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And all that military spending is deficit spending, meaning that this country does NOT have the savings for the war. It means that other countries fund the war vis a vis a US trade deficit which means more jobs outsourced overseas. It means a lower standard of living for Americans unless they can go deeper into debt. It means countries that are receiving the outsourced jobs have a higher standard of living and purchasing power. It means that the planet's natural resources are being stressed further. It means that the world's energy and food supplies which are at dangerously low levels must rise in price to accommodate those receiving the outsourced jobs. Has anybody noticed the price of food, not last year, not last month, but yesterday? It is still rising at a high rate.

patrick o'meara

Canadians do not support the "Comprehensive Defence and Security Agreement" anymore than Americans do. The 'elite' on both sides have no nation, they are all traitors to their people. The new world order is for the rich and their corporations supported by the military. I call this Fascist. We have a reptile for a PM fully supported by the Media.
The Canada Media spends it's time supporting the imperialist war we are in in Afghanistan while ridiculing the opposition in Parliament. We are told of all the 'good' we are doing there in terms of little girls going to school, building infrstructure etc. It is all bullshit, we are there with the rest of the west to exploit the oil in the middle east and afghanistan is strategically located for this mission.

larry, dfh

A couple of points, not really meant to quibble: the BIG Dem. war-profiteer is Feinstein, whose husband, richard blum, has his hand in every nefarious govt. dole, especially Iraq. The Pelosi-jet thing was a request by the Sargent of Arms of the house. It was to insure fewer take-offs and landings due to being a larger, longer-range aircraft. sean hannity and the likes tried to make big hay out of this. And I think Jimmy Carter had good access to the coca-cola corporate jet. These days campaigners are required to pay first-class fares for campaign-related corporate jet travel.
The infrastructure in this country is truly backward. The few congress-people who do use Amtrak, like my senator Biden, have built up the east-coast DC-Boston corridor at the expense of most else. Thus we have the super high-speed line here, where, of course they had to be repaired for brake failures, because all they do is accellerate and stop. No super high speed between Denver and Chicago, or St. Louis; nowhere it would truly make sense.
The US-Canada joint military agreement indicates that the govt. here is very worried about domestic insurrection. The Canadians are the first step, next we'll see a mutual defense agreement with Gatemala and Mexico, so that blackwater can bring its employees here.
And Patrick, don't forget the poppies. We invaded Afghanistan in the fall, and the next poppy harvest was bumper. That shows planning.


You are so on it,larry, dfh! I have seen those Boston Speedster trains. Yup, those pols are so full of it!


Hi Elaine

Here is a big story that is developing, the shortage of rice

and Global food inflation bites hard

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The highspeed corridor which is as fast as a turtle compared to any system run by nearly any of our trade rivals, was paid for by the people who live up here on the corridor. And trust me, it is SLOW as molasses in January. But unlike regular Amtrak which is so slow, turtles sleep when racing it, it is run at about 60 mph. Which is lots better than 20 mph.

But we paid for this ourselves. The Representatives from other states wanted to KILL our trains entirely. This is why service is so bad. They want it dead. But do not blame NY, Mass, NJ and the others on the heavily-used NE corridor. I use these trains a lot. And I wish they were better.

Ralph Baumgartner

Great cartoon! Instant recognition. Nice character transference. Appropriate relevance.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thank you, Ralph.

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