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mad mike

very concise no nonsense overview of a horrible world situation. i agree with your

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thank, Mad Mike.

Just watched the Mad Max movies. Future world: not so hot.


The Uighurs have the same as issue as the Tibetans - Han Chinese coming into their land. But the West doesn't criticize this, instead they brand the Muslim Uighur as terrorists.


China hasn't forgotten the history. China remembers it all vividly just like yesterday. Just like yesterday.....

Religion is poison.


While the lowland Han may be being imported into Tibet, nature has a way of weeding out by miscarriage those races that are not suitable for high altitude living.
As in Bolivia, where the iberian whites could not thrive above in the altiplano, so it might be in Tibet. The livable plateau in Tibet is higher than the alitplano in Bolivia.
Governments propose, biology disposes.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

100% correct, CK. I grew up on high mountains. My lungs were hammered at first then adjusted. When I moved to sea level, it was oppressive.

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