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Damn Fine Work. Superb.


Aye wonderful stuff ^_^

That Attorney General Lord Goldsmith (!) should resign just like the guy did in the US who was supposed to oversee government spending. Lord Goldsmith knew the war in Iraq was illegal, but Blair just ran him over back then too. What point is there to his job of upholding the Law if nobody listens to him. Illegal schmillegal eh. But then again Goldsmith is just doing his real job as part of Shade of the British Empire. Ensuring the flow of Gold for Her Majesty the Queen.


Thanks Elaine.

Jim Smith

A tour de force, Elaine: thanks so much!



The Saudis are making the move to the Commies:


Saudi Arabia eager to replace Iran

And the Yen Death Star:


Common Agenda Behind all the Military Conflict

Do u think the Japanese made a huge miscalculation??

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Saudis will stab us in the back in due time. After all, we all spent the last 250 years stabbing them in the back. The fairy tale of Empire in the West being this wonderful thing that brings peace and prosperity is an illusion [ask the Irish]. We better grow up and view history a tad more adroitly.

OC, thanks for the links. Smart empires always look at themselves with a jaundiced eye, by the way. Sort of like Blackadder does.



Found another link on the Japanese and Asian banks..looks like the Japanese Banks are supposed to own up some of the losses in CDOs in March..hope that would help your next article..


Charting around Asia

'We may find out soon enough whether the hold-outs are in Japan. American and European banks have so far confessed to $130bn of the estimated $400bn to $500bn of wealth that has vanished into the sub-prime hole. Somebody, somewhere, must be sitting on a vast nexus of undisclosed losses. Japanese banks have to come clean under the country's strict new audit codes by the end of the tax year in March. "We know from Bank of Japan's lending survey that the banks are already tightening hard, so something is brewing. Right now, we are in the lull before the second storm in global markets, and Asia is going to be the source of the nasty surprises," The iTraxx Japan index measuring default risk of 50 Japanese companies saw its biggest one-day jump ever on Thursday to 77.5. Rightly or wrongly, it is flashing a serious distress signal. There are clear signs of deceleration in exports of steel and semi-conductors to China."


OC, interesting link re SA advances on Russia.

Now that it looks like Kosovo will go for independence I doubt the Russians will allow Iran to fall too, no matter how much money the Saudi royals throw at them (the Russians are too pissed off). The Russians will support Iran to keep the situation simmering along to maximise the cost for the US and US allies.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ah, Kosovo. Another great flame-out.

About the Asian banks: all global market crashes always travel from country to country, one at a time. History shows that they ALL travel around the entire planet. Always. Even before modern communications and banking. Even 500 years ago, these banking messes had LEGS.


Fantastic article, just fantastic. Thanks, Elaine.

I just found this totally chilling article about a disaster that killed at least 5,000 Americans, more probably 10,000 or more; many were simply left to die. And it was all COMPLETELY covered up during the end of the Bush I administration.

~~When hurricane Andrew slammed into South Dade, the State Attorney of Florida was none other than Janet Reno.~~

The Hurricane Andrew Cover-up


~~About the Author:

~~k.t. Frankovich has had a distinguished career as a writer in film and television, winning the 1975 Gold Venus award for documentary film writing. She has devoted her personal life to rescuing abandoned, lost and abused animals. k.t. is a poet and an author of short stories and several books. She is a frequent guest on radio talk shows across the US, and is passionate about exposing the tragedies surrounding the hurricane Andrew disaster.~~



That is why I keep harping about the '97 Asian Dollar Crisis...I was there at the time.

It's like a pandemic...starts in one country and keep rolling around the whole SEA region till it ended in Singapore because it had (and still has) a huge SWF except it was not called that at the time.

This could be the international version of the Asian Dollar Crisis...only those nations with huge SWF are going to escape the immediate effects. There will be lots of companies that are walking dead after the currency crisis hits...the next 5 years will be nothing but a series of companies folding up non stop and government cut backs..

As a side note; Singapore took 10 years before it got a good grip of the economic situation.


This has been my favorite article!

You know, Elaine, I actually protested the 2000 election in the streets of Northampton, MA while the "supreme court" was holding its "radio session." I had a sign that said "Just Count Them." I was the only protester of that in town. When they installed the fool I was depressed for months.

I also protested before the start of the Iraq occupation. I always stood by myself, not with the pacifists. Not that I disliked them, it just felt better, maybe I'm a lone wolf at heart. I to lecture for the pacifists at the local Church of Christ, given by Scott Ritter (former UN weapons inspector in Iraq). He seemed to like me for some reason, and answered all my questions. I asked "Since Iraq is said to have about as much oil as Saudi Arabia, couldn't this really be about the oil?" He said he didn't think so, that it was intended to further the administration's social agenda. But almost as an afterthought, he added (with earnestness) "I hope it's not for the oil; that would be totally illegal!" But I knew that he had been a spook for the tiny Marine Intelligence Unit. I was sure he was very well intended, but had to be great at misdirection when it served his agenda. I smile now, and wonder if he thinks he had me snookered.

The Iraq Occupation must be on the very short list of the stupidest military mistakes in history. Nothing like trying to squeeze through a window of opportunity when it's virtually shut. If we were at all smart, we would just tell everyone we are very sorry, and try to regain good relations with the rest of the world. I think Americans must demand this, because I just don't see how we can win now.

Here's an interesting article about terrorists who manipulate the USA credit rating to rip off more Americans:



The US has so many compartments, each with it's own agenda, it's own set of rules, it's own leaders, and it's own values. The Politicians in Washington are split into different subgroups, there are the Neocons/Zionists etc etc, etc; there is the Pentagon, there are the big Wall Street bankers, there are the religious groups, there is the Military/Industrial complex, the Big Corporations, Big Oil etc.

Most if not all of these groups wanted to invade Iraq for it's own agenda.

The Pentagon wanted strategic access to oil, no oil (or super expensive oil) and their military machinery breaks down.

The Politicians wanted to dominate the region through power methods.

The Zionists wanted to turn Iraq into a giant Gaza. And set Shia against Sunni, Sunni against Kurd, Kurd against Shia etc. The old tried and true 'confusion to my enemy' ploy. And then, in the next step, destroy Iran, which they are working on now.

The religious wanted to crusade against Islam.

Wall Street wanted to rake in the profits of a war time economy.

And so on.

The US is a civilization in decay. It is coming apart in the seams as the various compartments wander off into wilder and wilder, and increasingly neurotic, schemes.

What sane nation plots to self destruct?


"We cordially invite you to attend the FIRST NATIONAL TEACH-IN..."

Wow - a teach-in! Bck to the Sixties! But this is certainly not the first. Will there be a be-in later? Possibly a "happening" as well?


If a Happening happens, I WILL meet you there, Smith. I'm good to go for Happenings.


I admire your vivid historical writing but I'd like to offer one clarification: I think it's probable that when western diplomats referred to Saudi "sheriffs" they meant not medieval English shire-reeves but "sharifs", either traditional leaders of Arabic tribal groupings or descendants of the prophet Muhammad.

manolo blahnik

I want all the stuff about Season 3 and I want no more loan comments! Now-se!

supra shoes

let's join our hands together to stop this kind of wrong doings. It may risk lives in the future if we just let them continue.

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