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"Ron Paul is the ONLY one left in the race..."

If someone has been lapped several times, it's dificult to say that they're "in the race".

"All they have to do is think like me."

No one else on the planet thinks like you, Elaine.

D. F. Facti

That video ...

Elaine, they ARE Nazis. Judas priest, you could take the dialogue and splice it into a WWII era movie - - -

I have been thinking along the same lines in re a Hitler-type figure emerging from all the probable chaos. Most people are clueless - but, believe me, they are starting to catch on. But they think the financial meltdown is something happening to banks, or mortgage companies or foreigners - not to THEM. Except prices at the pump and at the grocery store - - - and empty Treasuries everywhere you look.

In the Fourth Century the anti-establishment monks could escape to the desert - only to be murdered by their fellow monks.

Ever wonder why we are here at this point in history? If there is a Grand Plan ...?

CEO Nutcracker

I've been reading alot of international articles about the 'cable cutting' in the MiddleEast and parts of Asia. Most think that it's an attempt by the USrael imperialists to stop the Oil Bourse Stock Exchange launch, planned during the Islamic Revolution, Feb 1-12. Go figure, Iran has a 100% loss of transmission. This, as an attempt to save the Dollar.

Tehran Times:

"View Rate : 1215 # News Code : TTime- 160651 Print Date : Saturday, January 5, 2008

Iran to open oil bourse

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Minister of Economy and Finance Davud Danesh-Ja'fari here Thursday said that Iran will open oil bourse during the Ten-Day-Dawn ceremonies, marking the 29th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Danesh-Ja'fari was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a one-day conference on opportunities and challenges of oil, gas, and petrochemical industries of Iran and Iraq.

""Ground has been prepared for inauguration of oil bourse. It will start working during the Ten-Day Dawn festivities,"" he said.


Here are some technical details regarding undersea cables.

Inside A Submarine Cable

Internet Traffic Report
(This is a live feed, so it won't be available for too long)

Submarine Cables Typically Buried As They Approach Shore

((----- Copy & Paste - W/O The Line Breaks -----))



This could be a sign of an impending attack. But it is utterly stupid. These cables are owned by consortium of corporations that profit hugely from their use. So this only means that nations will stop relying on these cables and start using tightly focused microwave links to geosynchronous satellites. Who will provide the satellites? Russia and China.


30 years ago I was building a nursing home and, as I was the general contractor as well as the owner I knew exactly what I paid in wages and what equipment and materials cost. At that time we paid the brick masons on the job $12.00 per hour. Most of these guys had a truck, a car, a wife at home and 3 or 4 kids. They lived pretty good, could take a nice two week vacation, go hunting, fishing, send their kids to camp. They could buy that used truck for less than a grand, I bought a brand new Chevy, 3/4 ton, air cond, heavy duty, for less than $3500.00, 8 years prior I bought another one for $2700.00 with less accessories. I was making $1000.00 per month in 1969-70, so it took about 3 months wages to pay for a truck. Now, how many working guys make enough to pay off the $35 to 40grand truck in less than 4 to 6 years, which is the average contract on them, where from the day you drive away you are 'upside down' and you will stay that way til you trade to get in even deeper. I doubt many make even close to 10 grand a month nowadays.
So what has this to do with Israel, money, gold, stock markets, etc.? It means that we, the working class have had it shoved up our 'kiester' by the elite money masters, the Jewish lobbies, the media, the corporate moguls and mostly, by the dirty rotten, self serving politicians and bureaucrats who have allowed this destruction of a people and a country because they bought into the ultimate lie of fiat money and the Jewish pushed 'shame on the white man' mentality. In other words, those in power do just what the hell they want....they don't ask us....they tell us.....which is impossible if you don't 'own' the media.....those who own the media have divided loyalties at best.....and at times show an outright animosity towards the founding principles of this nation, as well as the working stiffs who brought us as far as we came....on their backs. They will be stiffed again when they try to retire.....it [the money] will all go up in smoke [or to offshore accounts] as they approach the 'pay window'. Paybacks are a bitch....all will suffer immensely.
I was mining in Mexico in 1985-6 when inflation was destroying the remaining middle class. I saw first hand the terrible effects of a falling currency. I was in Russia in 1992, when I arrived the Ruble was 100 to a dollar, [down from $1.78ea]
when I left 3 weeks later, the exchange rate was 600 to 1. Do you think I saw fear and poverty on a scale which 99% of Americans can never imagine? You bet I did....it isn't pretty when you see veterans trying to sell their sacred medals and family heirlooms for a pittance...or young women prostituting themselves for $5.00 a trick....old women selling radishes as they sat almost frozen on a wooden box on the streets of various towns across Russia. I don't know if many Americans are tough enough or smart enough to survive this form of hardship without lashing out against any perceived or imagined enemy. I pity the minorities if this comes to our country....as democracies fall more violently than most forms of government, someone will catch the blame, while those in authority will, as Pilate did, wash their hands of 'it'. One other thing.....those who lived prudently, saved, prepared and sacrificed will appear to be in good shape as the coming crisis unfolds....but they will find that the ones they must fear are not just the 'have nots' or criminals but those in authority as 'the authorities' [they will own the microphone] can easily point to the prepared and call them "selfish hoarders" who are depriving the masses of their due. Kunstler may have it nailed in his 'Clusterfuck Nation' website.

Sorry for all the good news.......Elaine seems to have an influence. While on the subject of Elaine, we all owe her a great 'THANK YOU' for all she does for her fellowman. The time spent, the acumen required is a superhuman task. We are very fortunate to have this voice...pray we lose it not.....and be prepared to come to her defense when the time arrives.


4th internet cable cut.


4th ME 'Net Cable Cut?; Report Of No Ships In Area

Could it be that the Neocon have decided it's now or never..


Will we be finding the irradiated bodies of babies floating on our shores in the near future? There has been one million deaths in Iraq already from conventional warfare in 8 years of G.W. Bush. (Again, how many have died on his side?)
Now that there is no internet link to the middle east, who will tell us when the devil descends from his home? His home in the air.
A witness is needed. Please apply within. (the USA.. your country PEOPLE!)

Elaine Supkis

Correct, all of you! Wow.

And yes, the Bourse finally opens and golly, gee whiz, ALL connections to Iran are severed just as the Palestinians are penned back into Gaza!

Like I said, this mess is just beginning. I watch the news with a lot of annoyance. Don't they know this won't work? This war is much more illegal than the Iraq invasion. As if that isn't 100% illegal, itself.

larry, dfh

Working folks have been cheated out of their retirements for ages. The thieves behind these actions are 'money masters'within the various companies. Some of these may be Jews, the others are not. Russia in the '90s was 'run' by Yeltsin, and the resources and funds were sucked out by the 'money masters'. Some of these were Jews, and some not. When things really get bad here, it will be because of speculation and commodity manipulation by the 'money masters', some of whom will be Jews, and some not. Of course the press is largely malicious in these endeavors. And some of the owners/publishers/managers are Jews, and others are not. I have never laid a guilt trip on a white man, or any other person, regarding the religion/culture of my ancestors. Because I might share an abrahamic covenant with a criminal does not alter my perception of their crookedness. To focus on the foreskin really distracts from a useful solution to the problem.
I have to say that my encounters with bureaucrats has almost always been positive. I've been given a great deal of information and help from both local and federal bureaucrats. My experience has usually been that they want to do their job, which is to help me with my problems. Indeed, the sacking of the Russian economy in the '90s and the raping of ours has been because of a lack of regulation. Again, the problem is not with the bureaucrat, but with the agency heads. And of course, many of the politicians in this country are rotten bastards, and some are Jews, and some not. I'm usually a big fan of Jerrold Nadler. And I can't stand joe lieberman. I like Maxine Waters, not so much tom lantos.


"4th internet cable cut."

The fourth wasn't cut - it was taken offline on purpose.



Internet Traffic Report shows Teheran router unable to be pinged, 100% packet loss.


That would be THE Tehran router? THE ONLY Tehran router?

How inconvenient. Now we can't read President Ahmadidgeridoo's blog!


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