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Ha! I seriously don't think anybody believes this silliness. How many iran-war dogs have the neocons sent out to hunt in the last couple of years?

    1. Iran has nukes. (didn't hunt)
    2. Iran is selling guns to kill our troops. (didn't hunt)
    3. Two speedboats driven by dudes radioing stuff like "All your base are belong to us!" (won't hunt)

But, really, who would lend the US the money to invade a country that has a standing army of 900,000 troops and a sophisticated air force? All the usual suspects, like China and Japan, have just made oil deals with Iran.

So, what is this foolishness about (besides the sabre rattling of our Israeli overlords)?

I always follow the dollar, so I figure that our military industrial complex, which has recently relocated to Dubai, are twiddling their thumbs looking for another no-bid contract.


One of your funniest most caustic posts yet. Brilliant!


ahh Pluto, so you finally reveal your true self!!!!

"All your base are belong to us!"

better watch it or Dubya will pwn you!!!!

;) LOL


40,000# of bombs dropped into a wooded area IN Baghdad to try to kill 40 Al Quaida in Mesopotamia ( as opposed to Al Quaida in Iraq which was disposed of some time ago ).
1000#/revolutionary. A lot of firewood for the winter has been created.


I'm worried about those Iranian kids in those dinky little boats. One of these days they're going to play chicken with the wrong ship and get hurt.


I'm glad to see you aren't still giving a blank check of your support to McHillary.

Elaine Supkis

Yusef, since when have I supported any war mongers?

Never. I have voted more than once for a third party candidate rather than that.

click here

I believe they are now applying the laser technology, in which they put some test on these areas.

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