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I read about that little girl, 12 year old girl in Gaza shot by a Jew sniper. then more Jews shot out the tires of the ambulance coming to get her, plus wounded the driver. She died in her fathers arms. The following morning another ambulance arrived to take her body away, only the father was allowed to accompany her. People get upset when I say "Jews" but the IDF only accepts Jews, keeps Palestinians from getting defense industry jobs which require security clearnces based on military service. If it was Buddhists or Hindus then I'd say those names. Thank you Elaine for continuing to keep such issues alive.


If you want to get right to the point, any support of the Israeli Jews is UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the US. How would we feel if the US gov gave $30 BILLION to the Vatican?

Anyway, this religious insanity will not stand for too long. All the OIL will be just about gone by 2020. And desertification will turn the lands around Israel into a New Mongolia. These people are not dealing with reality at all. Reality seems to be the enemy. Now that's one enemy you surely do not want!


The Israeli strategists know perfectly well the importance of water. Twice the IDF has tried to push into Southern Lebanon to hook up the waterways there as part of Erets Israel.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Just wait for when Nevada, Arizona and California go to the mat over the Colorado River watershed in Colorado and New Mexico.


Rachel Corrie

This video brought more than tears to my eyes.


http://snipurl.com/21mvb [desertpeace_wordpress_com]

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The NYT lied about Corrie. Then, when a play was made about her, any theater in Europe or America daring to show the play was defunded or attacked by legions of rich Jews seeking to hide Jewish crimes. It is all so horrible and sad.

I was Mrs.Levy for 20 years. It disgusts me and troubles me. Jews cannot save themselves from antisemites bey becoming racists and cruel.


But Jews and Arabs are of the same race. The Semitic race. Progeny from Abraham, Ismael, Issac, and Jacob. Jews are NOT white people. They often go to great lenghts to flaunt their genetic and cultural differences to Europeans and white America. The hatred that we see played out for us in the ME, is one manifestation of their endless internecine warfare over who God really loves the best; it is toxic sibling rivalary on an overdose of Abrahamic theological steroids.

The very idea that dual citizenship is legal is offensive to any real American. We now have Mexicans, Cubans, and others imitating the Jews and climbing on the same bandwagon. They all proclaim to America, "we are citizens of the world and we enrich America with our cultural uniqueness" when only the converse of this is true. The NY elites are polluting the fount from which we drink. The unenlightened, frequently 1st generation sons and daughers of immigrants, whether as NY politicos or NY bankers, are showing the world that they are as low and as corrupt as the swarming masses they scorn and deride. Perhaps even lower because they see themselves as more moral, more rational than those that live and breath around them.

Not only will we return to classical banking policies when the big crash comes, but there must also be a comploete repudiation of the trends toward dual nation elitism and sub cultural snobishness that continues to gather strength. I dream of the day when we all can sit down and eat a ham sandwich together; a day when classic America will teach the sons and daughters of our sub cultures, how to be socially, politically, and economically housebroken.


Johnny, I must disagree. Judaism is a religion, nothing more. SOME Jews aren't white. some Catholics aren't white. Does that mean all catholics aren't white people ? Of course not. 85% of worldwide Jewry are Ashkenazi. White. Russian, east european. Look at Jews, then look at Arabs. Different. When the Romans conquered Palestine, no more than several thousand Jews fled. many ended up in what is now Russia. their religion spread, their semitic blood diluted into present day Ashkenaz. The people of Palestine are Semitic, the people of Russia/East Europe who converted to Judaism are not. I'm catholic, the seat of world catholicism is in Italy - but that doesn't make me an Italian. Any more than practicing Judaism makes a European Semitic.

Elaine Supkis

All humans have this very strong tendency to interbreed. Outbreeding is always better than inbreeding. This is why the genetic differences between all humans is very, very small. We are like domestic dogs: we can look very different from each other but we all interbreed totally and easily!

Unlike in nature. Slight variations in coloring, type, shape of beaks or horns or claws, means different species and they can't interbreed.

I suspect that the reason all domestic animals have great variations yet are always interbreedable is due to humans interfering with natural selection. Pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, dogs, cats, etc. like humans can be many different colors, fur length, horn shape, size, etc yet all can interbreed.

We like to assign values to various shapes and colors. For example, since the Normans took over Europe, 'fair hair' became a marker for 'Norman'. But thanks to marriages within the upper ranks of society with other different families such as the Emperors of Byzantia, black hair, which is a dominant gene, began to predominate.

Just like the Aryan invaders of India wanted to be 'pure' and had strict breeding laws, within just 2,000 years of living in the middle of much darker-skinned, dark-haired people they conquered, they all ended up with dark skin and dark hair [dominant genes].

It is a fascinating topic.


"Nava Abel loves color..."

Nava sounds like a nice lady - lots nicer than that Palestinian fellow who shot up a seminary last week. Guess he got to fulfill his life's amnbition!

But there's no question who I'd rather live next door to.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I suggest you hand over your property to foreign invaders, Smith. Then see how you react if they also forbid you building a shack somewhere else.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All my life, when foolish Americans tell me the Palestinians should move out, I ask them to hand over a state in the US to the Palestinians. Resettle them in California, for example. Expel everyone else. That would work. I think the Palestinians might even accept that as a solution!

But Lebensraum is not for untermenschen, only the Supermensch are allowed to live somewhere they choose.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And what sort of wienie would hand over their homes to European or American invaders? Aren't we supposed to be patriotic and proud? Fight invaders and all that? Are we supposed to say, 'Oh, you want my home, move in?' Gads. Embarrassing, isn't it?


It's assumed by most Americans that they root for the underdog, but it practice that just isn't so. Americans cheer the IDF as it rolls over the Palestinians. the USMC as they humiliate, degrade and slaughter Afghanis and Iraqis. In sports, they cheered the Dream Team as it crushed little countries most people in the US never heard of. So little wonder that the horrors in Gaza gain little sympathy here.


It still remains that when one reads an article about the Middle East and encounters the word "Palestinian", the very next word is, all too often, "gunman".

(Unless it's "suicide" and "bomber".)


Zichron Yaakov is not in Gaza, or Judea or Samaria (aka "the west bank") by any stretch of the imagination. Saying the house is built on "Palestinian ruins" is an innocent inaccuracy at best, blatant falsehood at worst...

Your poor spelling is matched only by your ignorance of history, which seems to start with the British. Dare you ask why the Ottomans, over the centuries, never gave the "Palestinian" Arabs a country of their own? It was Ottoman-occupied, after all. But Ottomans were Muslims, so that's OK... Or where the word Palestinian came from - the Romans? Where were the "Palestinian Arabs" during the Roman conquest? How did they get to live in that place?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Foo foo, how many centuries has your family lived where you are? Do you know the history of your location? Indeed!

The Ottoman empire was an EMPIRE like the British or US empires. They invaded lands and ruled. They ruled the people in the middle east. The Palestinians are the people who lived there when the Europeans invaded after WWI.

Goerge Foster

Anybody may have any opinion and state it, and many things you write are true. But if you are going to post on your publicly accessible blog, you should get your history straight. The amount of hate driven distortion of historical and other facts is significant.
And, yes, looking at how you apply the term "Jew", I think you are anti-Semiti, regardless of whether you are a Jew yourself or not.


Elaine, you are a really stupid trout. Really.

You even contradict yourself in the first paragraph by noting that Zichron is built on land bought (yes bought) by Rothshield before Palestine was even British, never mind Israel. The only Palestinians living in Zichron for the last 150 years are Jewish ones.

Nava Abel, just so you know, was born in Israel so can't really be criticized if she lives there. She is a great lady and wonderful artist as anyone going to www.navaabel.com will see for themselves.

I didn't bother reading the rest of your article since the first paragraph was so confused and full of non-sequeters that I decided that it wasn't worth the effort.

I feel sorry for your husband (if you have one).

Shay Malky

Dear Elaine!
I had read your article with utter shock.
It seems like you haven't really done your homework.
Despite the fact that this country is in constant dispute over land and ownership and despite the fact that Israelis may or may not practice racism, how does Nava and Michael Abel become the focus of the Middle East
Dilemma?! How and why the hell would you compare these people to the Nazis? Don't you think that it is way out of line? Do you know the Abel family? How can you judge people merely on the fact that they are Jews?
When you take a close look at her picture, do you really see the face of a racist conqueror willing to slaughter innocent Palestinians just so she can build a house and paint it with pretty colours?
Had anyone ever questioned your rights to own a beautiful home in Berlin, NY? did you ask the native american indians how they feel about it before moving in? (Berlin?!...isn't that where Nazism originated...?!)
You question the motives behind the actions of the Israelis, but you wouldn't if you had to collect body parts off the sidewalk. Do you really believe you wouldn't do the same if you were subject to horrible acts of
terrorism? Wouldn't you defend your home? your children? your own life?
Nava Abel had done nothing wrong. The Abel family is trying to make the most out of a harsh reality and bring a little colour to an otherwise gloomy and unsettling existence. One which you can never ever understand and have no right to judge.
The common Israeli would take the role of a freakish cruel monster with the help of people like you.
It matters not what the words say, as long as it bites. Right? Some of you "Media" hungry would do anything for a headline. You do exactly what you say the Israelis do, in your article, yet you get away with murder. Why? Because you can. Because there is no control over this medium.

It's fine. I get to answer and show the
real you. I think that life has dealt poor cards for you, so you spread your bitterness, and you can have the stage to babble incoherently because it's so accessible. You are a small time journalist wannabe.
Racism and ignorance are you madam.
I recommend yoga instead. you'd be much happier and fulfilled and probably mentally healthier.
I know you control the comments and can have me removed. This is what it's all about! Free speech! As long as you are heard and not the other side.....

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I am MRS LEVY to all you.

And the characters in this latest 'Aren't we WONDERFUL' Story by the NYT all lived for years in the NON DISCRIMINATORY USA. Where Jews have the same civil rights as say, Christians! Then she huffs off back to racist Israel to throw spit balls at us here in America!

She was selected by the Jews who own the NYT precisely because she was not on stolen land but land bought by a very rich European Jew hoping to eventually displace all the natives there, one by one, bit by bit.

I am not bitter, I am PISSED AS HELL because my very Jewish son might die because of this madcap desire of Jews in the Holy Land to have a very nasty, discriminatory country that has people jump through hoops to prove they have Jewish 'blood' which is TOTAL NAZIISM.

Think of it: you guys want only BLOOD JEWS in Israel. And you guys make hell for the natives in a bloody effort to drive them out and keep them out forever so you can have this glorified ghetto as a home base while most of you invaders hold dual passports! Gads. Go home to Europe or America, for crying out loud.


Shay Malky, Palestinians pick body parts off the sidewalks too. Difference being, they have hella more body parts to pick up thanks to Jew terrorists using Apache Helicopters rather than suicide belts. Also they are picking up body parts of their people from their own land, rather than being colonialists picking up body parts of other colonialists. Nava Abel's face looks no more or less like a racist conqueror than any colonial face.


"Also they are picking up body parts of their people from their own land, rather than being colonialists picking up body parts of other colonialists."

My view: The Jews were there long before the Pals were - indeed, before there was any such thing as a "Plaestinian". They got kicked out for a while, and now they're back.


Elaine, there's one thing I don't understand. The US media is overwhelmingly pro-Israel, either condemning or marginalizing or ignoring Palestinians. Yet whenever an article or a blog appears with something pro-Palestinian, whether your news service or Democracy Now or whoever, you get people attacking it, saying things like " But Ottomans were Muslims, so that's OK " as if their viewpoint was in the minority rather than the vast majority. I see this all the time as the Angry White Man syndrome, whenever a woman or minority or God forbid a minority woman gets a good job and the AWM say " A white male just can't get ahead these days". I guess they have to crush any dissenting opinion from theirs out of their fear that eventually the truth will come out and their whole racist deck of cards will collapse.


JSmith, I respectfully disagree but I believe we're talking semantics. I'm fairly well-informed but no expert. As I understand it, Palestine is Philistine, Canaanite. Semitic people have always been there, and were either Jewish or pagan at the time of the Roman conquest. Plus some Christians. the Jews that left scattered, many ended up in what is now Russia and their religion spread among the people there, many of whom migrated into Europe. It is those people who migrated in great numbers to Palestine as part of the Zionist movement as well as following WWII. Jewish in religion but not Semitic in blood. The vast majority of Jews remained in Palestine and later many converted to Islam. A good number remained Christian or Jewish. Those people are Semitic. The Ashkenaz are European, Jewish by religion.

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