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barbara hazleton


I agree with your concept that inbreeding is not healthy.

I have worked with Guide Dogs for the Blind and the best dogs come from stock that has been "mixed up."

mad mike

i support your position 100%.your best article to date.
plus obama is trying to infect white folks with guilt. corruption of blood was outlawed with the magna carta.
i admit to being racist. i hate "a-holes".
they come in all shapes and sizes and colors and sexes and religions.
god hates idiots, so i expect much smiting from that direction.
ethnic cleansing is very popular these days. you cant pick a region where it isnt being tried out or has been tried out.
the sudan, kenya, nigeria, the balkans.
every "great" nation has done it. germany,
japan, china, cambodia, england, even the usa. all members of the same club (and using the same club!).
but israel... caint say nuttin. get in big trouble.
it is sed that there are 8 million jews in the usa and 8 million adherents of islam in the usa.
why do candidates suck up to the jewish vote but not the muslim vote?
why do candidates think that kow-towing to israel is a sure fire way to land a nomination?
why should that nation set national policy of the usa? shouldnt candidates worry about the things uh-merikans worry about?
such as social security being raped to pay for wars? or lowering interest rates on savings? or the debasement of our currency?
or illegal immigration?
or low wages?
or the high cost of health care?
or dismantling our industry and shipping it all to china?
i think these are issues that should be pledged to for solving. to pledge support to israel is disenfranchising voters and alienating citizens, who definitely feel
second class (that would mean both whites and blacks!).
why vote? it is already decided. every thing is rigged. my candidate, john edwards is out. i guess it'll be ralph nader again.
HAH! imagine a feller of syrian decent in the white house.


On this day of the vernal equinox, I wish everyone a Happy Norooz (Persian New Year).

I have given up on "modern" holidays; they are so commercial and impersonal. The ancient solar observances of the Fertile Crescent/Zoroastrian Iran are far more real; they are originals of such observance as Christmas and Easter.

It is so sad that so many groups focus on the tribal "me and mine" when they (we) should focus on universal "we and ours". We have only this planet, why must we screw it up?

Anyway, celebrate the return of Spring!


mad mike,

Hate to break it to ya' there, pal, but the phrase "God hates..." is utterly and unwaveringly erroneous.

If you are speaking of the One Creator of All Heaven and Earth.

If you are speaking of some mental/religious construct - well, those are all anthropomorphized ficticious characters anyway.

It's true that the stupid are the bane of this earthly existance, IMNHO. But this does not mean that God hates them - or anything else.

The true Creator of All might best be described as Pure Love. As such, it has no connection to anything which might be termed hate.

Elaine Supkis

We are all created equal. If we fall into traps set by our elders and think we are superior in some way, the Dire Goddesses of Retribution take over and deliver a sharp lesson.

NO human is superior to any other human on any level. People who think they are 'smart' may look down on 'dumber' people but this is a foolish thing to do: everyone has something to give, something to add to the Great Story of the Masses. The smallest child has just as much importance as the oldest genius. We are all one earth and each gives what they can.

Believing this is the only way to survive and not become cruel.


I wonder what Obamas real politics are, or if he even has any real beliefs. He doesn't hesitate to kick Rev Wright or Palestinians or anyone else to the curb in order to get elected. He thinks the invasion of Iraq was Dumb rather than a War Crime. He's down for threatening Iran over non-existent nukes and invading Pakistans tribal areas. For awhile he seemed to be parroting what Samantha Power was telling him to say. he's an empty vessel. As someone once said of Oakland "there is no 'there' there".


Elaine, maybe the reason your family did not want to eat with you or ride together with you in a car is more connected to your personality.

Your views of Jews has been made very clear on this blog and frankly, I wouldn't want to break bread with you either.

Your latest attack on Jews is as untrue as others. Rather than deal with all the issues, let me just mention one. This business of Kosher. You have the misunderstood what kosher means and have made it the issue.

If Jews will not buy from non-Jews, and hate the Arabs in Israel as the picture you paint, how is it that during the shmitah year there are hundreds of thousands of very religious Jews in Israel who will ONLY buy produce from Arabs? How is possible that every seven years the Arab community does a booming business from the shmittah sales while Israeli farmers have a difficult time selling their own goods.

Elaine, you really should spend more time doing your research and less time spouting your venom.

BTW, are you still living on OCCUPIED NATIVE AMERICAN LAND?

Shame on you for telling others how to live their lives when you continue to live where you do.


Dear Abnaki:

Is "Israel" a brutal, aggressive, and invasive Jewish theocracy or is it not. Fell free to give ten-page answers to these four points!

Also, It would be Unconstitutional for the USA to give military or economic aid to The Vatican, right? Do I get ten more pages on that. "Israel" is every bit as theocratic as the Vatican, so the USA violates it's own Constitution every day by giving aid. Ten more pages of explanation on that one too, I expect.

If you are trying to persuade people at this blog with protracted heming-and-hawing, you won't get far. We are not going to feel any shame, either. We will reserve any sense of shame for occasions in which it is appropriate. Has it occurred to you to feel a bit of shame lately?


Also dear Abnaki:

It is quite obvious that Elaine is one of the first people to give the benefit of the doubt in any situation. Obviously she was very hurt by the way she was treated. Your argument happens to be eating its own tail.


I would agree that all people are created by the same method. So in that sense all are created equal. Beyond that, not so much equality. It is the variances between individuals that are always important. If there is anything that is genetically inheritable, then those extended, partially inbred families that we use the shorthand "race" to describe, with also have intergroup variances and those will be the important thing. That most humans are mostly similar in visible ways is not the same thing as equality.
Most humans are superior to other humans at something. If that were not true, Michael Jordan and I would both be fine basketball players, Albert Einstein and I would both be superb physicists. Bobby Flay and I would both be superb chefs. The trick is finding that something that sets one apart, the sadness and the resulting envy is that 2/3rds of us are mediocre at everything we have so far tried and life is just too damn short to try your hand at everything. So envy sets in, and with envy comes the great lie that all are really equal. When the lie is too obvious, we add "before Jesus/Yahway/Allah" or "before the law" or "in the voting booth."
Anything to ease our envy of those who can do something better than we. If none of these conveniences work to sooth our souls, we go to war to wipe out those who are different, for there really is, as far as we know, exactly one place where all are indeed equal and that is in death. Humans are mostly fungible, one person can be as mediocre at something as another, but there is always someone that stands out, someone who is better, maybe even someone who is currently the best at that something.
Therein rises the "Billy the Kid" axiom: There is always someone younger, smarter, faster coming up. Most of law, most of societies rules are designed to keep whoever is currently the best from having to face that rising someone. Don't look back they may be gaining on you is not paranoia it is reality, as long as we keep creating humans there will not be, never has been, equality of anything but method of creation and death. In between those two equalities, all arcs are different, none are equal.

Dr. Martin

"But they will never BUY food from outsiders, etc. We call this 'one way trade.'"

Blues, aren't you embarrassed when Elaine is caught in a lie? It amazes me how she can spout this venom and pretend it is true. As another poster wrote: Arabs are doing a great business this year from orthodox Jews in Israel and Jewish farmers are suffering.

Blues, it is obvious that after giving Elaine the benefit of the doubt we have learned time and again that she does not do her homework as spouts the venom against Jews. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt in this case. Blues, I challenge you to tell me that it is untrue that that thousands of Jews in Israel are buying produce from Arabs this year and every shmittah year.

After you discover the truth then maybe you will return to this blog and apologize for defending another one of Elaine's venomous attacks on Jews.

Blues, based on her venom, I would agree that maybe someone does not want to be close to her because of the hatred of others.

She has still not gotten back to us bloggers on how she continues to live on native land. Where do you live Blues?


Blues = Elaine? Both make the same ridiculous arguments. Blues, if the USA is breaking the constitution by sending aid to Israel, maybe you should be the whistle blower and tell someone. OH GOLLY GEE... what a pathetic argument. You obviously don't know the first thing about the Constitution and know even less about foreign policy. How dod you explain support for Arab regimes? How is it that the USA assists Saudi Arabia with advanced weapons when women in Saudi Arabia are not even allowed to drive? DUH! The USA supports all kinds of countries many that do terrible things to women.

Hmmm, those Israelis are really brutal and agressive. Yes, I agree, some are. You know which ones are really some of the most brutal and agressive Israeli? The ones that conduct honor killings. Yes, let's talk about women. You know what I find disturbing? Yes, Israeli Arab men killing or maiming Israeli Arab women for showing dishonor to the family by falling in love with the wrong person. They throw acid in their faces or spare them the misery and kill them.

Read about the issue in Ramle. It happens all the time and people like Elaine seem to forget about how women are treated in Arab countries. Forget about how gays and Jews are treated in Arab countries, women are killed for the honor of the family.

Blues, agressive and brutal behavior? You are right! Israeli Arabs that kill and maim their own family members are cruel and aggressive and I cry for the poor victims. Maybe Elaine will do a special post about the honor killings in Ramle but she would have to figure out a way to blame the "zionist entity".


"I keep going back into this awful topic but I must do it."

Your reluctance is palpable!

"Pisces is fading fast and we are moving into Aquarius."

This is the DAWN-ing of the Age of Aquarius! Age of Aquarius! Aquaaaarrrr-iii-uuus!

(Hamlet's Mill was very interesting, btw... thanks for telling me about it.)

"Unlike Christianity, Buddhism and Islam, the Jewish faith is a racist religion more akin to Hinduism. Like the Hindus, the belief in a singular or multiple god is connected to tribal policies promoting 'racial purity.'"

We're all tribal at bottom: the oldest form of social organization.

Which reminds me - WTF is up with Tibet? I thought the Bhuddists were such a nonviolent, pacifist bunch!

"This is a very important problem: both religions, in their quest for racial purity, create havoc with anyone who tries to live around them."

Both? Not "all"? No religion really has that great a track record of tolerance.

"One way trade within a community means the money flows in only one direction. Over time, the surrounding community is drained of wealth."

Of course, the surrouding community COULD stop buying things from the insular types...

"In the Austrian, French and German empires, the co-mingling was the greatest."

Co-mingling is probably a good thing. In fact, perhaps we should all co-mingle until there's no such thing as a "pure" anything anymore. Might solve a lot of problems that way.

"I am a creature of the Enlightenment. I support ALL religions ..."

That's not being a creature of the Enlightment. Being a creature of the Enlightment means not needing religion. Laplace: "I have no need of that hypothesis."

"Well, I guess this Ahi sashimi-lover is now getting hoisted on his own, umm, sushi knife."

Probably ought to stop eating it anyway - tuna stocks are declining thanks to sushi bars worlwide.

" Palestinian refugees belong in their own state and do not have a "literal" right of return to Israel, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama Clinton-and-Obama-Economic-Plans Mar-08 said Monday."

And if they "return"? They vote to kick all the Jew into the Mediterrranean, we have another destination-spot Arab state, and the Jews end up in... West Palm Beach, I suppose. Problem solved!

"they abused not only me but other women in my situation when married to Jewish men."

YMMV, as they say. Good frien of mine from college is the son of a rabbi; Mom and Dad both participated in the Israeli founding battles in '47 and '48. Only one of the three sons is kosher in any way; my friend is married to a shikse who gets along fine with her in-laws.

"I headed for the doors pretty early."

And you didn't get a heads-up going in? Your beloved didn't tell you, "Elaine dear, I love you but my family is a bunch of asshole Jews?" Whythehell not??? That's the least he could have done!


"But they will never BUY food from outsiders, etc. We call this 'one way trade.'"

Is this a line from the Protocols of Zion or am I really seeing it on a US blog?

Elaine obviously knows nothing about the subject. Millions of shekels are flowing to Arabs to buy produce this year in Israel. Even not during Shmittah almost all cucumbers consumed in Israel are grown by Arabs as well as many other vegetable. Where does Elaine get this stuff from? Is there a Protocols of Zion website that dispenses bullshit information?

Abnaki, I have read about the honor killings in Israel by Arabs. It is fairly common in Arab countries and Israel has tried to stop its Arab citizens from doing the same but unfortunately they can't stop these crazy hateful people of killing their women. There was a case in the last month or two where the Arab women said that enough was enough and they were going to testify against their family members that had killed one of the women. That was a real breakthrough and hopefully it will lead to others coming forward to stop these Arabs from killing their daughters/sisters. The Israeli government is working hard to try and bring them into the 21 century and teach them how to behave.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, I am not stupid.

Jew can buy COMMODITIES but NOT VALUE ADDED FOODS! Get that? It is so simple. I am constantly amazed by Jewish readers who can't see simple things. They are all very smart and articulate.

The difference between vegetables before they are prepared as food is obvious: kosher is not produced at the raw food level. IT HAPPENS WHEN FOOD IS COOKED OR ANIMALS BUTCHERED!

How simple is this? The people attacking me here know this perfectly well. And refuse to understand this fact.

As for personal attacks: HAHAHA. My case stands proven! No one is allowed to walk away from this fight without some people throwing very low blows. The people who discriminated against me and a host of other 'Non-Jews' who married into Jewish families [part of the very high divorce rate, by the way] isn't because we all had nasty personalities.

It was due to rank discrimination of the highest sort. My children were exposed to all this in a very ferocious way. Playmates refusing to eat at our home due to it being 'non-kosher' just for example.

The antisocial structure of Kosher living is very powerful and utterly obnoxious to outsiders. Antisemites do the same to blacks and Jews: they consider them 'dirt'.

ALL PEOPLE WHO DO THIS ARE EVIL. Understand this simple lesson? It is beyond simple. But I expect more attacks on this level of humanism. One that abhors all religions that make only a small number of people 'good' and labels all others as 'dirt'.

Thank you

Elaine Meinel Supkis

PS: my former father in law, on his deathbed, finally agreed with me. At the very gates of death, he begged his 'non-Jewish' grandchildren for forgiveness. Which was given, full of love.

Despite all the bad stuff from previous years. I am very proud of him.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Also, I must warn people, at the Gates of Death, they meet Libra or the Weighing of the Scales. Or the Mirror of the Soul. All evasions, lies, schemes, tricks and belief systems collapse at this point.

The process involves facing the truth. And as someone who has passed these dire gates but was allowed to return, the process is very painful. And scary. But it also is good.

People who return from death often continue to struggle with their ideological systems. Some people come back and try to change. Others go seeking a pre-existing system and cling to it.

But the truth is, there is no easy way into the other side. The Guardians at the Gates of Death are not to be denied. There is no 'get out of death's examination for free' pass.

You can eat Kosher, pray to Jesus, chant to Buddha, call upon Allah all you like. The fact is, the Guardians are much older than any of these gods. They have been supervising the Gates of Death since life itself began.

There are no magic spells, sacrifices or anything that placates them. The Chinese believed, for example, they can be bribed by giving them money which is burned at funerals, for example.

This doesn't work, either. The Examiner doesn't care about wealth. She is the holder of all wealth in the universe. So what is puny human amounts? Nothing.

She prizes one thing: honesty.

Dr. Martin

Elaine, you wrote:
"A good Jew is one who is 'kosher' and never does ANY business with food or other things with non-Jews!"

You didn't say commodity, you said "ANY BUSINESS WITH FOOD"

You were 100% wrong and a better person would apologize and then we can go on to see that even your value added claim is false. The largest suppliers of Tahini in Israel are Arabs, to name a few VALUE ADDED FOODS. Then we can move on to one of Israel's largest baklava factories where they bake all kinds of delicacies. Valued added? You bet.

Elaine, you need to do your homework and stop spouting this stuff.

As far as children not wanting to eat in your home maybe you need to understand the reasons. If a person keeps kosher, or is a Jain and is a vegetarian, or is a Muslim and onlt eats hallal then you should understand they are living by a creed that forbids eating certain foods. It is not an offense to you, just as I am not offended if a diabetic will not eat my maple syrup laden pancakes or my rich puddings.

Or are you the type of person that would be offended if a diabetic child would not accept candy from you?

Many of your posts come down to the hurt you experienced by a particular family. I don't know your family but from reading the stuff you post and the hatred you show to Jews, you sound like you are hurt and taking it out on all Jews and Israel.

You make stuff up and after you are proven to be wrong you try and change what you said. The problem is that your original post still stands and everyone can see that you don't have a clue about what you are talking about.

Yes, your ex-husband's family may have been mean to you. Yes, children who keep kosher will not likely eat food in a home that does not keep the kosher laws just as children with nut allergies won't eat in homes where nuts are used in cooking.

But no, you are 100% wrong on claim after claim when you start painting the Jewish people and Israel with the brush you use to paint your ex-husband's family.


Doc, great analogy.

Take her statement: Playmates refusing to eat at our home due to it being 'non-kosher' just for example.

And put in context of a diabetic child:

Diabetic playmates refusing to eat at our home due to it being 'non-dibatic friendly' just for example.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ack. Talk about picky-picky! You pull out of your hat an odd rabbit here: OTHER religions have equally bizarre food handling rules!


And of course, the entire reason for these religious rules is to ISOLATE the religious cults and to ELIMINATE two-way business and keep it all in a smaller community!

I win yet another round with you guys. Isn't that a delight?

And I NEVER EVER had a diabetic refuse to eat food I prepare if it is healthy. NEVER. Far from it. On the other hand, my kitchen can be spotless and I can be cooking food that is 100% perfect but since I am not part of the RITUALS it is 'unclean'. THIS is classic and it leads to racism and discrimination.

Indeed, one thing Jewish buyers try to foist on food businesses is to force them to hire religious leaders to 'bless' the food. This bring more money into Jewish hands and it supports the religion at everyone's expense. If ALL religions did this, food commerce would collapse due to the fees and extractions by priests and others seeking money for 'blessings' which is what this is. Reminds me of the Middle Ages, by the way.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Picture a bakery with Catholic priests, Protestant hell-fire raisers, Jewish rabbis, Buddhist chanters banging on drums, Wiccans waving magic wands, Muslims holding Korans, etc, all babbling and praying at the top of their lungs as the bakers try to knead the bread and bake it!

The Tower of Babel Bakery, that is what we shall name it?

And what ever happened to the sense of humor that has blessed our stage and films over the years? I notice it is vanishing in the Jewish community, the more they struggle to steal every single thing the Arabs own in the Holy Land. That is a very tragic loss, you know. Very tragic.

Laughter is lost forever. Eventually, all of the people attacking me here will sound like Germans. Heh.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

By the way, thanks for everyone coming here and posting. It may take some time but eventually, even the good doctor here might see the light and begin to enjoy things here more. I should try more jokes in the future.

Perhaps that will fix bruised egos.


Elaine, sorry, you lost yet again.

Your statement: "A good Jew is one who is 'kosher' and never does ANY business with food or other things with non-Jews!" has been shown to be yet another lie.

Elaine, you can't make a statement that is untrue, cowardly slink away from backing it up, then claiming to win the argument.

Elaine, you made a statement that was proven to be a lie and now we expect you to back it up or apologize.

I see that although you claim to have been married to Jew, you know nothing about Kosher laws. When you find a topic you know something about then maybe you should post. Until then, lies and anti-semitism should be kept under your white sheets.

Again I ask you to prove your statement about Jews and food. You can't, because it is a lie.


If anyone had any doubt about Elaine's anti-semetic venom, read her entry above on Kosher that she tries to claim is real. You can read an article on Wikipedia. This is the 1st paragraph

The "Kosher tax" (or "Jewish tax") is a canard or urban legend spread by antisemitic, white supremacist and other extremist organizations such as the National Alliance and Ku Klux Klan.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] It refers to the claim that food producers must pay an exorbitant amount to obtain the right to display a symbol on their products (often a K or U in a circle) that indicates it is kosher or pareve, and that this cost is passed on to consumers through higher prices which constitute a “kosher tax”. Additional false claims are made that this “tax” is “extorted” from food companies wishing to avoid a boycott,[10] and used to support Zionist causes or the state of Israel.[2]

Elaine, did you get your information from Radio Islam? http://www.radioislam.org/judaism/kosher.htm

Or was it from a white supremacist site like: http://whiterevolution.com

Is that where you get your content for your blogs or do you just make it up in your twisted mind?

Dr. Martin

Rachel Corrie! Elaine, you bring up Rachel Corrie in your never ending battle against your ex-husband's religion.

You lose again:


Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, October 15, 2003 2:55 p.m. EDT

Remember Rachel Corrie? She was a mixed-up 23-year-old lass from Olympia, Wash., whose hobbies included playing in traffic and burning the American flag. Last March the former pastime cost her her life. She stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer, but was in the driver's blind spot and was accidentally crushed to death.

Corrie's fatal game of chicken was the product of malice as well as idiocy. Her goal was to promote Palestinian terrorists' murderous campaign against Jews by obstructing Israeli efforts to destroy tunnels that are used to smuggle weapons and explosives from Egypt into the Palestinian "refugee camp" in Rafah, on the Gaza Strip.

Elaine, would you like to prove that she was not defending a tunnel for weapons smuggling? Elaine, what kind of "peace activist" helps Arab terrorists smuggle weapons that are ultimately used against women and children. Is it ok because they are JEWISH women and children?

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