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Gary W

Yeah, I thought that too. A perfect opportunity to make a statement of integrity and common sense. But no, his owners didn't even have to jerk his chain.

With a choice between Obamurder, Hitlery, and McKill, you Americans are so fucked. All we can be sure of is that it will get worse before it gets better. bin Laden and his cohort must be cacking themselves laughing.


For those who have not woken up or can't keep up with the doublespeak:

English/Zionist Dictionary

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Anti-Zionism can be done by nasty people who want an excuse to murder Jews. They are reprehensible.

But the cure isn't more Zionism with the justifying rationalization of racism, intolerance, theft, murder and lying. This is exactly what Zionists cannot see and refuse to see.

They want to think they are good people while turning into monsters. Sweet, kindly people turn into raving beasts if they are defending their own racism. I saw this directly in the US south in the past. Wonderful, smart people would turn into demons dripping venom if one pushes them into confronting obvious racism!

And racism isn't fading in the US, it is growing. This is why we have the tragic picture of Obama turning on a black minister and refuting him for being honest just because Obama wants the Jewish owned parts of the media which is a lot more than 50%, to support him! This is racism's face. It is so intolerant and seeks Quislings to do their dirty work. Whites in the South did this. Black leaders who backed Jim Crow were favored, petted and promoted.

Dr. Martin Luther King was protected by northern Jewish media owners back then because the US had RACIST anti-Jewish covenants and regulations. Quotas in colleges, for example. Glass ceilings. Black civil rights meant JEWISH civil rights! And I applauded this very much back in 1964!

But now that Jews have full civil rights, they have turned on the black community and restrict it more and more. Martin Luther King barely began to talk about Palestine when he was gunned down. If he took up their cause and I had very high hopes he would, he would have been demonized instantly by the media.

As they have cruelly done to our president, Jimmy Carter!

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