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The night shift operator will answer.
Standing rules will be followed, the appropriate people will be awoken, the JCS and the natsec people will gather and whoever is pres will be informed, if the call rises to that level.
The Man with the Football who sits beside the bedroom door and walks beside the president and flys with the president will be there, the hair trigger nukes will be launchable within 2 minutes max, the rest of the nukes will be launchable within 10 minutes to 30 minutes. It really doesn't matter who answers the call, what matters is who is doing the calling.
Either way, the pretty little children will all be incinerated and the smell of burning flesh will linger long on the silent air.
The hubris of it all, the belief that the white house occupant will be the most important person in the world forever. 8 years from now, whoever sits in the DC satrapy will be about as important as whoever sits in Govt house in Zimbabwe. Just another "democratically" elected mini-me wannabe dictator.
Superb article today at Exile.ru by the war nerd, explaining Kosovo. Would that the USA was as willing to treat the Lakota Sioux nation with the same tenderness and care as they treat the Albanian minority in Kosovo.


I have a friend here in NZ who works/worked for the US State department, risked his life going to Iraq to have his recommendations in the Baker Hamilton report soundly ignored, who says that until you have been to the Gaza strip, you cannot imagine how incredibly horrible it is.

US taxpayers are paying for this ethnic cleansing.

Have you ever heard of "Ahmed Rami"?

I know nothing about him, but he names names here as to who may be doing this:

You mention the heinous culling that went on in the German ghettos; have you ever read the possibility they were actually seen as non-pure Jews from eastern Europe?

This reminds me of the rigorous marriage purity tests in Israel.

It is so difficult to sift one's way through all the disinformation to figure out what is true justice for the 98% of the people in the world who want to live and work in peace and safety.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Middle Eastern mess pulls all the last 12,000 years of history into one huge Gordian knot. And everyone wants to cut through this. It won't work, of course. It will unleash war and death.

By the way, the mythology about the Gordian knot is that it brought the man who was an ox team driver, eternal wealth until it was cut then it would bring death. Very much like all the 'eternal wealth' stories told for the last 10,000 years.

Blunt Force Trauma

Cool. A game.

"And who will answer this phone call? Warmonger #1, war criminal #2 or war lord #3?"

Number 1 is Hitlery; #2 is Mc Cain french fries and #3 is Obamination


Paul and Nader were the only candidates to take a neutral on HR 951. Even Haaretz in Israel printed the story about the Palestinian kids killed playing soccer. The Jews, the Colombians and the Russians all capitalized on 9/11 by claiming they were fighting their own wars against terror alongside the US. And the idiot US unwashed public actually buys into that. Keep up the good work Elaine.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Haaretz prints tons of news that is never, ever allowed in the US. I read it a lot and admire the reporters who dare to do this. An honest news paper!

And yes, all the dictators claimed they are fighting terrorists. George the III said this, too.

Gary W

Another fine article, Elaine! If only YOU could be on the front page of the NYT!

It is clever of the kitty to raise this matter, and no doubt keep raising it. Why should they, signatories to the Non Proliferation Treaty, be under attack from nuclear powers who signed the NPT but refused to honour its terms (specifically, to get rid of their weapons), and another nuclear power who not only won't sign, but denies everything?

Fair comment about going retrograde, but I don't think that is the reason Iran is so disliked in the West; more to do with kicking out the puppet and thinking that their resources can be used for their own purposes.

Of course the other 40% of 'aid to Palestine' went to Abbas in efforts to damage Hamas and further divide 'his' people. His people are people like Ohlmert, Rice, and Perle. An appalling stooge, even he is having to protest murderous raids into Gaza; otherwise, he runs the risk of finding 'militants' and 'terrorists' very close to home.

Speaking of home, here is a very interesting article called "Dialogue of Weapons", which amongst other things alleges that the residents of Sderot are hostages of their own government:

And I hate to sound a note of dissent here, but it was Alexander the Great who cut the Gordian knot. The legend at the time was that whoever untied the knot would become Lord of Asia; Alexander was a bit impatient with the knot, but he did go on to conquer the Persians (and others). That must be a great comfort to the people with their fingers hovering over the red buttons.


Suppose for a moment, that there is indeed an emergency call between now and election day. Not from Medvedyev or Hu or Ohlmert but from, say, the Mayor of Seattle.
Someone has set off an anthrax bomb in Redmond. In the center of the MSFT campus.
In the middle of the day.
Horrid islamofascist bastards have struck america again. ( That would be the first thought and the first faux news reports would follow )
But somewhere that "again" would start to ring a bit louder. Maybe first just in your mind ... and you would swallow the thought because it leads to horrid other thoughts.
Then on the web that "again" would be repeated and emphasized.
This administration has had 8 years, 3 wars, 5 proxy wars, two security agency shakeups and two more centralizations of security agencies, and spend 700 billion a year on security systems, people, intelligence gathering, TSA, on and on and on and for all that inconvenience and all that wasted money and all that eavesdropping on you and yours we get an "AGAIN".
The drumbeat of "again" would get louder.
Fool me once, won't get fooled again video will play and play and play.
The administration will find the fireproof passport of some Iranian near the anthrax bomb, and will be laughed at.
The FBI will announce with 24 hours that they know exactly who the bombers were, where their homes were, and what chemical engineering school's correspondence courses they took and will be guffawed off the stage.
A dozen visiting art students from Tel Aviv will be arrested and immediately released and flown out of the country.
And the "Again" will take on substance.
American's appear to be an easily buffaloed nation of sheeple at times, but my own belief is that an "again" will destroy the republican party. Promise the sheeple security and fail to deliver, the sheeple will stampede.
This isn't 1964, we are not faced with sabre rattling military almost-equals. Militarily we have no enemies, economically we have no allies and no one of significance we can defeat.
Is what got me in a ranting mood this morning.


The REAL TRUTH about 9/11 finally revealed .

I may be the only person who really knows what happened on 9/11, (and will bother to explain it). It is far from obvious, and will require some warm-upping. The waking life of most people provides what is fundamentally an illusion. If you are at all normal, you must disagree with this. But suppose, for instance, that there might be a fifth dimension. This idea seems to be gaining some traction in physics community. For example, it has been proposed that the apparent monopolarity of gravity, and it's apparent relative "weakness," is due to to it's being a polarized force, like magnetism (both north and south poles must exist, and be reasonably in proximity to each other), except that gravity's other pole exists only in an inaccessible fifth dimension. This might also explain the "spooky action at a distance" of entangled particles; although they may be light years apart, they may be "tied together" through a fifth dimension. The apparent peculiar randomness of the universe on the atomic scale could perhaps be due to interactions with events hidden by a fifth dimension, and so on.

Now that you may have been "softened up" with all this conjecture about physics, you might consider that there are many people who regard the normal waking life as an illusion. The most usual way of breaking out of the illusion is by eating things like peyote. You can know all about Euclidean geometry, and nonetheless observe with you own eyes objects that are geometrically totally impossible. If you really work with these strange observations, you could arrive at a point at which you can stand up and walk along the knife edge that divides the worlds. But you must always be prepared to deal with realities that incompatible, thus incomprehensible to ordinary "logic." You cannot change anything on the left side without changing some corresponding thing on the right side, since it's a delicate balancing act. You can't make deals, or do sorcery or anything like that, or you will lose your balance. And the primary ability you would require is awareness that the waking life is completely illusory. Think about that.

Now, if you do this stuff, you will quickly become aware that the waking life of those around you is a prison of delusion. All of it. For example, I have been telling people that the perceived worth of real estate cannot increase without any limit. For years people could not be disabused of the notion that the worth of real estate must trend always upward, and when I insisted they were crazy to think this, they thought I was very odd. Those people have stopped arguing with me. What is "worth?" Does a thing have any worth independent of what people are willing to pay or barter for it? Suppose the entire human race goes extinct. And some space aliens arrive, and decide that they greatly love Elvis Presley recordings. Those recordings still have worth then, even though there were no people even existed on earth for 10,000 years to give them any worth. Think about that. Reality in waking life is all perception, ultimately a vast illusion.

It is not quite accurate to say that all power grows out of the power of guns. The Pope probably has relatively few guns, but he has quite a bit of power. How so? He has power because he can manage how people perceive waking life. The Acknowledged Cold War was simply followed by an Unacknowledged Cold War. Yes, the Russians dismantled a few antiquated missiles; but their entire nuclear force has been sitting behind the Urals all this time. And the Cold War never ended. People were subtly led to perceive that it had ended, but it certainly never did. I read a fair amount about WW-II. It was, of course, a typical absurd embarrassment to the notion of "human intelligence." Many, many absurd horrors were perpetrated all over the earth.

One detail: US bombers totally demolished many German cities. Dresden is one example, and there are dozens more. From everything I read about these events, one recurring phenomenon of the aftermath of these horrendous bombings was that the survivors would walk among the total ruins of their former cities with a very strange nonchalance. Now maybe this was just American disinformation. However, I read several accounts from these survivors that they perceived no sense of panic. All the destruction was perceived as sort of a vast auto wreck that had happened to some other people, the other ones who had been killed or injured. This is really a rather normal response. Think about the fact that about 42,000 Americans die in auto accidents every year. Do we hear anyone mumbling about how we should do anything about that (except perhaps, Ralph Nader)? 9/11 was a WAY, WAY, WAY inside job! If the (US and world) media apparatus had managed perception differently, the whole thing would have been seen in a different light. Of course most people cannot imagine that the entire incident could have been viewed as merely a very, very bad car wreck.

If you don't see this, perhaps you should read about this (!):

~About the Author:
k.t. Frankovich has had a distinguished career as a writer in film and television, winning the 1975 Gold Venus award for documentary film writing. She has devoted her personal life to rescuing abandoned, lost and abused animals. k.t. is a poet and an author of short stories and several books. She is a frequent guest on radio talk shows across the US, and is passionate about exposing the tragedies surrounding the hurricane Andrew disaster.~



Crazy Horse, the great Lakota leader believed the world we live in to be an illusion, and that the dream world was the real world. He sought visions and learned from dreams, this was a fundamental source of his strength.


Iran is not nearly the enemy of the US as they pretend to be. Many people there now have relatives living in the US, in exile; including some of my adopted family. Their position is defensive, not offensive. What they want, and have always wanted, is to work out their problems themselves, without some "alien" empire telling them what to do. The remnants of old empires get a little testy (and sometimes really pissed off) when they are told how to behave by upstart young empires.

One cultural feature unknown to most in the West is the Iranian people's true national game: getting over on whoever is in power- doesn't matter who. They push the limits on rules, whether traffic or dress codes. It is just part of their culture. And lurking inside almost every Islamic Persian is a Zoroastrian trying to get out; many seem to have this -thing- for fire, which 14 centuries of Islam has not eliminated.

The Mullahs tried to ban the celebration of the ancient solar holidays, Yal-da (winter solstice) and Nou-rooz (vernal equinox- the Persian New Year). They were unable to stop the observances, so they have given up. So Iranian families around the world, including mine, will once again celebrate Nourooz at the time of the vernal equinox(EDT: 1:48 am, Mar 20, PDT: 10:48 pm Mar. 19).

So I wish you all- Happy Nourooz!


"But suppose, for instance, that there might be a fifth dimension. This idea seems to be gaining some traction in physics community."

For a while, dimensions were proliferating all over the place. Now the currently most accepted number of dimensions is 10, with some theorists tending to 11.

"about 42,000 Americans die in auto accidents every year"

And hundreds of millions don't. 42K seems like a large number until you put it in context.

"http://www.karenlyster.com/andrew.html" is pretty strange stuff - sounds like a movie treatment to me. "No one can convince me that Andrew was a "hurricane"..." Of course it wasn't - it was a test of that force-field weapon the Pentagon has, just like the tsunami was!


Dear Smith,

The 10 or 11 dimensions are only what are required by the "string theory," which is facing a lot of opposition of late.

3K fatalities also seems large number until you put it in context. The context is what was distorted by the media machine.

In context, I think she may have been saying it was a wholesale media blackout of criminal neglect. Maybe it was technically a hurricane, but officials failed to warn those in its path, and it hit super-hard, and it hovered over its victims for hours, and then the PTB did nothing to aid the injured and dying.


nourooz mubarak norcalkid, a little early but i'd forget otherwise.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Alexander CUT the knot. But the guy who MADE the knot was an ox driver who was promised tremendous wealth.

Gary W

That's true. And Alexander dispensed more misery and death than probably anyone up to the last century, which saw the introduction of industrial war and mass slaughter of civilians.


"Maybe it was technically a hurricane, but officials failed to warn those in its path, and it hit super-hard, and it hovered over its victims for hours..."

Nah. It had to've been a secret weapon test that got out of control. No other conspiracy theory fits.

What surprises me is that people living anywhere on the Gulf Coast need to be "warned". Me? I'd evacuate the area every time the goddamn sky got cloudy!

Gary W

Except maybe the Mongols. Curse that esprit de l'escalier!

Live Answering Service

I think she may have been saying it was a wholesale media blackout of criminal neglect.

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