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Like when we all were kids in school back in the day, time to Duck And Cover ! You said "Jew" in this post and that offends zionists and their friends. One can say Illegal Immigrant (meaning Mexican) and nobody gets offended, most people feel Mexicans are here illegally while Europeans are here as part of God's Manifest Destiny. Sorta like another place I can think of where the natives were run off and Europeans moved in. But I won't say where cause I don't need to have some White person to call me KKK like they were doing here the other day.
And Elaine I don't mean you, when you write illegal alien you are referring to unfair labor practices taking work away from Americans where I can agree with you in principle.

Elaine Supkis

When my ancestors came to England in 1066, they killed a bunch of people and King Harold. Then they parked themselves in a few castles and battered the serfs on a regular basis in between killing near relatives, attacking the Kings of England and being total annoyance.

Then, when the King of England exiled us, we came to the Americas in the same fashion.

Not a pretty tale. But at least I am honest about it. By the way, our shield was a steel fist and we were the Steeles and the Bards. The Bards being a harp.

Of course, just because my own family has an obnoxious past doesn't mean I sit idle while this nation which represents Mexicans, Jews, all types of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Irish, German, English, African, Indians from India and Indians from the New World, Asians, etc. etc.: we are all Americans. And this transcends the other identities. And we have to protect ourselves while being FRIENDLY with everyone else. But being STUPID is not smart.


Hi Elaine, you crack me up ;)

I'd guess there's some sort of group-psychological dynamic at work ; The US, for example, for a generation projcted, onto the bugbear of the Soviet, all the aspects of itself that went against it's own values.
Once the enemy was defeated - this is a common occurrence - the victor, suddenly without the crutch of an enemy to face, began inexorably to fall into the same darkness it recognised in the USSR.
It's also a truism BTW that we only recognise, in others, traits we already have somewhere in ourselves.
So I wonder if the Zionist movement in particular, or even the Israelis in general (I say israeli to indicate resident citizens of that country, rather than a vague ethnic or religious group) - have succumbed to a compulsion to behave as did thier oppressors, the SS, and various pogrom-promoters from history....
That being said, history is full of curious little nuggets that make you stop and wonder at the lunacy of it all. Here's some stuff about Zionist/Nazi collaboration in the 1930s/1940s !!

laugh or go mad? bang or whimper?

Mine's a Guinness.



Elaine, you make great arguments about the political situation in Israel, their relations with the us gov, and even the religious / cultural dynamics... but, at this point, it just seems you're doing it on purpose, which isn't very nice, when it comes down to it. Yes, that vile Mossad has our CDN passports too - and if they weren't going around NZ getting arrested and making asses of themselves under our names, they probably wouldn't've been found out. It would be equally distasteful, though, to say "The English this and The English that" - but, no, in that case, you specify the queen and her minions... C'mon, now, don't be too crass!

Blunt Force Trauma

Give them "aid", sell them weapons and jet fighters; and now they're making U.S. passports. Yup, you're doomed.

I wonder how soon Mossad will be in, say, Iran/China/Russia; stirring some shit while posing as U.S. citizens?

The possibilities of the above of boundless.

Elaine Supkis

The PALESTINIAN MUSLIMS and CHRISTIANS are not the ones doing any of these things. I refuse to give the Jews doing these things the cover they so badly desire.

They want us to think Israeli=Jew without mentioning the 'Jew' part. So we have been forced into assuming ALL the citizens of Israel are up to these hijinks which is totally false.

The same here in the US: if only born again Christians are doing something over and over again, then we must say, not 'Americas are doing...' but 'Born again Christians are doing...'



While I am a little pissed, and not as nice as I am while sober, allow me this little gripe about this "my ancestors" crap. You do not know who the fuck your ancestors were - wimin being wimin an' all. That bit gets a little tiresome.

That said - I love your writing. In a nice sense, it is naive, honest, and revealing.

Your explanations on economics have been invaluable to me personally. There were some things in this world that I did not quite grasp. Now the pieces fit together.

It seems that you also have the capacity to learn, and to understand the parsimonious connection between the Atta gang and Mossad.


It's just like sleeping with the enemy and enjoyiing it, isn't it?

"So, anyone want GERMANY to be in charge of our internal/external travel systems?"

I don't know; let me think about it. Germans do do a good job at systems work, don't they?

"Before handing off our national security to Israel, did Congress and the State Department investigate this business?"

Maybe they did. Israel has spent the last half0century surrounded by people who want to kill them. That gives a country a certain competence at national security, doesn't it? Safest airline in the world from a hijack perspective is El-Al.

Of course, if you're for those other guys that does kinda suck!

"There! I have some proof that in the past, Mossad used fake passports to commit crimes, illegally enter nations to do nasty things, etc."

Betcher sweet ass they did! When Mossad tracked down the people who did the Munich-72 thing, they used to send funeral wreaths to the family BEFORE they made the hit. Nice touch, that.

I wish our security services were even one-third as competent as Mossad.

Elaine Supkis

You would have loved the Soviet Union, Smith.

Elaine Supkis

And as for ancestors stuff: we are all MONGRELS. Thank god. Populations that don't mix illegally end up insane from inbreeding.

mad mike

just recently, during the grinchmas buying frenzy, there are documented cases of thousands of electronic gizmos manufactured in china containing viruses. these items are digital photo frames,memory cards and ipod type devices. the media sed maybe it was individuals loading them up at the factories.
or maybe a small chance of a concerted chinese gov-ment black ops against freedom loving uhmerikans.
so it is very likely that the new "secure"
digital passports will be compromised. certainly not by any gov-ment but by individuals working in the factories.
maybe these things are made offshore because our gov-ment dont trust us. do expect the passports to be compromised. and very soon i might add. expect the cost tag of fixing the problem to cost billions of dollars.
i support your investigation and reporting of strange incidents involving our "ally" israel. expect trolls to fill up your comment postings.


RFID in a passport...just makes me have this overwhelming urge to see what a trip through my microwave would do to it. Or perhaps sitting under a large, strong magnet for several weeks. Anything electronic can be hacked. Fortunately, my old-style passport is good until 2012.

Elaine Supkis

2012--just in time for the comet to hit.


What an incredible story! I was blown away when I read that American passports are being made in Israel by the Mossad.

I wanted to learn more so I started looking into the matter myself. It turns out, your posting is pure bullshit.

Now, if you look at the story in the Washington Times and then read your article, then start making the calls or emailing, you get a different story. Which one is correct? The answer is very simple and very clear.

For starters, the headline (“Israel Makes American Passports”) is not true. I contacted the GPO and the Washington Times and got the story from both, you should contact them too. Don’t accept what I am saying until you double check my research to verify what I am saying. The number at the GPO is: (202) 512-0000. Their website is: http://www.gpo.gov/. It will not take you long to find out that American passports are manufactured in the USA. Actually, in Washington with a new plant opening in Mississippi in the spring.

The IG report the Washington Times is referring to comes directly from a March 31, 2005 OIG Inspection report AI0502 -Blank Passport Product Integrity and Security Review. The report concerned manufacturing of the legacy passports. You can read the OIG report here: http://www.gpo.gov/oig/pdfs/reports/10-31-05.pdf . 2005! It is a pretty sad day when a paper has to look at a 3 year old report and call it news. You can read the GPO response here: http://www.gpo.gov/news/2008/08news11.pdf

I suggest you call the Washington Times yourself and ask them point blank if the Mossad is making American passports. It is real easy, I called today and I will save you the time of searching out the phone numbers. You can reach the writer, Bill Gertz, at: (202) 636-3000. If he is too busy to take your call, talk with his editor, Ken Hanner. Ken is the National Desk Editor. You can reach Ken at: (202) 636-3291. Ken is a busy guy and if you really want to verify the story on this blog, ask the Managing Editor David Jones. Tell everyone what his response is when you ask him if: “Israel Makes American Passports”.

I did a lot more research into the chips, the testing of the chips, the contracts for the chips, and the security but I won’t bother to post the details. Suffice it to say: Israel does not make American passports!

You know, I have been reading arguments here on whether Elaine is anti-Semitic or not. After spending a few hours pouring over documents, speaking to top people with the government and the media, my mind is made up. My advice Elaine, is to retract your story.


Elaine, you went overboard this time. Kelly is right.


Hey Kelly, try to debunk this act of Treason:


At a hearing today in federal court in Alexandria, Va., Judge Thomas Ellis III postponed indefinitely the trial that had been set for April 29 for the two former employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman



Kelly, great research!

Now, she will send the sock-puppets to show you other scandals instead of backing up this claim. This is the pattern: She makes a claim, then we show her how she is totally wrong. Then she posts using sock-puppets and then when people point out she is wrong, she calls them goons or says really dopey things like Jews have bad haircuts.

Your posting was great but don't expect her to answer your points. She can't. Her ex-husband was Jewish and now she is on the warpath against Jews.

I read her post and then surfed to other sites carrying the same story. It looks like it was picked up by UPI and now is on lots of blogs. The difference is that I was not able to find one site that twisted the story like she did. I didn't see anyone claim that the Mossad make US passports or that passports are made in Israel.

One, the story is not true.

Two, even if it was true, her version is wrong. She inserted her usual KKK venom.


And in further news, the company in Thailand has asserted in court filings in The Hague that its RFID chip passport technology has already been stolen by the Chinese.
In other news, Hillary's big donors have attempted to blackmail the superdelegates.
It is enlightening to look at the list of "big donors" who have threatened to pull their contributions from the DCCC ( that is the whole bunch of dems in the congress ).
A couple of them are/were associated with the Loral incident during the Clinton administration when high tech was "inadvertantly" shipped to China.
Then there are the one issue donors.
As the richest of the donors states: My Issue is Israel.
Oh well, thanks to Chertoff one needs a passport to visit Canada, and if he has his way, one will need a National ID to visit your local court house, or fly.
And if you are a small farmer, pony ride operator, 4h club member, each of your animals will need a national ID chip to be allowed off your property. If you are however a feedlot operator, big slaughtering op, or big rancher you can get a single chip to cover your whole herd of downers.
Life is good.


"...all aliens should be instantly REMOVED from all positions of sensitivity for our security."

What aa fruitcake.

Are her next door neighbors Martians? I'll bet she has her favorite martian.



I think it would not be surprising if some of the chips are going to be made in Israel and Germany, etc. I have worked in electronics for 30 years, and I know full well that the US is not interested in making integrated circuit chips. Most are made in China, Japan, the Philippines, etc. now. The old National Semiconductor, Inc. plant in Danbury Connecticut looks pretty moribund. I watched all the chips in electronic stuff stop having the National Semiconductor logo, and start have "Made in Philippines," etc. on them. The actual passports could be assembled anywhere.

I would like to know where people think the chips are made. Certainly not in the USA! I would be slightly surprised if "Mossad" made any chips. But they might have a say in how they are made, and an interest in being able to spoof them. One thing people don't know about about silicon wafer ICs is that practically no one, maybe no one at all, can reverse-engineer them. They consist of multiple layers of circuit paths that are formed by minute amounts of "doping" materials. So no one really knows what is in them.

The poster above has given no real evidence about where the chips are going to be manufactured.

Israeli contractors were allowed to bid for the chip contracts, but lost out to German and French firms, according to my information. However, the Israeli bidders, On Track Innovations, are appealing that decision.

((----- Copy & Paste - W/O The Line Breaks -----))



~~...Moss added that Infineon and Gemalto are the only firms providing covers and inlays for U.S. passports. Earlier this week, Israel-based contactless technology vendor On Track Innovations said it had was no longer being considered for the U.S. e-passport program. OTI, in a statement, said it would appeal the decision, which came from the Government Printing Office.~~

Anyway, the chips will not be made in the USA.


The only chips I like are Pringles.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We used to make computer chips. I used to help design them for Texas Instruments eons ago.

Dr. Martin

Hey, sock-puppet, nobody said the chips were made in the USA.

Bottom line: Israel is not making American passports and neither is the Mossad.


And the date?




On some of my sites, when someone is bing a total waste of eyesight, I put a little notation after their screen name. For example:

RavingKnowNothing [← jerk]

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