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Reminds me of the 'best army and navy' in the 19th century controlled by the Ching dynasty.

The soldiers are super aggressive - 'cos they are on drugs. Once the withdrawal hits, they are push over. Oh, the rifles have impressive firepower - as long as u don't pull the trigger.

The navy ships are invincible - as long as they don't have to float and not hit by cannonballs

As for the ruling academic elite - chosen from the highest level of examinations and schools. They run the country very smoothly as long as they don't have to deal with reality from the West.

Now East is West and West is East. God is the Devil and the Devil is God - Yin and Yang are two sides of the same coin! What does up must come down. What is down will go up!!


We still make ammo. Just not fast enough for a global war. Metals aren't cheap anymore. We keep the primo stuff for ourselves, and our 3rd rate friends get 40 year old surplus crap. Also, keep in mind, this is just another form of outsourcing to the lowest bidder. Just so happens that in this case, the lowest bidder was within our borders. The objective isn't to screw America, the objective is to maximize profit.


I believe there was an article in the news 2 years ago that US requested for additional ammo supplies from all their allies including Japan, Taiwan, S Korea and Singapore.

US soldiers need something like 50,000 bullets per kill (Vietnam figures I think) - not surprising the Iraq war used up all the surplus ammo supplies leaving crap stuff being used now.


Withdraw our troops? Sounds nice, but I am not sure that's such a good idea. Troops establish front lines. If we withdraw our troops from the entire planet, then the front lines will be our very borders. Not good. I do agree, however, that over the last 8 years America has become WAY too aggressive and brutal. A human rights line has been crossed. If we don't fall back to a more humane level, we will suffer the consequences. Other nations are loosing patience. Some nations are so afraid that they are next on the occupation list that they are rapidly developing nuclear weapons as a deterrent. We must stand down.


US Federal debt has grown by $400 Billion every year while the US has been in Iraq. This is the kind of money if spent on the upgrading of railroad system could connect Fairbanks to Miami by TGV.


Elaine, if $800 Million in bad ammo is distressing, let's not forget the $2.3 Trillion that disappeared from the Pentagon just before 9/11. Compute that amount in 2001 dollars (1 Euro = $1.11) which means you can add 49% of value to that figure.

One name, Dov Zakheim. Read about him in the following url's:





Btw, now the Israelis are printing US passports, big contract! shouldn't they be doing it for free? After all, American taxpayers support them to the tune of $2-3 Billion a year. The interest alone on that should cover the passports...



Without money and bullets; even the best equipped and trained armies become practice targets for the enemies.

Can't hold any line if you don't have money - that's how reality bites u in the ass. Nice ideas by generals don't translate to victories. U need strong economy and no internal traitors. Throughout history, powerful empires brought to heel by these 2 factors + famine and disease. They have to be 'hollowed' out before they collapse. Defeat by external enemies are the last stage of defeat - not the first stage.

Gary W

Interesting to see "weapons, helmets, ballistic vests, bomb suits, batteries and chargers for X-ray machines" being referred to as "American aid". Mmm, yeah, the millions who die each year from malaria (never mind the thousands who die under the rain of US bombs and missiles) would probably have liked a few bomb suits.

Tonight I'm reminded of something Gore Vidal - the US emeritus gadfly - said a few years ago (let me paraphrase): "sooner or later a new Saladin will bring them together, and they'll come after us". Lots of luck!


When it comes to military supplies, there is Victoria's secret level and their is dollar store level. The US MIC still tryies to produce the sexy high end stuff, Osprey's and Microwave cannons, strike fighters and star wars and Anti Satellite missles. The low end day to day stuff, boots, bullets, socks not so much. How much facetime will a congressman get for obtaining a new sock contract for the military for a factory in his district? How much airtime for setting up a SGT York contract for a local factory?
I thought it was interesting yesterday when I read this story side by side with the story about the BIGMONEY donors threatening Speaker Pelosi. The evil villains at the Great Orange Satan had a diary regarding the signatories to the letter.
The author of the diary notices almost everything about the 20 donors except for one thing that stands out quite loudly.
And in related news the espionage trial of the AIPAC officers has been postponed indefinitely.


Kinda of remind u of the last days of Nazi Germany where all the toys are brought out to play doesn't it?

Didn't help Germany then and the same goes for US now. It's all goin to wind up in Chinese hands; mark my words. Just as Nazi assault rifles, cruise missiles and space rockets end up in US hands; the Chinese will get attack drones, embedded tracking chips, moon and Mars and stealth planes

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Remember, the Pentagon had to spend millions to destroy these bullets. And lord alone knows how many were turned into IEDs by the Afghanis.

And yes, our country is busy 'defending' itself overseas while utterly unable to defend even the Pentagon at home.

Christian W

US actions in Iraq are so typical of an imperial power aren't they. They support one Shiite group (their puppet Malaki) over another (Sadr) in a civil war, but they only give Malaki's troops light arms and second or third rate crap at that.

Just like the Sunni v Sunni action the US supports they are all designed to bleed and weaken Iraq even further. All the while catapulting the propaganda that thanks to the surge things are progressing in Iraq (since now it is Iraqis that are dying instead of US troops). Classic divide and conquer.

When will the faith in these fiat dollars the US is spending no tomorrow going to end?
All of the above and all crimes against humanity by Israel are underwritten by US tax payers.

Christian W

Correction. Just had a US military personnel stationed in Baghdad correcting me on the second rate thing. Malaki's troops apparently have the same HMMW's and M16's and M4's as the US troops.


"We don't make ammo anymore? What the hell?"

We make 5.56mm/.223 ammo for the M16, not 7.65mm AK47 rounds. That's the commiebloc stuff we give to the 3rd worlders.

The 16 is a nice weapon and far more accurate at much longer ranges than the AK, which has primitive iron sights and is basically un-aim-able: you spray and pray with that rifle. The downside of the 16 is that it wants to be kept nice and clean and well-oiled, while the AK will function if it's been buried in a bog for a month. And 3rd-world soldiers don't do the maintenance thing worth a damn.

"US soldiers need something like 50,000 bullets per kill (Vietnam figures I think) ..."

Doctrine has changed since then - we aim better now - but we still use a lot of ammunition. That's been a problem at the range; people I know hav experienced significantly more misfires lately because all the good primers are going to Iraq.

"Malaki's troops apparently have the same HMMW's and M16's and M4's as the US troops."

Well, some of them get those things - the ones that show they can maintain them. The M16 isn't the best weapon for everyone.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We do NOT aim better. Most soldiers simply unload their ammo at everything and anything that moves including many innocent civilians.


It would be trivially easy to adapt cartridge manufacturing equipment to the 7.62x39 Warsaw Pact round. The reason we pull stupid ops like this is not that we can't manufacture the stuff. It is that we've got a government full of black ops run by jeuvenile spy wannabes who cook up ops like 12-year olds huddled in a tent at jamboree.

This has nothing to do with it being Warsaw Pact ammo and everything to do with secrecy. If they placed a large order for 7.62 rounds from Winchester, then Congress would see the appropriation and people would start asking questions.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

You are probably right, Shargash.

And then there is the various ethnic Mafias on this planet: illegal drugs and international weapons sales are big, big money makers for all of them.


50,000 bullets per kill? Who the fuck trained these soldiers?


Shargash nailed it.

Has anyone else seen the stories about the Navy's push to develop Free Electron Lasers (FELs) to mount on ships?

They've taken the utterly brilliant step of ignoring the EXPERTS who developed the FELs and dangling the contract in front of the defense industry.

In the end, this project will basically turn into a miniature SDI program. Lasers are easily defeated by fog, smoke, and mirrors.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Reminds me of a very ancient Greek sea battle which used highly polished bronze shields...

Gary W

These mega weapons programs don't need to "work"; they're just a means of funnelling taxpayer funds into the weapons manufacturers. The more the merrier!

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