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"Murdoch Moving to Buy Newsday for $580 Million"

Bet that made Jimmy Breslin's day!

Blunt Force Trauma

"It looks like the Zionists have settled on Clinton as their warmongering Zionist tool."

I stated many months ago that the Elite had selected Hitlery for Prez. The rest of what is going on in this (s)election is a smoke and mirrors/dog and pony show akin to the likes of American Idol. Boy, do they love Obama with his ballads of 'Change'. Funny enough, that's all the U.S. Dollar is now worth on world markets.


BBC is reporting Petraeus has been tabbed to replace Fallon at CENTCOM:


Let the good times roll!

Blunt Force Trauma

"The US media spends a lot of time hiding the truth about high oil prices. There are virtually no headlines about cause and effect. Nor are any of our warmongering candidates making the connection between our wars and our boycotts and the high price of oil."

In effect of their and the current administration's silence, the U.S. Dollar may very well be removed as the peg currency. In it's place, The Euro (now at $1.60 U.S.). If that should happen without a hiccup, the smell of scorched Earth won't be far off as the U.S. then will find it very expensive to purchase crude and may give up trying to buy it altogether and go the route of stealing it via a very intense conflict with Russia, China and the Middle East; escalating to a probable nuclear war. If we don't starve first :)

Blunt Force Trauma

"BBC is reporting Petraeus has been tabbed to replace Fallon at CENTCOM"

Two words from me: HOLY CRAP



That one story kind of makes everything else irrelevant right now, doesn't it?

Blunt Force Trauma

Yes, it does, AF. It tells me that Betrayus is being poised as the Decider-In-Thief's new button pushing boy. He does as he's told to quite well as evident at the Congressional hearings a couple of weeks ago. "Now David. Ready. Aim. Ah, forget 'aim'. Just fire."

Elaine Supkis

Yes, they want WWIII. We have to stop them. This means not backing the US military adventures in distant lands. The US is wide open to attack. And I see internal stresses growing.


How long has this plan of destroying America been in effect? I remember in the 90's when Clinton destroyed our remaining Civil Defense structure. Abandoning workable shelters, equipment, [I have friends who saved thousands of expensive Geiger counters from being destroyed] and volunteer networks. We have NO civil defense whatsoever. This is why I designed and built a 'ready to use' Kearney Fallout Meter' for those who give a damn.....and from what I've seen over the last 5 years very few persons in America are smart enough to care about anything except what they are told to care about. They sure as hell have no idea they should prepare for the eventuality of a nuclear bomb going off in America.....as Buffett knows....that's why he won't insure for it.

We can survive a nuclear war......if you know what to do.....most people haven't a clue. The media and government don't want anyone to know you can survive, they want the total power we give them by letting them convince us we will all be destroyed totally if we don't do as we are told. Our fate, they wish us to believe, is in THEIR hands. Horsepucky!

I assure you that the Russians, Chinese, Korean and Swiss keep their population completely informed and trained about what to do in case of nuclear war....oh yes, as does ISRAEL. Why are we so stupid and gutless? We truly are being used by the rich and powerful as well as the Israeli lobby.

You are correct Elaine in saying that a terrible backlash will happen once the 'people' begin to suffer.....they will find the culprits.....sadly, not on the first try. Many will suffer needlessly while the guilty obfuscate and deceive as they try to escape the wrath of the disappointed masses. The entire ruling elite [as they are called] needs to be brought to justice for selling this nation out for the results on next quarter's earnings report or the next election.

Anything and everything is denominated in money terms. No loyalty, no honor,no patriotism, no chivalry, no courage....no vision. Our country, big business, politics, academia, and the bureaucracy has been run for too may years by punks, punks with lots of money and connections trying to impress their bettors with their degrees from the best schools, running around filling their hands and pockets full while their heads and hearts remain EMPTY. We have been shamed by an alien enemy to allow them to direct our countries future for over 35 years. Damn sad when you look at it in retrospect. Funny how little things add up to a PILE OF SHIT.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We stupidly destroyed our national civil defenses after Russia fell and China set off to become our financial masters. Wasn't that funny?

When the nuclear war possibilities declined, the US BUILT UP ITS NUCLEAR ARSENAL. On top of this, it was REAGAN who destroyed the civil defenses with his dumb, useless Star Wars program that would pretend to shoot down MIRVs raining down on our foolish heads.

Obviously, there is no such system since the Chinese now have clearly showed us they can quickly disable all our tracking satellites.


I agree with Hardrock. It is indeed sad, but all things change.

It's good to know where the funds for the Social Security Trust Fund went. That news alone will leave every Jew wetting his pants when it becomes widely known.

As for Israel, Aurelius Maximus Patraeus Decevius is the logical choice for starting a new war in the Middle East. I hope it does not spread to here, but I am not holding my breath.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Tonight they are desperately trying to start WWIII. Isn't that beyond hideous.

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