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Thank you Elaine for covering this story. You are the best voice on this topic on the net because you tell it like it is as opposed to those who just want to rant about the Jews or, on the other hand....excuse them for any and all they do. Plenty of Christians are at fault for the goings on in Palestine as you point out. Withdraw the support of the evangelical Christians of Israel and its evil, apartheid regime would crumble in a matter of weeks.

I totally agree with you about how childish and ultimately stupid their strategy of ignoring Carter is. History books will certainly 'hang the guilty' as this tragic story unfolds. The leaders of Israel and America are writing their names alongside some of the great 'evil ones' of past centuries by their truly wicked manipulations of entire societies as they 'wash their hands' of the murder and enslavement of an entire people....with a lust for more blood in their future plans. As you say...."arrest them all".


Last time I came face to face with Jimmy was when he signed his poetry book. He was very accessible and honest to a fault.


Elaine, I am glad that the Pope didn't disappoint, he turned up wearing his red shoes and with his "special assistant".

Slightly off-thread and back to James Earl Carter, Jimmy was the man who forced changes on the old South African government that made it easier for the liberal elements to make their moves against the Old Guard. This should not be underestimated as South Africa had gun-barrel nukes as early as 1974. It could have easily have been a disaster bigger than Algeria,Rwanda or the Congo. I am optimistic and I think that Jimmy is genuinely trying to improve things.

Where the trouble lies , is over concern that the Iranians will get the bomb and 5 minutes later the Saudis will want one and nobody is going to say no to the Saudis.

The NATO meeting in Sochi, Rumania at the beginning of this month covered what NATO was going to to do about Iran. I would suspect President Putin told NATO that it would be disasterous however Russia would not be able to prevent a strike on Iran.

This year Israel can do what it likes, but will it be able to do so next year considering the state of the USA economy? The Persians repeatedly warned that they will retaliate. So far they have demonstated Gold Medal level sneakiness and had a counter-move in place for everything the USA/Israel has done.

I wish I could be like JSmith and just say you are being too gloomy.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The US and Russia both had zillions of nuclear bombs and this PREVENTED WWIII. Iran has been repeatedly invaded this century. Nukes would prevent that.


"Jimmy Carter's Visit Is Ignored By US Media"

That's good. Carter lost an election in 1980, and has been busy ever since, undermining the foreign policy of every succeeding administration. Luckily, he has no official position and can pass his spare time "meeting" with anyone he wants to, no harm done.

(I actually voted for Carter in 76, but he proved to be such a wanker that I couldn't bring myself to vote for another Democrat until Kerry ran in 2004.)


"The Persians repeatedly warned that they will retaliate."

Just wait until Allah gives them the Islamic Bomb. Then... poof! The Middle East will be... what's the word? Judenrein?

Gary W

They said they didn't want a bomb. Khomenei wouldn't let them. You could understand if they felt they needed one, but being an NPT signatory, that is unlikely. Far more unlikely than a nuclear-armed state in the region signing the NPT, or another nuclear-armed state that likes to meddle in the region disposing of their nuclear weapons, like they agreed to do when they signed the NPT. Are these places immune to hypocrisy, or the court of world opinion? We're about to see.


"Jewish builders and Jewish financiers ...know how to count money, that is certain."

Get those white sheets out boys, we gonna have sum fun. Get the cross, get the gazoline. We gonna burn that cross and show dem greedy Jews.


"They said they didn't want a bomb."

And you believe them, don't you?


I can't believe there is human being alive who lived through the period when the Iranians held the US embassy staff hostage who believes anything that comes out of Iran. A million Iranians would come out to rally behind the hostage takers. They are developing missles that can readh the infidels in Europe.

Gary W

What do you care what I believe? What I believe doesn't matter.




You are right I couldn't care less. You can believe in UFOs or little green men from Mars. It doesn't matter.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hey, Abnaki, you will LOVE my new cartoon. And story about raging ethnic cleansing.

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