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Your analysis of our leaders as being spoiled little children seems pretty dead-on to me. In all the horribly costly misadventures Bush has taken us, you never hear him talking about the costs of it all... not in terms of the millions of lives lost or maimed, nor in the trillions of dollars squandered, nor in the ecosystems destroyed. He seems to have no concept whatsoever of the consequences of his actions. The obvious reason for that is that he's never even once in his life been held accountable for his actions. When he got into trouble with drugs and alcohol as a young man, his rich parents bailed him out. When poor men were being sent off to die in Vietnam, his rich parents got him a cushy spot in the Texas Air National Guard. When even that duty got too burdensome for him, and he went AWOL rather than take the mandatory drug tests, again his rich parents got him off the hook. When he entered the business world, and every single business he took the helm of failed miserably, his rich parents and their Saudi buddies bailed him out. In all cases, other people (mostly poor people) took the fall for Bush's stupidity and selfishness. No one ever made the chimp grow up and take responsibility for the costs of his decisions. And that has been to the ruin of us all.


Bush is not in charge. It is the Rothschild family. If you have 5 hours to watch the following 29 segments (maybe you are not a debt slave to them?) you will see 3000 years of history that explains why there is no chance of avoiding the cockroach plan.



MCC, I think you meant gimp, not chimp. GK, you are spot on, they are all gimps of the House of Rot. Amen to the rest.


Looking at the long term, Russia is on the way down. It currently has ~140 million people in 6.6 million square miles (for comparison, the US has 300 million people in 3.5 million square miles) and loses over 500,000 more every year.

The descendants of people who were moved to Siberia and the far East under the USSR are moving back to central Russia, leaving large areas depopulated. And I think 1.3 billion Chinese find that a very interesting state of affairs.

For reasons Elaine has pointed out at length, Russia does not welcome immigrants, so a turnaround in Russia's demographic slide is unlikely. It will be interesting to see what happens to a country with a very large landmass and few people living there.


Good post. I still don't agree about the power and craftiness of Osama (a matter of degree), but you still make good points about prodding a dumb beast (the U.S.).

Peace out....


Whatever happened to Russia will be no business of the "United State". In fact, there probably would not be any "United" State left. Just like there isn't any Soviet "Union" left.

Wall Street (and the likes of JSmith), will be the first to kowtow to the Evil Chinese Empire when the time comes.

Elaine Supkis

Russia just made a series of deals with China. China is already 'invading' Siberia. The Chinese are amazing people; hard working and...hard, hard working! And if they inherit the earth due to this, that is life!

Which is why we have to work hard, too. They have to force people to not have babies. But I expect that to ease as China again spills out across the planet just like the Europeans did for 500 years.

Elaine Supkis

PS. My family is now part Chinese. So I may be expressing a bias here. The lack of girls is causing the Chinese to move outwards in this way, too. And this is logical.

Personally, I would love to see more girls in my family's future generations. The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that has the future. Only girls have babies.


speaking of historical dates....


speaking of historical dates...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yeah, 2/12 is 322 days till the end of the year. The Skull and Bones magic number.

Also, I cruised by the bigger, more popular 'political' sites and boy...are people flipping out. There are a lot of very sour feelings. I sometimes wonder about 'communities.' In past elections, people who I got along with just fine ended up bitterest enemies just because their former friends talked about the 'wrong' candidate.

I can only hope we save our nation, one way or another. We need a good crew of trade negotiators. Who believe in tariffs.

larry, dfh

Well, that doesn't seem likely with Austan Goolsbee as economic advisor, Chicago school, free trader. I hope Obama will not be smoke and mirrors, but I'm not optimistic.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Well, no one is hiring ME! So we just have to live with the status quo until it crashes. This is why all empires collapse, you know. They can't help it.

I wish I could fix this but I am a black sheep and thus, far from the levers of power. When people like myself could get on TV, it was possible to change course or persuade people. But now I am just a lonely outpost on the net and I have very little effect on things.

So, a choice between demented war mongers and Obama: I take him, no doubt about it.


Recently, I've grown comfortable with the idea of the US rapidly becoming-foreign owned. This, of course, is inevitable and is happening at the speed of light over the next ten months -- as the world liquidates their vast holdings of USD. Just about every performing asset class is for sale (and a few that are not performing so well). The ifrastructure and most of our social systems are begging to be privatized, including education.

As the US once again becomes a foreign colony -- I think this may be good for the people. There will be work and health care. And there will be peace, since there is no interest in supporting an invading army -- which can only attack our owners.

I see the US as a sort of Santa's Workshop for the united nations of the world. Whether or not it divides naturally into "regions" it will still have the same phoney shell of a government so the sheeple have a team to cheer on -- and the illusion that that are self governing. Exactly the same as today.

Maybe we can even solve our voting problems with purple fingers -- just like latest successful democracy, the Iraqis.

I don't really see a downside and welcome our foreign rulers, who will provide what is needed to keep us gainfully employed and prosperous. Colonial America has a nice ring to it.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Pluto, my problem with this is, we had a revolution in 1789 and I want to keep the stuff we won back then. I want my home to be my castle and I want my habeas corpus to stay strictly my own.


"We need a good crew of trade negotiators. Who believe in tariffs."

So do the other guys.

We can out high tariffs on their products, and they can put high tariffs on our products.

We should only buy what we make here, and they should only buy what they make there (whereever "there" is.)

Unfortunately, it's been tried already.


"Beggar thy neighbour, or beggar-my-neighbour, policies seek benefits for one country at the expense of others. Such a policy attempts to remedy an economic problem in one country by means which tend to worsen the problems of other countries. The term was originally devised to characterize policies of trying to cure domestic depression and unemployment by shifting effective demand away from imports onto domestically produced goods, either through tariffs and quotas on imports, or by competitive devaluation."

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