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Because of a little thing called geography (the Himalayan Mountains), the Tibetan Plateau is virtually surrounded by China. How many people on the Plateau? Maybe 6 million. How many Dalai Lama Lovers? Almost certainly less than 2 million. How many Chinese are at hand? A little over 130 billion. Already looks like the Lama Lovers are outnumbered AT LEAST 650 to one. Plus the Chinese are a nuclear superpower that now regularly launches "manned" satellites.

As a matter of fact, these 130 billion Chinese can read a fair amount of what we can, and they are rather angry at us. I am seeing all these American bloggers rant and rave over the horrible injustice done to the dear Dalai Bin Laden! They are now the bank. And most of these Americans owe them their house. These ranting fools are so obviously a bunch of (bad name here)*. China is not all free and open, of course, and I dare anyone to tell the FBI that they are. By the way, how are the Lakota doing? Then again, maybe they get a reprieve for the moment.


When the Israeli's desire that the US media create a distraction for them, Darfur heats up editorially ( Spielberg was the latest to try that move -- all it availed him was that the Chinese Olympic organizers basically said "Here's your hat, don't let the door dent your ass as you leave."; when the USA needs its media to create a distraction Tibet heats up or we suddenly get a spate of articles about the "poor, put-upon" Falun Gong. All the usual suspects can be guaranteed to do their sheep bleat editorials about evil Sudan or evil China.

Blunt Force Trauma

Blues said...

"How many people on the Plateau? Maybe 6 million. How many Dalai Lama Lovers? Almost certainly less than 2 million. How many Chinese are at hand? A little over 130 billion."

130 billion? Blues, you may want to check your math on that one. There is, currently, 6 - 7 billion on the whole planet. Where is China hiding all those 'extra' people? I believe you meant 1.3 billion. :)

Blunt Force Trauma

Another pot-stirrer in China?

Confirmed - Obama Is
Zbigniew Brzezinski Puppet



Yeah, Blunt Force. It's more like 1.3, not 130 billion. I hope the rest of the math is okay. I'm using a software calculator that's so quirky it's driving me bananas. I can't believe they can't develop a damn calculator.

Anyway, this Tibet thing is so screwed up it's pathetic. Everything is falling apart around us, and these goofballs want us to worry about a bunch of rioting demented, provably fake monks in China. Meanwhile, the 1.3 billion Chinese (and their neighbors) watch us make fools of ourselves. This is just going to make all of us Westerners look like raving bozos to the populations of the rising Eastern world. Which is just precisely what we do not need.

Anything to get us to discredit ourselves. This is really getting me annoyed.

Elaine Supkis

Ethnic cleansing is like washing clothes in blood. The Romans, for example , were against ethnic cleansing but very much for annihilating insurrections. The early Christians and Jews both refused to tolerate anyone who was outside their own religions. This irritated the Romans no end.


wow. CK, Blues, Blunt force - you guys know the subject. just reading some whiny-asses ganging up on Elaine on another one of her posts, slandering poor Rachel Corrie. I came by here and all of a sudden....intelligent commentary ! how refreshing.


"As the West is all aghast about Tibet..."

Isn't that something? And I thought Bhuddists were such a peaceful sort!

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