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From the Humanity side, I am wondering how many kids today are being pushed to perform
because the parents needs aren't getting satisfied. What has happen to morale and priorities and just loving your children?
This world is sick.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



I'd imagine that scenario is pretty common in today's society. Especially since there seems to be an abundance of parents out there more interested in treating their kids as prized possessions instead of a human beings.


Well, Elaine, I almost cried by the time you got to mentioning Sparky. You're right about the changes which need to be made. But, all in all, I think I will interpret this story as a good omen.

AM Riniker

I do agree with you on the drugs for a "better" race horse. When I was 14 my parents allowed my sister and I to adopt 8 wild mustangs from Nevada. Such beautiful creatures. Last year after 29 years the last one past on.

Unfortunatly, I really cannot even watch the derby or the triple crown any more, as I am so scared of what will happen. For a kid who grew up cheering and cheering the tv for Secretariat, and all the other greats. It is a sad sad world that a young horses that according to the "old fashioned" horsepeople should not be pushed until they are matured.
She is now another great horse in heaven for Man O War and Secretariat to usher around.
About Sparky, It will hurt A Lot the first year, Then God grants us time to heal, AND you start looking at the new "babies"
All The Best from Iowa

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thank you, everyone. I just posted the story about Sparky an hour ago. It was a painful day for all of us. I dug the grave myself because I wanted to be deeply involved. We embrace death just as we embrace life. We saved Sparky's life [he was a very, very unruly horse and we tamed him and turned him into a trusted friend].

I have adopted a number of horses over the years. Each one was unique and had his or her own personalities and habits. Just like the oxen and the sheep. I treasure them all and they are more than money or goods.

They have all been beloved.

Gary W

Vale Sparky. Another charming tale from the queen of teasing things apart. I hope you have a chance to write a book.

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