the result this orbital decay and burnout is going to be a phenomenon not to be avoided by public attention.

If this satellite is more of the "star wars" variety than a relatively harmful spy-type, then its repatriation could prove to be quite nasty, indeed. If so, it may be much larger than reported and contain the most refined and deadly fissionable materials. Although the surface of the earth is more water than land, and our death star is more likely to crash into the sea than hit ground, an aqueous, nuclear event could be just as devastating to our ecosystem as a land event.

Since problems with this satellite have conceivably been known for some time, why haven't the astro boys fixed them before this mess has become an international issue? The boys have both the ability and the means, but apparently not the will or orders to do so. Maybe the conspiracy is to have a dramatic fireworks display to celebrate the end of the western world's system of finance-capitalism.

Elaine Supkis

We have virtually no space shuttles left. This satellite was probably put in orbit by the space shuttle.

Smith, this thing is barely a year old. Damn. On top of it, the Russians, Chinese and others would love to get it if it splashes down near them. They also are BIG COUNTRIES and could be HIT by this. The chances of this thing hitting them or Canada is very high, not low. On top of THAT, I remember the Skylab. It slammed into an isolated part of Australia. But if it missed and hit Sydney, wow.


"The chances of this thing hitting them or Canada is very high, not low."

Or whatever scorched little bits might be left after re-entry. Surely you aren't suggesting that it's going to come down intact?

I remember Skylab - it was huge. This isn't nearly that large. And thing about Russia and Canada is that, like Australia, vast tracts are uninhabited. So there are lots of places debris could land without doing any damage.

But don't let me get in the way of this being some mega-disaster!

Elaine Supkis

Like the smaller Russian satellite that crashed in Canada and caused a huge row, it has dangerous materials that are possibly nuclear.


That would indeed be unfortunate.

Speaking of... here's a wonderfully wierd website for you (and other readers) to enjoy. Any website that features David Icke is really on the fringe!

"Lucifer Project:"



At what point did we assume that the "deathstar" has anything nuclear aboard?
I could assume my truck will somehow catch fire tonight, explode and set my house on fire.. burn me, my family and everything we own.. Or I could just find something better to do with my time than trying to figure out how I could be 'killed' tonight or trying to figure out how to start a panic with a 75 year old lady that just wanted to know the details of something she seen on the news.
Seems like your a "lets make a stand against _______ this week" how about making a stand against something that matters... I promise you would feel better in the morning when you wake up.


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