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larry, dfh

You don't think the rise in oil prices isn't exactly what bush wanted? I bet he promised his 'daddys' $5/gal before he left. I don't remember hearing anything significant in the press when Exxxon and Mobil merged. That was just the beginning. Now refineries are being bought up by the giants and shut down. Like you've mentioned over and over, the destruction of Depression era banking regulations will lead us to depression; likewise the evisceration of anti-trust laws will make us all the victims of the robber barons. While I have been very worried about military action against Iran, it has occurred to me that it could be a bluff to keep the price of oil high.


To the Queen of Australia.

Your Majesty,

I thank you as one of your loyal subjects for giving your grandson the opportunity to see one of the failures of the empire. All leaders must know their limits of power.

Not even your glorious ancestor Queen Victoria of the British Isles and Ireland and Empress of India at the height of her power was able to conquer Afghanistan.

I would also like to thank you on behalf of all your heroin-addicted subjects in Australia since the net result of your majesties armed forces seems to be limited to a drop in the price of heroin.

Your loyal subject


Elaine Supkis

She could send him to Ireland. HAHAHA.


"Israeli forces pound Gaza Strip"

Utterly without provocation and just because they felt like it, I'm sure.

I googled "Qassam" and "Katyusha"; the resullts shed some additional light on the matter.

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