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Great column Elaine. You are the voice of conscience, keep it up. there's some good demonstrations going on right down the block from Peoples Park, trying to stop Marine recruiters in Berkeley. And Nancy "never met a zionist I didn't like" Pelosi is trying her best to stop them, trying to cut state funds to Berkeley. Gonna be a big demonstration near the Mission in San Francisco next week. there are always groups of jews there, surrounded by pigs to protect them, waving jew flags and Bush Was Right signs. the Chronicle takes pictures of both sides, of the 20 or so jews and the 20,000 or so demonstrators - to be Fair and Balanced I guess. they make it look like equal numbers. fuck the chronicle and the zionists too.


If you want to know more about the dark side of Tibet, here are some links for you. Note —

— begin quote —

Wikipedia (Anyone can work for free, everyone gets fired.)™

Michael Parenti


Parenti received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University and has taught at several universities, colleges, and other institutions. He is the author of twenty books and many more articles. His works have been translated into at least eighteen languages.[1] Parenti lectures frequently throughout the United States and abroad. His book, The Assassination of Julius Caesar, A People's History of Ancient Rome,[2] was selected as a Book of the Year for 2004[3] by Online Review of Books and Current Affairs.[4]

— end quote —

Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth
by Michael Parenti —


— begin quote —

Young Tibetan boys were regularly taken from their families and brought into the monasteries to be trained as monks. Once there, they became bonded for life. Tashì-Tsering, a monk, reports that it was common practice for peasant children to be sexually mistreated in the monasteries. He himself was a victim of repeated childhood rape not long after he was taken into the monastery at age nine. (12) The monastic estates also conscripted peasant children for lifelong servitude as domestics, dance performers, and soldiers.

— end quote —

The New York Times

World News Briefs; Dalai Lama Group Says It Got Money From C.I.A. —

((----- Copy & Paste - W/O The Line Breaks -----))



— begin quote —

The Dalai Lama's administration acknowledged today that it received $1.7 million a year in the 1960's from the Central Intelligence Agency, but denied reports that the Tibetan leader benefited personally from an annual subsidy of $180,000.

The money allocated for the resistance movement was spent on training volunteers and paying for guerrilla operations against the Chinese, the Tibetan government-in-exile said in a statement. It added that the subsidy earmarked for the Dalai Lama was spent on setting up offices in Geneva and New York and on international lobbying.

— end quote —


People are always going fight other people, and power relations will never be equal. This is a large part of what it is to be human.


I have belonged to many cults, and intentional communities. Some people require a strong leader, lest they feel completely insecure. Others require equality, else they feel oppressed.

Some strong leaders are kindly and generous. Some are corrupt and exploitative.

Some egalitarian communities are genuine and open. Some are deceitful, and support a tacit hierarchy of despots.

You need to determine what you are. There is no weakness in needing to be strongly led. And needing to be free and equal is not asking for the impossible. Admit what you are, and seek the best niche for yourself.


I just wanted to mention the case of Circassians and the 2014 Russia Olympics in Sochi. The stadium is being built on the grounds of mass genocide Russia committed against this Caucasus nation ( Chechnya is another. ). Already there is a campaign of protest starting.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Many places on earth are sites where genocide happened. Genocide has been going on since we left the jungles of Africa.

But especially all empires do this! And to have empires scold other empires over this is just amazingly stupid and annoying as hell.


While we're on the subject of "annoying as hell," take a gander at this thread! The end times are surely upon us now:


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, the push to smash the Olympics continues. The Olympics were supposed to happen in peace time. But it seems everyone wants wars.

The Tibetan people are like the Irish or a lot of other people like the Palestinians. They don't like being invaded. But the US has very bloody hands when it comes to all this.

Not that we ever are allowed to mention this. Note how Obama had to denounce his minister who openly talked about obvious truths. Amazing. And this depresses me much more than the money stuff I write about. That amuses me. This disgusts me.


Well, the Arabs acquired Palestine by conquest, and they lost it by conquest.

Does anyone think the Phillistines or Moabites would be sympathetic?


Oops, should have thrown this in to:

Most of the Irish are descended from invaders as well. Not to mention that Scotland is named after an Irish tribe.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup. So, what BARBARIANS did is OK? This logic means what Nazis did was OK. Can you see, Keyes, where your darker parts of your brain are going?

Hey, my own ancestors were ruling elites. Where ever we went, we killed people and enslaved them! But I don't LIE about this. I also don't justify this and claim it gives me the right to CONTINUE doing this?

Can Jews figure this out before it is too late?


The Arabs weren't barbarians when they conquered Palestine, but an aggressive, expanding civilization and empire.

It doesn't really matter who your ancestors were, at some point they were conquerors and at others they were conquered. The Cherokee were driven out of the southeast by Jackson, but they'd claimed their territory there by driving out older tribes. The Cherokee were pushed there by other tribes (driven out of their homeland to forge a new one).

It's less a question of right than of where you want to draw the line. Is the Arab conquest more acceptable because it was far in the past? Does that make the rockets Hamas and Hezbollah rain down on Israeli citizens more acceptable?

Do the Irish really have room to complain about poor treatment by the English when they were raided and enslaved Britons for centuries?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All criminals have a desperate need to justify their crimes. So I expect this to be operative no matter who is the criminal.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

By the way, anyone who thinks past injustices justify present viciousness should remember: we could, using this scale, justify and legalize human sacrifices and other horrors.

Liberal Jews in particular should at all costs, avoid this path to hell. This is the whole problem: the path of liberalism means more and more human rights and fewer and fewer crimes against helpless people in the PRESENT.

If we do a historical tit for tat, we get WWIII. Only cockroaches will applaud that.


Wonderful article! You make an excellent point about the popular media image of the Tibetans versus the negative image of the Palestinians. It's the old story of "terrorists" versus "freedom fighters." In 1775, a group of patriotic freedom fighters, who for years had been forced to endure a foreign military occupation, decided to stockpile weapons to be used to defend themselves and perhaps organize a militia to free themselves of occupation. Their "shot heard round the world" starting the Revolution that founded the USA. According to the British, these men were terrorists, but we all know that they were freedom fighters. Now fast forward 225 years into the future, another group of patriots are stockpiling weapons to defend their country from a foreign power which has invaded them six times. Of course, these people are freedom fighters, right? WRONG! They are terrorists! Don't you know Hezbollah is a terrorist organization?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, RaM.


this is raciest


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