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Carl Hockl

No wars need to be fought unless you are savages.


"On top of this, all the news that night on the other channels showed the two war mongers and didn't even MENTION Ron Paul."

They didn't mention Don Quixote, either. To understand Ron Paul, read Cervantes.

Elaine Supkis

Sometimes it is necessary to go to war. Total pacifists are usually dinner for others. But stupid wars: they are fatal.

CEO Nutcracker

Great article about our fruitless warmongering which has broken our collective back!
I saw that Godawful debate with those two warwhores going at it.It was disgusting! All the while, Anderson Vanderbilt, snubbed this patriot who had something intelligent to say, and is not fit to shine his shoes. That haggy broad never even looked at him or asked a single question of him. What a creep she was. He received applause from the real audience- while the CFR members(who consisted of the entire front section of the stage) just snubbed him.

On a better note:

Three cheers to China and Russia!
It's about time someone called our cowards bluff. Their spineless game of attacking unarmed nations and stomping all over peasants, must end. We only respect nuclear armed countries, which has only encourages nuke proliferation for those without. Egypt is now taking measures to go nuclear. And, I think Libya is talking about it.

OT: On CNBC the "Breaking News" was that Merrill Lynch is being sued by the state of Massachusettes. Oh, Boo Hoo! The thinking is, is that more municipalities will begin this same process. This may lead to many pirates having to unearth their stolen treasure. HAHAHA, and I will celebrate, like a pirate, if that ever comes about. Somehow, I doubt it.


"On CNBC the "Breaking News" was that Merrill Lynch is being sued by the state of Massachusettes."

City of Springfield, actually. Using the well-worn "we didn't know what we was doing" defense.


That "defense" almost always works for CEO's, CFO's, Vice-Presidents, accountants, secretaries, etc. I have yet to see a corporate officer who did not try it.

Like I said: What goes around, comes around, and now our local governments will use the same defense against those who lost all their money (or rather, the money they were supposed to be saving for worker's pensions -- that's why their suing the deep pockets. They are being sued by their own firemen and police officers.)

In America, only lawyers win in the end.

CEO Nutcracker

Yes, and they have the Supreme Dream Team to to make sure they win!

Right, JSmith Springfield. and yah,they didn't know nuttin' except their profits and bonuses were astronomical. Must've been magic. Hardy Har, Matey, while they wink at the judge, then pad his pocket.

Elaine Supkis

The people rating those screwy bonds were LIARS. The AAA ratings were AssBackwardsJunk.

And all those liars must go to PRISON. Forget simply paying back the money they took via lying about those fake AAA tranches.


"That "defense" almost always works for CEO's"

Didn't work for Bernie Ebbers (WorldCom).

"Right, JSmith Springfield. and yah,they didn't know nuttin'..."

Same deal with Orange County CA, 10 or 12 years back.

You know what? You buy your ticket and you take your chance... and if things don't turn out like you'd hoped... SUE SOMEBODY!!!

(It's the Amurrican Way...)

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