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"You would have loved the Soviet Union, Smith."

Relax, Elaine - I know you don't like border controls; you're a checkpoint-evading fence-climber and river-swimmer from way back.

So how about we just do away with passports completely? Forget about who makes them - just don't make them!

Gary W

May I remind the regulars of the First Law of online communities: Don't Feed The Troll

Gary W

Oops! The context for my comment disappeared. I hope this is not malice afoot.

Uncle Martin

Who you callin' a troll?


Wise advice, Gary W. It seems to work.

If only our bankers and brilliant money managers had stopped feeding the Derivatives Beast all those years ago....

Gary W

Not you, Unc!


Go ahead. Enjoy finding every possible fault with the conduct of the Israelis. Then have your way. Have North Korea, the deeds of Yasser Arafat, the human rights heroism of Islamists (see persecution. com) and the wonderful actions of the Nazis and other obvious Jew haters like yourselves. You don't know who your friends are. Go ahead. Call Israel to account. Now try calling Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, the United States and the rest of the gang of murderers to account. Weight them in the balance. Take Israel, you prejudiced idiots. Put the facts down on paper. Sure, the government isn't as holy as people would like to believe. Neither is a government that experimented with its own soldiers with LSD. Nor a government that gave typhoid dead's blankets to Indians. Compare. Take your pick. Truly, your thinly veiled anti-Semitism is self-righteous crap. Go ahead. Befriend all the others. Enjoy having your head cut off. Or like the girl who attended a Christian church, have her tongue cut out and set on fire. Your secret handshake club does little in the way of good. In essence, it simply arouses anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli sentiment. Sorry. Israel's rockets are pointed in the right direction.

justin bieber supra

Beautiful!!! You truly have an eye for colour.

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